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Useful Things to Know About AmaDara

Explore Useful Things to Know About AmaDara

Disabled Facilities

Disabled facilities are not available on board the ship or in many of the places you visit on your cruise or cruise tour. If you (the participant) have a disability and are permitted to use the service as a reasonable accommodation, please let them know how you think they would be helpful. Participants must notify us in writing at or immediately after booking, but in any event, any motor impairment or other physical or emotional disability that may require accommodation or the use of assistive devices during the trip You should notify us of any physical or mental illness as soon as possible. Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate special needs, but we are not responsible for denial of service by airlines, hotels or other independent providers. Participants who are not self-sufficient due to a disability may be required to travel with a companion who is responsible for the necessary assistance during travel and in emergencies. A person with a disability who poses a direct threat to the health and safety of others or who is determined to have a significant risk that cannot be eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level by reasonable accommodation shall be excluded. there is. policies, practices, procedures, tools or services; Participant fails to notify us of a disability or condition in a timely manner and, based on the information to be provided by Participant, that participation poses a safety risk to Participant or poses a direct threat to health or safety; In other cases, participants may be wholly or partially excluded from the trip. Participants are not responsible for any failure to notify medical conditions, treatment or disabilities or disqualification resulting therefrom.

Age Restriction

Our programs in Europe and South East Asia do not allow children under the age of 4 on board, and children between the ages of 4 and 7 are not recommended. For safety reasons she must be at least 12 years old for the Africa Program unless otherwise agreed by AmaWaterways. All guests under the age of 18 must stay in the cabin with an adult and must be supervised at all times as their safety is the responsibility of the accompanying adult. Children from 4 years old to her 10 years old on board can share a cabin with 2 adults, but if a child can share a bed with an adult, no extra her bed will be provided. Some ships offer a limited number of cabins with folding sofas for 3 people. We will be happy to let you know when these options become available. Triple occupancy rates apply to children sharing a cabin. Prices can be communicated upon request. Please note that any type of balcony stateroom may not be safe for small children if left unattended. AmaWaterways does not offer programs or childcare facilities for children. If you have any further questions about our children policy, please contact us.

Dress Code

The dress code is loose. Light and comfortable clothing is ideal during the day, but smart casual clothing is recommended for the nights on board.You may want to bring something more elegant

There are welcome and farewell dinners and special events, but no black ties or formal evenings.

Light to medium weight clothing and rain gear for cool or wet weather are recommended. Layers are a great option for covering different temperatures and for changing conditions.

Comfortable shoes are essential as some excursions require stairs or ramps to get on and off.

If your visit includes churches, monasteries, synagogues, or mosques, wear casual clothing that covers your body well (eg, cover your shoulders and wear trousers or knee-length dresses).

Dietary Requirements

If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, please let your travel agent know before boarding or call us directly. In most cases we do our best to accommodate special dietary requirements and food allergies, with one exception being Kosher. This meal has specific rules regarding food and its preparation, and there are restrictions in the in-flight environment that cannot adequately meet these dietary needs. While we can offer options to accommodate food allergies and sensitivities, we cannot guarantee that cross-contamination will not occur.

Smoking Policy

All ships are non-smoking. Smoking is permitted only on the sundeck. For the safety and comfort of all passengers on board, please help us adhere to our no-smoking policy.

Medical Facilities

Europe: There are no medical facilities on board. However, medical services can be easily called from the shore if needed.

Vietnam and Cambodia: There are no doctors or nurses on board. If you need medical assistance, contact the appropriate medical facility. Please note that response times may vary.

Africa: There are no doctors or nurses on board the Zambezi Queen. If you need medical assistance, contact the appropriate medical facility. Please note that response times may vary.

Giving Back

AmaWaterways is the proud sponsor of the ODA Free Village English School in Siem Reap, Cambodia, established in 2011 in association with Opportunities of Development thru Art (ODA). Our financial support to the school brings critical English-language skills to local children of grammar-school age to help improve their lives and assist with subsequent employment opportunities.

We are extremely honoured to participate in such a constructive and lasting project as this life-changing school. We encourage all AmaWaterways guests to visit this remarkable part of the world, known for its stunning temple complexes and the friendly people who live there.

Helping from Home

Our generous guests often ask if there is anything they can bring from home to donate to the ODA Free Village English School. There are more than 600 children enrolled in the school, so there are never enough books or educational materials to go around. If you are interested in making a contribution, we suggest:

Basic school supplies - pencils with erasers, erasers, pens, chalk, small notebooks, jumbo felt tip pens, post-it notes, dry erase markers (and blue and red ink refills), exercise books, highlighters, building blocks, large threading beads, paints, simple wooden jigsaw puzzles, laminated write-and-wipe books, UNO cards, and very simple storybooks with lots of pictures.

Personal hygiene supplies: soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and mini tubes of toothpaste.

If you prefer to make an online donation, please visit:

All donations made through this website are processed and collected by Project Kids Art, a 501(c)(3) registered in the United States. Donations made by U.S. citizens are tax-deductible. Funds are distributed to four village schools in the Siem Reap area, including the ODA Free Village English School. When making your donation, please make a note on PayPal's Additional Comments field which reads "AmaWaterways Free English School."

Thank you!

Internet and Wifi Access

Europe: Complimentary high-speed Internet service as part of on-demand inflight entertainment. Ama Suido also offers free Wi-Fi throughout the ship.

Vietnam and Cambodia: Free Internet and Wi-Fi in lounges with computer stations.

Africa: Free Wi-Fi is available, but due to the ship's isolated location, it is limited to certain times of the day and can be sporadic.

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