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Entertainment on the Carnival Valor Cruise Ship

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This is your chance to enjoy the onboard entertainment, activities, bars and more. Ready to dive headfirst into the fun of the cruise.

RedFrog Pub

Get yourself an island state before you set foot on it. RedFrog® Pub is a laid-back, easy-going, lively Key West-inspired pub. Sample Caribbean cuisine, dominate the foosball table, enjoy sweet music played by live musicians, and sip his Thirsty Frog® Red, a delicious specialty private his label beer. Sit back and feel the island atmosphere come to life. You'll be here before you know it.

Note: Menus are available at Carnival Breeze® and Carnival Magic® for an additional fee.

RedFrog Rum Bar

Guests have told us we hit on something special with the cool Caribbean chill of the RedFrog® Pub. We've taken the best parts and brought them poolside with the RedFrog® Rum Bar, where the frog keeps the fun hopping day and night with all the island flava you know and love. Join the party at this poolside bar featuring a great selection of frog-approved Caribbean rum-based concoctions available by the glass or pitcher, plus plenty of Carnival’s signature private-label draft beer, ThirstyFrog® Red.

Alchemy Bar

You don't need a magic spell to enjoy cocktails created at Alchemy Bar®. The Alchemy Bar® is a unique vintage-style cocktail "pharmacist". All you need is surprise and a willingness to try new things. We've sifted through dusty old texts to reveal mouth-watering combinations: hand-picked spirits, fresh juices, infused syrups, spices, and other mouth-watering secrets made by bartenders who are true mix masters. It takes place right in front of you. Choose a treatment from the menu or let us prescribe an individual elixir with or without alcohol.

BlueIguana Tequila Bar

The BlueIguana Tequila Bar™ is the place on board where you can relax and enjoy a lukewarm tequila drink or a cold Mexican cerveza. The menu includes Mexican favorites, including several brands of tequila and numerous Mexican beers. There's also a variety of frozen cocktails, cocktails and margaritas served by the glass or pitcher, and even specialty Mexican beer cocktails (yes). Where is this little Mexican paradise? Poolside, of course. Stay cool and enjoy the bar's holiday spirit while blue the iguana, the bar's official mascot, lounges on your cruise.

Piano Bar

Play again, Sam. Or Diana. or whatever your name is. Because this is the bar you call shots...and songs. Hey songbird - take a seat, order your favorite cocktail and tell the friendly piano player what you want to hear. Afterwards, join the chorus and clap your hands, tap your feet, snap your fingers and have a good time. Tired of straining your vocal cords? Hummingbirds are also welcome. The bar is open from early evening until midnight, making it a great place for early morning drinks and late-night singing.

SkyBox Sports Bar

Join us for games, drinks, and high fives! The Skybox Sports Bar puts you right next to 50 yards of onboard sports action. You can have a drink or order a snack. Sit back and watch your favorite team on the big screen, or pop in to see real-time scores and headlines on Panorama his ticker. If you're lucky, you can easily grab a controller and have a little competition with the latest sports game titles. It's free to play, find a friend or three friends and get ready for some serious gaming action.

Casino Bar

Winning big at the casino is a lot of fun. Your next stop is to celebrate with top-notch drinks. The Casino Bar, located right next to the casino floor, serves your favorite cocktails, beers, and wines. A perfect place to celebrate with family, friends and strangers.


Bingo on cruise ships is unparalleled with more ways to win than ever before. Get ready for crazy and exciting bingo with cheers and cheers when you win big! The prizes are bigger, the packages are more fun, and there are even memorabilia to mark the numbers...bring your friends! please go The more people play, the more money you win.The next B-6 could be your lucky call to win a whopping $5,000 jackpot!

Cherry On Top

Cruises are the perfect time to indulge in something sweet. Cherry On Top™ just happens to be the perfect place. This well-stocked candy store is the perfect place not only to enjoy your favorite treats, but also to pick up grocery and clothing gifts for that special someone. to be you!

Cry for something cool? Head over to the ice cream counter at the Cherry on Top store aboard Carnival Vista® and Carnival Horizon® to create a one-of-a-kind ice cream or create your own with countless mix-in and topping options. Let's make some ice cream. If you feel the urge to eat ice cream with your hands, we don't judge...we simply recommend our new Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich.We've got one for you! Handcraft it and fill it with the ice cream and toppings you're screaming about.

Dreams Studio

The same boat with water slides and conga lines is actually a photo oasis. Everyone looks their best with their best smile on vacation... At Dreams Studio, professional photographers beautifully capture that aspect of individuals, couples, groups or families. Book a session and the journey begins. We will guide you to the best photo spots on board, onboard photo studios, and scenic spots on land. The result is stunning prints and high-quality digital files. Don't forget to check out our photo packs, custom photo books, collages, and large prints.

Tip: Cruise's Elegant Night is the perfect opportunity to capture your elegant look in a sophisticated black-and-white portrait!


This is your turn! The Atrium - the gateway to the ship and the vacation itself - is your first glimpse of all the fun that awaits you.Let the heart of this ship scream "Welcome to the Fun Ship!" With panoramic views across multiple floors, the Atrium is the perfect place to enjoy the hustle and bustle. There's always music playing, live bands, party DJs, all-day events, and a drink at the bar anytime.This 360-degree fan spot also houses a guest services desk. Certified Fan I have a question for one of his expert girlfriends.


Photography is a big part of how you and your crew remember your cruise, so Carnival's photography experts can focus on the fun aspects, like lighting and backgrounds, shutter speed and aperture know-how . make. From around the dining table to disembarking at your destination, you'll find experts everywhere on board. There are also creative and fun backgrounds around the ship, so feel free to stop by and pose in front of it!

Savings Tip: Instead of buying individual photos, check out Pixels Photo Packs.


Play is essential to a child's development - cognitive scientists (adults without bedtime) believe so! I would add that play is important for all ages. That's why in-flight games are such a big part of the Carnival® experience for young and old alike! , making "everyone" "fun for everyone." (Not to mention "fun".)

Video Arcade

If you enjoy playing video games, you are in luck. Our video arcade offers a wide variety of games to keep gamers of all ages entertained all night long. Challenge your friends to the game or try to beat the maximum score. After all, with the entire 24-hour arcade and cruise right in front of you, you'll have plenty of time to try it out.


With so much to do, most people don't view a cruise vacation as the best time to read a book, but a book-lover devotee can lie down on a lounge chair and soak up the sun, sea breeze, and much more. You'll find yourself enjoying a leafy turn.Forgot your book? Is your e-reader battery dead? All Carnival® ships have an onboard library full of goodies. It's a great place to read for the quiet type, but if the sounds of the ocean are more your soundtrack, the library is a great place to find good reading to borrow and devour outdoors. In our library you can also find a variety of great board games for the whole family to enjoy!

Table Games

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or sitting at the table for the first time, we've got games like Roulette, Craps, Poker, Blackjack and more! There are also fun variations. Whether the stakes are high or low, the table is set. We've got your favorites, but when you're ready to sit down and try something new, our friendly casino staff will be happy to teach you the basics.

Don't forget your Sail & Sign® card when playing your favorite table games. Your play will be recognized and you'll earn points for Drinks On Us!, Carnival's free drinks program.

Playlist Productions

Everyone has the perfect song that keeps them going. Playlist Productions™ brings lists like yours to life! Your favorites become full-fledged musical productions, with singers and dancers breaking the house.Shows vary by ship, but for all music lovers I have a playlist for Need an example? How about the spicy sound of Amor Cubano™, the magical soundtrack of a movie by FLICK™, or the hit Vintage Pop™, a fusion of 1920s jazz and modern? Unleash your inner rock 'n' roll patriot with America Rocks™! Get into the heart of the groove with passionate Heart of Soul™. Feel the harrowing sound of Epic Rock™, the thumping piano of 88 Keys™, the 80's Pop to the Max™ of Malicious Good, and the funky sophistication. Everyone is welcome!

The Punchliner Comedy Club

A comedy club on land... well, it's kind of funny, isn't it? No one likes paying for admission. I'm not kidding! Not at The Punchliner Comedy Club™ on Carnival Cruises. On stage there are true professionals who know how to add a little laugh to any evening. You can expect these comedians to resist, too. A few people will stand up and say exactly what they think, so we're planning a family-friendly performance the only red face in the audience was laughing a little too hard.

Tip: Again, Punchliner Comedy Club has shows for families and shows for adults. You can choose which course you want to participate in! Check out our fun times and plan your evening. Delivered daily to your stateroom.

Dive-In Movies

Ready to see the stars? Stand in front of the big (really big) screen at the Carnival Seaside Theater™ and enjoy a dive-in movie with the real stars. Enjoy sporting events or the latest blockbuster movies from the comfort of our poolside loungers. Or bring your suit and experience all this action from the pool! The screens are big and beautiful so every seat is perfect but it's not just the view... Enjoy the breeze and great entertainment together It's a pleasure.


Believe there is a rock star, pop idol, country singer inside you. Go on a carnival cruise. Get on stage and pick up the mic. Because our ears are waiting. Each ship features live karaoke action. Whether your musical dreams are rooted in classic riffs or modern hits, hop in and browse through our vast catalog. You're sure to find the hot track you've been waiting for. Are you ready to hit us with 80's classics?Singing Motown? Bring a boy band? Have a good time - karaoke will be held during the cruise. Here is your moment in the limelight.

Live Music

Want to rock and roll every night, every day? Well you are in the right boat. Bringing the best artists ashore and out to sea to create the best atmosphere. From upbeat island rock at the Red Frog Pub® to choruses at his bar on the piano to partying at his jam on Lido's deck, his performances live on board are sure to applaud. For the ultimate concert experience at sea, check out Carnival LIVE.


Rock out at the hippest club in the Caribbean. Our DJs spin today's hottest hits and yesterday's retro jams. (Hey, it rhymed!) Whether you're a robot, a worm, or rocking to music, you'll want to dance until the sun comes up. Or at least until the last call. (Some people are born with the right movements, but others need a little guidance to smooth out their own sharp edges. Therefore, various free dance classes are held together. )

Deal or No Deal

You know that game show with a briefcase full of money, a big red button, and a mysterious banker calling out a deal? Yes, you saw it on TV...and now your next You'll find it on Carnival Cruises.With Deal or No Deal at Sea, you can actually win two ways. Only one of them is reserved for the lucky participants on stage. It works like this: you buy a game card (or buy two to save money), and each card you own is randomly selected to join the stage and become a fan-favorite You are given the chance to play the game and lose the briefcase during the round. But even if you don't get picked, you're still in the game. (And up to $5,000 will go to lucky ticket holders in the audience!) Of course, he must be 18 or older to play, but anyone watching the studio audience fun You are most welcome. Activity?

DEAL OR NO DEAL is a trademark of Endemol Shine IP B.V.

Mega Deck Party

Imagine what the Mega Deck Party can do for vacationers like you when Deck Party has the power to gather friendly rivals BlueIguana™ and RedFrog®! Under the stars When you're ready for some fun, head to the outdoor pool area on the lido deck. The ship's DJ, cruise director, and entertainment staff are on hand to keep things moving and everyone moving. And when we say 'everything', we mean guests of all ages are welcome at this party! Make the most of the night with games, giveaways, line dancing and more until late.

Groove for St. Jude

Any cruise will impress you, but Carnival Cruises will inspire you to support causes like St. Jude Children's Research Hospital®! Come to Groove For St. Jude - We All Sail Make a groove at - Help us find a cure and save children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses by making a small donation. Please bring dance shoes.

Holidays Aboard

You don’t need a reason to celebrate… but if you want one, look no further than your calendar. Every Carnival cruise is a celebration — especially on holidays — but we truly go all-out for a few special dates throughout the year. This makes the ship a great place to call home for a while, gathering with your friends and family. For one thing, there’s Halloween all October long, where costumes at sea are just the beginning. When Thanksgiving comes along, it calls for a feast… with absolutely no cooking on your part. Christmas festivities are a big deal, combining solemn traditions with jolly fun… and a huge tree. Finally, we close out the year — and begin the next one — with New Year’s Eve traditions like a huge party… and the party isn’t complete without an after-party. Ready to celebrate? Plan your cruise for the right dates and you’re in for even more festive fun.

Sailaway Party

There are two types of humans: land people and sea people. Most people are originally land people, unless they were born on a pirate ship or something. Lo and behold, there is nothing wrong with that. But becoming a sailor is a process, and a transformation takes place at the Caribbean Saillaway Party on the first Carnival cruise. It's actually pretty simple: show're in the club and ready to party! Tie your feet up, find a cruise newcomer, and toast to the great times ahead.

Fine Jewellery

If you spot a twinkle while cruising, it might be the night sky. It could be the sun over the waves. Or just steps away from The Fun Shops™ for all things glitter. Gold, of course, but also diamonds, tanzanites, gemstones of all shades, and even colored diamonds. You don't have to pay any taxes or duties on them. Experience an exclusive onboard Trunk Show where experts in carat, cut and clarity showcase the styles of top designers.


Traveling to new destinations certainly gives us new perspectives. Treat yourself with cosmetics, fragrances and skin care items. Up to 25% off retail price. Just steps away from the center of the ship, the Fun Shops™ have everything you need to pamper yourself. Perfect your signature look or experiment with new makeup trends with genuine top beauty products. Also, keep an eye out for Travel Exclusives, special offers from big name brands only found on board. husband! If you have another favorite lipstick in your bag or want to try something new, stop by The Fun Shops.


Time on vacation isn't a factor, so you might be surprised to learn that one of the best times to save your watch is while on a cruise. But it's true! From simple to sporty, complex to luxurious, our onboard Fun Shops™ have something to suit your style, wrist and budget. Grab a new dive watch for a shore excursion or sparkle for an elegant night out and save 35% to 75% off retail prices. Whether it's a watch to commemorate a great holiday, a thoughtful gift for someone back home, or just because the time is right, all purchases are tax and duty free! — Visit The Fun Shops and save big.


Did you know that your bartender will list the ingredients for your favorite cocktails on board? Shake it up as soon as you get home...but make sure your bar is ready first . Stock up on spirits at the Fun Shops™ onboard! The savings here start at up to 50% off land prices, but really add up when you deduct taxes. All bottles at The Fun Shops are tax and duty free, even the luxury ones. (The bottle is also larger than most, 33% larger at 1 liter.) Raise your glass and sip on some great vacation memories...and make the most of your vacation savings.


It's all about the details! The right accessories – cool sunglasses, elegant bracelets and a buttery soft leather handbag – complete your look. To complete your next-level look, visit The Fun Shops™ for fun details straight from top designers. Convince yourself of designer sunglasses, understated bold jewelry, fine leather bags and all the other accessories that matter to your style. During your stay, keep an eye out for limited-time special events. The perfect watch gift set or resort fashion bargain can only be offered once per cruise. But pop-up sales may come and go, but duty-free, tax-free savings never seen on land are available throughout your cruise!


Feel refreshed after returning from your Carnival cruise. Indulge your love of cruising and taste for high fashion at our conveniently located Fun Shops™ onboard. Cruise through her life in a special outfit with the carnival logo, or hit the runway with a wide selection of authentic designer clothing, including the latest and hottest trends from the fashion world's top names. You can enjoy life. Every fashionista's dream includes duty free and duty free pricing. That's what the whole family can find looking good on board.

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