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Entertainment on the MSC Bellissima Cruise Ship

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MSC Bellissima offers an exceptional entertainment experience with options for every taste. Guests can enjoy spectacular shows like "Cirque du Soleil at Sea," featuring breathtaking acrobatics. The ship's Carousel Lounge is custom designed to host these performances, making it a must-see for families and couples alike.

For those who enjoy interactive activities, the MSC Bellissima provides a range of options, including a full-sized bowling alley and an immersive F1 simulator. These exciting features ensure that guests of all ages have plenty of fun options to choose from during their cruise.

Evenings on MSC Bellissima sparkle with opportunities, from live music in the various lounges to thrilling casino games. Dance the night away in the disco or enjoy a quiet drink under the stars. There's always something happening, ensuring that every night is as magical as the last.

1. The London Theatre

The London Theatre represents an ultramodern reinterpretation of traditional forms. Typically, one might have to travel to New York to experience top-tier performances. The Broadway-style theatres on board allow guests to enjoy excellent entertainment featuring an international lineup of artists without ever leaving the ship. With a fabulous program to choose from, there is certain to be a show to captivate every guest.

2. Carousel Productions at Sea Shows

Carousel Productions at Sea is unveiling a groundbreaking entertainment concept exclusively on MSC Cruises ships. This new concept merges breathtaking acrobatics, dance, and live music into an original production tailor-made for the Carousel Lounge, a state-of-the-art venue. The performances feature avant-garde artistic elements and immersive experiences enhanced by cutting-edge technology. This fusion of new expressions and experimentation creates a dynamic mix, engaging guests with an array of sounds, lights, performers, and special effects. Guests will feel an integral part of the show, which will be held six nights a week at the Carousel Lounge.

3. Waterpark

High jinks and water abound at the onboard Waterpark, offering an ideal setting for guests of all ages to relax and engage in abundant aquatic entertainment. The park features twisting slides, various pools, and activities tailored to accommodate every age group.

4. Himalayan Bridge

Experience an exhilarating 80-meter skywalk across the Himalayan Bridge, a stunning suspension bridge positioned aft of the vessel, soaring 60 meters above sea level. This unique location offers an ideal spot for a daily stroll, enhanced by breathtaking ocean views.

5. Swimming Pools

For those seeking the ultimate poolside relaxation experience, the numerous swimming pools offer an idyllic setting for sunbathing and unwinding. Attentive pool attendants are always on hand to cater to guests' every need, ensuring a heavenly retreat.

6. Family Game Show

This event is a family-friendly competition featuring dance, music, and selfie challenges, all dedicated to "Kelly & Kloe On Board," the original web series by MSC Cruises designed specifically for kids and families.

7. Family Disco

Who will emerge as the night's best dancer? Everyone in the family is cordially invited to join the Youth Staff for a special disco evening!

8. Casinos

Their casinos are elegantly designed and offer games suited for every type of player. Guests can try their luck at Roulette or Blackjack, test their skills at one of the Poker tables, or explore a diverse selection of slot machines.

9. Bowling & Mini Bowling

Strike! That's the sound everyone aims for when the bowling ball barrels down the alley. Discover if you have the knack by playing against family and friends to determine who the bowling champion among you is.

10. MSC Formula Racer

The remarkable on-board MSC Formula Racer offers an adrenaline-pumping virtual reality racing experience, placing participants directly in the driver's seat. Competitors can go head-to-head, experiencing the exhilarating roar of engines in high-speed action. It's a thrilling adventure for both the young and the young at heart, ensuring enjoyment no matter the outcome of the race.

11. Tennis Tournament

Those with a strong backhand should consider joining the onboard tennis tournament. It's not Wimbledon, but it promises a vigorous workout and a shot at triumph.

12. Soccer Tournament

Participants are invited to demonstrate their soccer prowess in the onboard soccer tournament. It's an opportunity to contribute to your team's success and showcase your skills.

13. Volleyball Tournament

This onboard volleyball tournament calls for quick reactions and a competitive spirit. Join to lead your team to victory potentially.

14. Basketball Tournament

Basketball enthusiasts can enter the onboard basketball tournament. It's a chance to engage in the sport and aim for victory.

15. Ping Pong Tournament

The ping pong tournament awaits those ready to wield a paddle in battle. Participants are invited to accept the challenge and join the competition.

16. Table Soccer Tournament

Fans of foosball are encouraged to participate in the onboard table soccer tournament. Remember, no spinning allowed—just pure skill and fun.

17. Theme Parties

They organize various daytime and evening theme parties on board. Guests may wish to bring bright, fun clothes for the Sunshine Party and something white for the White Party.

18. MSC Factor

Do you believe you have the potential to shine as a star in the on-board talent competition, The MSC Factor? If so, it's time to showcase your unique abilities in the most thrilling talent show at sea. Whether you're a singer, dancer, magician, or possess another special talent, step forward and show the world what it has been missing.

19. MasterChef

The world's best-loved food show awaits guests on the MSC Cruises fleet! Experience the adrenaline-fueled creativity of an extraordinary onboard cooking competition, open to both adults and junior guests.

20. Sailaway Party

A start-of-the-cruise event celebrated the ship's departure, guided by the Entertainment Team and Dancers in a stunning Costume Parade.

21. Beer Festival

The festive celebrations are filled with fun and Bavarian flair, featuring decorations, costumes, games, music, and, of course, beer. Highlights include a Master of Beer competition and a 6-metre-tall inflatable beer mug.

22. Atmosphere pool

The poolside space aboard MSC Bellissima boasts approximately 10 square meters per guest, making it among the most generous at sea. Enhanced by beautiful lighting, a giant screen, and captivating design elements, the main pool area becomes even more enticing as evening falls.

23. Minigolf

In order to navigate the ship's entertaining open-air Minigolf course, one must blend hand-to-eye coordination with a skillful, gentle touch. Gather with friends and family to determine who possesses the necessary skills to claim the title of Minigolf King or Queen.

24. Basketball

Head over to the outdoor Basketball court at the Sports Center, where an opportunity awaits to join friends, indulge in shooting hoops, and engage in a full-body workout simultaneously. While one might not secure a spot on the latest roster of the Harlem Globetrotters, an enjoyable time is guaranteed.

25. Tennis Court

Guests are invited to play tennis at the outdoor or indoor court within the Sports Center on board. Tennis is a healthy activity that enhances hand-to-eye coordination and ensures an enjoyable time. It's a chance for guests to score a game, set, and match for themselves.

26. Volleyball

Volleyball is a fast-paced, energetic, and highly enjoyable team sport. It ranks among the world's most popular. Players can play on the outdoor volleyball court situated within the onboard Sports Center. There, they can burn calories, engage in a thorough cardiovascular workout, and experience the thrill of landing kills and outmaneuvering the opposing team.

27. Five-A-Side-Football

Indulge in a game of football? Your desire can be fulfilled at the open-air five-a-side football arena situated within the Sports Center. Assemble with companions or kin and engage in a friendly match against another assembled team. It presents a splendid opportunity for amusement, physical exertion, and the transformation of unfamiliar faces into companions.

Galleria Bellissima

This 96m long central promenade is filled with boutiques, restaurants, quiet shopping, dining, relaxing and socializing. At night, it's filled with music, parties and entertainment.

The London Theatre

The London Theatre is an ultramodern reinterpretation for traditional lines.

Normally you would have to go to New York to see top-notch shows, but thanks to Broadway-style theaters, you can enjoy top-notch entertainment from a line-up of international artists without leaving the ship. With a great program to choose from, we're sure you'll find a show you'll love.

Imperial Casino

Our casino is elegantly designed and offers games for all types of players. You can try your hand at roulette or blackjack, try poker at his table, or choose from a variety of slot his machines.

Himalayan Bridge

Check out the Himalayan Bridge, which makes an 80-meter skywalk over a suspension bridge at the stern, about 60 meters above sea level. A truly unique place where you can enjoy your daily constitution with stunning sea views.


strike! You'll want to hear that voice every time your bowling ball rolls down the lane. See if you have the talent and challenge your family and friends to become the bowling champion.

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Outdoor Bars

Enjoy cocktails, wine, beer, soft drinks and other snacks in ultimate style at outdoor bars both poolside and on the ship's highest deck. Combining a spectacular sea view with a delicious drink has never been easier.


Our elegant lounge bar is the perfect place to enjoy cozy moments with friends. Relax in comfort and style with your favorite drink and soak up the special atmosphere.

Arizona Aquapark

Located on Deck 19.

Infinity Atrium

Infinity Atrium is located on Deck 5.

Horizon Pool

Located on Deck 16.

Atmosphere Pool

Located on Deck 15.

MSC Yacht Club Top Sail Lounge

MSC Yacht Club Top Sail Lounge is located on Deck 16.

MSC Yacht Club Pool

MSC Yacht Club Pool is located on Deck 19.

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