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Entertainment on the Silver Shadow Cruise Ship

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At sea, the sight of the sea and the soothing sound of waves can be so exhilarating, so it's no wonder that daydreaming on deck is one of the most popular pastimes. However, all of Silversea's all-inclusive he cruises also include a number of more active activities, some for the body, some for the spirit, and some just for fun.

The Panorama Lounge

As you enjoy your cruise, relax and unwind in the Panorama Lounge, a sophisticated and convivial space with stunning ocean views.

The Panorama Lounge is specially designed to give you uninterrupted views of the day's destinations from the comfort of your luxury cruise ship. An ideal place to relax, enjoy his afternoon tea, listen to the pianist playing and watch the sun set. Drinks are free on this luxury cruise and the music is live and engaging. Dance to a variety of musical styles to suit all tastes, from standards to the latest club mixes.

Observation Lounge

Set on the highest level at the very top of the ship, this is a quiet space for reading and reflection while being dazzled by the undulating seascapes that are constituent to life on board.

The eponymous lounge carries its name well. Set on the highest level at the very top of the ship, this is a quiet space for reading and reflection while being dazzled by the undulating seascapes that are constituent to life on board. Borrow a book from the in-house library, read the papers or just embrace the tranquillity of being at sea.


There is a wealth of luxury shopping experiences aboard all Silversea ships, featuring the most distinctive and appealing brands from across the globe.

Exceptional shopping experiences do not end in the cosmopolitan cities we visit. Silversea’s striking new shipboard boutiques, reimagined and redesigned are stunning modern design spaces befitting the finest creations from legendary designers. Carefully selected partners onboard Silversea’s duty-free boutiques offers our guests a carefully curated selection of cutting edge fashions, jewellery, accessories, fine perfumes, cosmetics and Silversea Logo collection all at duty-free prices.

The Connoisseur's Corner

If you appreciate good cognac or premium cigars, be sure to visit the Connoisseur’s Corner to see the ship’s exceptional selection.

The Connoisseur’s Corner offers exceptional cognacs along with a premium selection of cigars for purchase.

The Show Lounge

Enjoy a wide range of entertainment, from major production shows and classical soloists, to cultural entertainment and feature films.

In this multi-level venue, every seat has a view of the stage. Enjoy a wide range of entertainment on offer throughout the cruise, from large production shows and classic soloists to cultural entertainment and feature films. While sailing, you'll also have access to The Show Lounge on your luxury cruise ship for port talks, extensive lectures, and a variety of special events.

Card Room/Conference Room

Whether you're hosting a card tournament or conference, Silversea offers dedicated spaces for the perfect guest experience.

The card room on this luxury cruise ship hosts bridge games and tournaments most days of the week. Even beginners can learn how to play on Marine Day. If your group needs a meeting or meeting space, Silversea is happy to provide a bespoke experience. All luxury cruise ships offer complimentary audiovisual equipment.


Try your luck in Silversea’s on-board Casino, featuring a champagne reception and choice of games.

Roulette, blackjack and slot machines are available in The Casino for guests 18 years or older. If you are a novice, come to the champagne reception and learn all the games offered aboard this luxury cruise ship.


Be sure to visit the reception area where experts provide valuable information to help you get the most out of your cruise.

In this central lobby area, guests can speak with a Guest Relations Specialist if they have any questions or need assistance. Help is available to him 24 hours a day. For guests wishing to make landing arrangements, the Silver Shore Concierge can assist with expert suggestions and individual arrangements for all private and independent tours including sightseeing, water sports, golf and more. A cruise consultant will prove essential when planning your next Silversea voyage, or if you want to add an extra day, week or month to your current voyage...just your personal silver Like having a sea expert on board, our cruise consultants make the perfect choice. Travel, book your preferred suite and confirm instantly.

The Bar

No cruise is complete without meeting new people. Enjoy complimentary drinks and live music at the bar while meeting other guests.

With complimentary cocktails and engaging conversation, live music and a dance floor, The Bar aboard this luxury cruise ship welcomes guests to mix and mingle.

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