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Things to Know About Ocean Cay

If you are sailing on MSC in the Caribbean you will likely have a stop in paradise, otherwise known as Ocean Cay. Keep reading for the top 5 things to know.

By Cruise Booking Team

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If you are planning to visit the lovely Bahamas, then choosing a cruise is a great option. MSC’s private island, Ocean Cay, lays emphasis on allowing visitors to interact and experience nature and marine life in their natural state. All this is provided in addition to drinks, delicious food, water sports activities, entertainment, excursions, tours, and more. In short, a bag full of memories that you can take back home, that will make you feel happy, every time you recall them.

Here are the top five things to know about Ocean Cay:

5 Things to Know About Ocean Cay

1. Boundless, Natural, and Idyllic Beauty

Ocean Cay is stunning, with beautiful sand and views of azure oceans at every turn. There are miles of white-sand beaches and access to lagoons, bays, and the Caribbean sea. Among the top 5 things about Ocean Cay, there are eight named beach locations that provide secluded areas to unwind throughout the island. Bimini Beach is located on the Caribbean Ocean; Seakers Family Cove provides a peaceful refuge; Sunset Beach and Lighthouse Bay are wonderful for swimming; Aurea Paradise Sands is a great place to get a massage while admiring with the soothing sounds of the ocean waves.

2. Marine Research Facility

Among the things to know about Ocean Cay is that MSC is constructing a Conservation Center that will serve as an active base for coral teaching and research on the island. Scientists and students from Florida and worldwide will work at Ocean Cay. Visitors will be able to connect with these dedicated conservationists and learn about the species and ongoing restoration and research efforts.

The unspoiled beauty of the ocean and beaches is one of the top 5 things about Ocean Cay and the heart of the Ocean Cay experience. The island's sustainable, eco-friendly practices and designating the surrounding waters as a flourishing marine reserve are built around a commitment to protect this beautiful piece of heaven on earth.

3. Swim in the Blue Waters

Ocean Cay is surrounded by stunning blue waters, making it a great place to cool down with a swim or relax on a floating mat. Activities at Ocean Cay include snorkeling, kayaking, stand-up paddle-boarding, and more.

Beautiful tropical fish, and even dolphins can be observed in the seas around the marine reserve, a 64-square-mile-long protected area in the ocean around the island. More fauna (fish and birds) are likely to come as the seagrass improve and the palm trees and other flora flourish.

4. Cultural Encounters in the Bahamas

Another one of the top 5 things about Ocean Cay is that the Bahamas has its own indigenous culture, talents, and crafts like other island states. Shop for handmade products in the real Bahamian village, listen to local music, and watch the colorful Junkanoo Parade. Dancers perform their cultural dances while wearing painted masks and colorful costumes. Cowbells and drums made of goatskin leather are used to create music. The experience is truly incredible.

Numerous quaint and charming beach bars are dotted along the waterfront regions.

Eateries provide guests with extensive menus that include authentic Bahamian local delicacies as well as traditional American barbecue favorites. Several beach shack food trucks may also be found on Ocean Cay, providing burgers, hot dogs, salads, and pizza.

5. Provisions for Families

MSC is a family-friendly cruise company. Thus, it has designated a beach area for families at Seakers Family Cove. In addition, it offers children's restaurants, play areas, and family-friendly facilities to make the visit enjoyable for both adults and children. Enjoy the day with your children by participating in the following activities at Ocean Cay:


Activities at Ocean Cay demonstrate appreciation for the environment and nature around us, ensuring that we all are doing our part to care for our planet. This little piece of paradise is the perfect vacation spot to unwind your tired body and soul. Visit and plan your trip as soon as possible.

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