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Essential Things to Know About Planning a Hawaii Cruise

A cruise is possibly the best method to see the numerous islands of Hawaii. Here are a few things to consider before embarking on a Hawaiian cruise.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Tropical sunsets, palm trees, coconuts, and pineapples - have you ever fantasized about taking a Hawaiian cruise? Hawaii is one of those bucket-list destinations that people save for years to see. All too often, people book the trip of a lifetime without considering a few key factors. These things to consider before planning a Hawaii cruise are just as crucial as the cruise line you choose.

One of the numerous advantages of a Hawaii cruise is the possibility to visit four islands in a week. It is also a cost-effective way to experience Hawaii, which is known for being an expensive tourist destination.

Lastly, the natural beauty of the islands attracts almost 9 million people every year. Hawaii's islands have something unique to offer visitors: teeming marine life, famed volcanoes, cascading waterfalls, and postcard-perfect beaches.

There are some things to know before planning a Hawaii cruise and several possibilities that may better suit your needs.

Things to Know About Planning a Hawaii Cruise

1. The Best Time to Travel to Hawaii

There is never a poor time for visiting Hawaii because it has excellent weather the entire year. The islands have the most significant visitors between December and April (by land or cruise); this period also coincides with the "wet season." But don't worry, it never heavily rains or for long periods. April, May, September, and October see the most constant favorable weather, and you might be able to find a decent offer on a repositioning cruise during those months.

2. Port Intensive Hawaiian Cruises

Hawaii has eight islands, seven of which are populated. Depending on the itinerary of your cruise, you may visit three or four islands, with overnight pauses possible. This implies that your cruise will visit an island almost every day. So, if you want to see and do everything on your bucket list, then the next Hawaii cruise planning tip is to be prepared for some long days and nights. To get yourself a caffeine fix, you can have some great Kona coffee at practically any restaurant ashore.

3. Learn Some Essential Hawaiian Terms

Although we are all familiar with the greeting Aloha, you should brush up on a few more common phrases that you will undoubtedly hear during your journey. Mahalo, which means "thank you," is one of the most frequently heard. After a fantastic performance, you can request an "encore" by saying, Hana Hou!

If you spend a lot of time with native Hawaiians, then you can be called Ohana, which means "family." You can also call your elders "uncle" or "auntie," which are respectful and endearing names. Don't be surprised if you notice signs on the restroom doors that say Wahine ("women") and Kane ("men").

4. On a Hawaiian Cruise, What Should You Wear?

With year-round average highs topping 80° F, loose-fitting, breathable fabrics will keep you cool until your next ocean dip or air-conditioned respite. Local Hawaiian clothing is casual, in true aloha style, but your ship may have special activities to attend, so check your itinerary ahead of time. For example, Pride of America's White Hot Party is a white-attire celebration you'll want to pack for!


We hope you found this blog on things to know before planning a Hawaii Cruise informative. You'll have a blast exploring this island paradise no matter what time of year you visit or who you're traveling with. To avoid disappointment, remember to schedule your excursions before you depart!

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