Best Things to Eat in Bonaire

Visiting Bonaire for a vacation? Try out the local food and other cuisines on the island.

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Are you visiting Bonaire for the first time? Then, you might be interested to learn about its different dishes. The place has a small-town feel, and they have a different take on the Caribbean lifestyle. Besides this, the majority of the dishes come from African and European cultures. Some of the best things to eat in Bonaire are made with local ingredients influenced by Dutch and Spanish food. Also, this island is filled with street vendors and restaurants, so you have ample opportunities to taste the local flavors of Bonaire.

Best Things to Eat in Bonaire

There's a variety of delicious food you can try in Bonaire, so get your taste buds ready. Among multiple choices, here are 5 must-try foods in Bonaire -

1. Pastechis

This dish is a favorite among the Bonairian locals and tourists as well. These half-moon-shaped fried doughs are stuffed with meats, chicken, or ground beef. Pastechis also gives you a choice of adding cheese, ham, Gouda cheese, tuna fish, some vegetables, and other vegetarian options. You should try Pastechis while shopping or enjoying the island's attractions.

2. Sopi Piska

When you are in the Caribbean, Sopi Piska is one of the food favorites in Bonaire. It is a fish soup loaded with local fish and shellfish with a flavorful broth. So, if you are a seafood lover, you can’t afford to miss this dish.

On the other hand, if you want something spicy, try Pika Siboyo. It is a condiment made with different ingredients that brings a ton of flavor. This dish is made of onions marinated with peppers and vinegar.

3. Sopi Kadushi

Bonaire is sometimes called 'Arizona with an ocean' due to its arid and rain-free climate. Its plentiful supply of cactus makes its way into another local cuisine, Kadushi. This delicacy is made from a species of cacti and flavored with local seafood and meats.

4. Kabritu Stobá

Goats are one of the few domestic animals raised on Bonaire Island. Kabritu Stoba is a rich goat stew made with tomatoes, garlic, onions, and jalapeno. It adds a splash of lime and vinegar to give a finishing touch to the dish.

5. Cocoda

If you love sweets, try out the island's signature dish. Cocoda is made with a little bit of rose and vanilla flavors. The local candies are brown or white when it's in their natural state, but it depends on whether the brown skin is removed from the coconut. Some are also tinted in bright colors with food coloring. A few of the other dishes like Funchi or Tutu are made of cornmeal and are similar to polenta. These preparations are served as a side dish to your meal. They tend to be savory, but tutu has an extra add-on of black-eyed peas to give extra oomph.

Tradition is a part of people’s culture, and Bonaire Island is filled with many traditions. It is said that you can talk about a nation by its food and Bonaire’s cuisine is flavorful and fresh, just like its people. There are many things to drink in Bonaire, and among all, tequila-like Tekibon stands out. This is made from the island's yatu cactus and can be found throughout the island.

Final Words

So, Bonaire offers award-winning cuisines with many styles and tastes. Furthermore, the preparations of this island also represent many nationalities. This island is a perfect amalgamation of exotic foods and blissful beaches that spreads an exotic vibe. Thus, Bonaire provides an intimate experience that you will not get anywhere else.

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