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How much is parking at Carnival Cruise Port in Port Canaveral?

Secure your spot at Port Canaveral for Carnival Cruise departures. Learn about parking rates and options for a stress-free journey.

By Cruise Booking Team

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A Carnival Cruise from Port Canaveral offers a fantastic journey full of fun, leisure, and endless memories. One thing we all generally worry about before cruising is parking arrangements. Port Canaveral ensures the boarding procedure runs smoothly and passengers get secured parking facilities. This also enhances the overall cruising experience.

This comprehensive guide will explore the benefits of Parking at Port Canaveral. From easy access to unbelievable costs, find out why choosing Port Canaveral parking is the ideal way to begin your Carnival Cruise adventure.

Official Port Canaveral Parking

Every cruise terminal at Port Canaveral has an approved parking area run by the port authority. Situated close to terminal entrances, these facilities include open areas and covered garage parking. While the convenience is undeniable, with the proximity to the ship's embarkation point, there are some considerations to weigh.

Let's first start with the parking rates and discounts to Parking at Port Canaveral for your Cruise.

Parking rates and discounts

Canaveral offers customers affordability and competitive pricing for parking. For cars and RVs, parking costs are $17.00 per day plus tax, including the day of arrival and departure. For savvy travelers, early bookings, and passengers with extended cruise itineraries, extra savings may be offered in the form of exclusive discounts.

Why cruise with Carnival Cruise Line from Port Canaveral?

Carnival Cruise Line is one of the best cruises to sail to get fun and excitement. It is well-known for its lively onboard environment, a wide range of entertainment choices, and outstanding customer service. Carnival Cruise Line offers guests of all ages an amazing trip with a wide range of ports to discover and activities to partake in. With its advantageous location and easy boarding procedure, sailing out of Port Canaveral offers additional convenience.

Benefits of parking at Port Canaveral

For those traveling on Carnival Cruise Line, parking at Port Canaveral is the best option. Here are a few benefits available for parking at Port Canaveral that are intended to improve your Carnival Cruise experience:

Convenient access

Due to its ideal location just minutes from important highways, Port Canaveral is easily accessible to visitors from various locations. Furthermore, the parking lots are located near the cruise terminals, which reduces travel time and maximizes convenience.

Competitive prices

Compared to on-site parking options, Port Canaveral parking offers competitive rates, allowing customers to save money without compromising quality or service. Every traveler can afford Port Canaveral parking because of its reasonable daily prices and discounts for longer stays.

Secure facilities

With round-the-clock surveillance and on-site security patrols, Port Canaveral parking facilities prioritize passenger safety and security. You can relax knowing that your car will be parked in a secure area under observation for the duration of your journey.

Effective shuttle service

Passengers can be driven straight from the parking lots to their cruise ship ports by using the free shuttle service. The shuttle moves swiftly and efficiently, so the transition from the parking lot to the boarding site is smooth.

Easy reservation process

Parking at Port Canaveral is easy to book whether you make reservations online or over the phone. All you have to do is pick your preferred dates, enter the details of your car, and get a confirmation of your parking reservation.

Amenities and features

Parking lots in Port Canaveral include a variety of amenities to make your time before your trip more enjoyable. Every element, including wheelchair-accessible shuttles and covered parking alternatives, is designed to maximize passenger comfort and convenience.

How to book parking at Port Canaveral?

Parking at Port Canaveral Cruise may be reserved easily and quickly. Just follow the given steps to secure your parking spot:


As you prepare to depart, selecting the best parking option, is crucial for a stress-free cruising experience. With the best possible combination of cost, convenience, and security, Port Canaveral parking lets you confidently embark on your cruise. Book your parking space at Port Canaveral to embark on an exciting and adventurous journey that will never be forgotten. Go to and book your Carnival Cruise with your loved ones to make enduring memories.

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