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Things to do onboard Carnival Dream

Aboard Carnival Dream, you'll find something for everyone, no matter your age, taste, or budget.

By Cruise Booking Team

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If you love to enjoy non-stop activities, then book your next vacation onboard the Carnival Dream and you won’t be disappointed. Carnival Dream is one of those ships that has everything that you can imagine. These ships are synonymous with good times that everyone can enjoy irrespective of their age. But what are the memorable things to do on Carnival Dream? Don’t worry; we shall guide you through our favorites.

Here’s why your next cruise should be onboard the Carnival Dream

Here are 5 memorable things to do onboard Carnival Dream

1. Play Games With Your Kids or Peers

If you are searching for some activities on Carnival Dream, then take part in playing some games. Apart from the normal ones, these ships also contain all the sporting amenities that are going to keep all the adults and the children engaged. If you have toddlers with you, then they will love the bouncing castle and the shallow pool. The teens can play real-life theme games like pool and sports deck games. There are also a bunch of arcade video games to pick from. Adults can entertain themselves at the casino if they love playing roulette and cards.

2. Enjoy the Water Park

The Carnival Dream has a lovely option if you love water sports. There is an onboard water park option called Water Works. There are many rides that are going to give you the thrill of a lifetime, albeit a wet experience. Splash yourself in any way you want to. Our recommendation for you would be to try the Twister Water Slide.

3. Opt for Camp Ocean

The ship is a paradise for families. This camp is specifically for toddlers and pre-teen kids. Camp Ocean was brought into existence to entertain kids on another level. The kids can learn and do all sorts of constructive activities at their own pace. There is also a special Night Owls kid program where parents can enjoy the nightlife while their kids are in safe hands. It is one of the top things to do on the Carnival Dream.

4. Dance the night away

If you love the nightlife or love to hit the dance floor whenever you get some time off, then the Carnival Dream has got you covered. The Lido Deck nightclub allows you to party till the wee hours of the morning. Encore Theater on Deck 5 is also an all-nighter where you can have a good time.

Final Words

Apart from these memorable things to do onboard Carnival Dream, there are plenty more this ship has to offer. So, visit and book your cabin.

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