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What Activities Are Available on a Carnival Cruise?

Unforgettable fun awaits! Discover the top 10 things to do on a Carnival Cruise for guests of all ages.  Book your adventure cruise Now!

By Cruise Booking Team

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When it comes to describing Carnival Cruise Line concisely, it's fair to say its focus is on providing enjoyment for everyone. Whether on the ship or at ports of call, Carnival ensures a lively holiday atmosphere from the moment you step aboard. With some of the largest Cruise ships afloat, there's always a plethora of activities to enjoy, and what's even better is that many are free. Here, we highlight some of the top activities on Carnival Cruise Ships.

Best Things to Do on a Carnival Cruise

Check out some of the most popular activities to do on a Carnival Cruise.

1. Experience the Thrill with BOLT

For those craving excitement, BOLT, an electrifying roller coaster at sea, stands out as one of the top activities on a Carnival Cruise. Secure yourself in and race your motorcycle-style speed machine around a high-altitude open-air track, offering stunning panoramic views of the ocean. This all-electric thrill ride not only grants you the freedom to control your speed but also provides an immersive experience with 360° ocean vistas.

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2. Pamper Yourself at Cloud 9 Spa

Even amidst an incredible cruise experience, having a place to relax after a day of excitement is truly delightful. Cloud 9 Spa provides just that, earning its place as one of the best things to do on a Carnival Cruise. Offering massage, facials, body wraps, thermal suites, and more, it's the ideal retreat. Some ships even feature an incredible hydrotherapy pool, adding to the spa's allure.

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3. Take Part in Family Feud Live

The beloved reality TV program Family Feud has been entertaining audiences at home for generations. Carnival Cruise Line presents you with the opportunity to participate in Family Feud Live, where games are hosted on a genuine set, complete with the iconic Face-Off podium and the thrill of Fast Money. Your cruise director acts as the emcee for this event. If you're up for the challenge, then gather your team of five and register for an audition.

4. Splash Away at WaterWorks

Make your way to WaterWorks, Carnival's onboard waterpark, for a splashing good time. Kick off your adventure with Twister Waterslide, a thrilling ride that spirals for hundreds of feet, sending you from great heights to lows at top speed. On selected ships, you'll find side-by-side racing slides for some competitive fun. Speedway Splash, a racing slide, offers exhilarating action over hundreds of feet. PowerDrencher ensures serious soaking with a colossal bucket of water drenching you from above. And remember, this aquatic fun isn't just for kids – it's for the young at heart, too!

5. Win Big at Carnival Players Club

Joining the fun at the onboard casino, Carnival Players Club, is one of the most entertaining things to do on a Carnival Cruise. Guests aged 18 or over can join and accumulate points by playing table games and slots. The higher your points, the greater the benefits, including complimentary drinks while gaming and exclusive invitations to Carnival premier cruises and tournaments.

6. Participate in 'See The World' Activities

This is among the best activities on a Carnival Cruise for teens. The cruise line hosts special celebrations under the 'See The World' banner, introducing teenage cruisers to holidays and traditions from various cultures globally. While the specific activities may vary depending on the ship and age group, they include celebrations like the Holi Festival, originating from India, featuring rickshaw races, authentic craft activities, and a Bollywood-style dance class. Additionally, there are events honoring the Japanese Cherry Blossom Celebration, offering activities such as an anime drawing class, origami lessons, a tea ceremony, and a Zen musical soundscape. Similarly, the Philippines' Panagbenga Festival is celebrated with a cultural jewelry-making activity, flower parade, Tagalog language scavenger hunt, and more.

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7. Attend a Musical Production at Playlist Productions

Experience captivating musical productions curated by Playlist Productions, showcasing exceptionally talented singers and dancers. Each ship offers a unique lineup of shows, catering to every music enthusiast. From the vibrant rhythms of Amor Cubano to the enchanting movie-magic soundtrack of FLICK or the fusion of '20s jazz and modern hits, there's a playlist to suit every taste.

8. Enjoy a Show at The Punchliner Comedy Club

Experience uproarious laughter at The Punchliner Comedy Club aboard Carnival Cruise Line, showcasing top-notch comedians. Enjoy family-friendly and adult-only shows, tailored to your preferences. Plan your evening effortlessly by consulting the Carnival Fun Times or Hub App, delivered to your stateroom every day.

9. Enjoy a Game of Pickleball

Whether you're new to pickleball or consider yourself a seasoned player, Carnival Cruise Line offers the perfect onboard venue for some friendly competition. Dating back to the 1960s, pickleball has gained popularity in recent years, and your cruise presents an ideal opportunity to learn its simple rules and give it a try. Suppose you've ever played tennis, ping-pong, or badminton. In that case, you may already possess the skills needed to enjoy this game, making it one of the most fun things to do on a Carnival Cruise.

10. Have a Great Time at Sky Zone

Sky Zone, an exciting indoor trampoline park and challenge zone on Carnival Cruise Line, offers some of the best activities on a Carnival Cruise for adventure enthusiasts. Visit Sky Zone for exciting challenges, including gravity-defying basketball and dodgeball sessions. Additionally, enjoy night-time blacklight glow parties and special sessions for toddlers to explore and have fun with oversized soft blocks, providing them with their first taste of bouncy excitement.

All in all, Carnival Cruise Line offers a diverse range of activities, ensuring there's something enjoyable for everyone onboard. From thrilling adventures like the BOLT roller coaster and Sky Zone trampoline park to relaxing experiences at Cloud 9 Spa, the cruise promises endless fun. Whether you're a fan of musical productions, comedy shows, or cultural celebrations like 'See The World' events, Carnival has you covered. With numerous activities on a Carnival Cruise for entertainment and recreation, your vacation is guaranteed to be a memorable experience for all.

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