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What types of accommodations are available on Celebrity Cruises?

Experience a world of refined elegance and relaxation on Celebrity Cruises, where exquisite accommodations await your discovery.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Celebrity Cruises raises the bar for indulging on a luxurious vacation at sea with its variety of excellent rooms created to satisfy various preferences and desires. Every traveler can find the ideal stateroom, whether they want a relaxing getaway or a cozy refuge. Let's explore the diverse options available onboard and discover the unique features that make Celebrity Cruises a class apart. 

Discover exciting Accommodations on Celebrity Cruises

1. The Retreat

The Retreat® promises an extraordinary experience that redefines luxury on the high seas. Visitors who choose this exclusive option are given a suite packed with luxurious facilities and personalized service. The Retreat® has a butler on staff to see your needs, making you feel like a VIP. 

Additionally, visitors can enjoy private dinners at the renowned Luminae restaurant, a culinary haven with delectable dishes and exquisite service. The Retreat Lounge provides an elegant space to unwind and socialize, surrounded by like-minded travelers. 

2. AquaClass Stateroom

The AquaClass Stateroom is a dreamy option for those who value wellness and relaxation. These large suites include individual verandas to enjoy the breathtaking views and the calming ocean wind in total solitude. 

Inside the AquaClass Stateroom, eXhale bedding is designed for utmost comfort, ensuring a restful night's sleep. Additional luxuries include the massage showerhead and upscale bathroom fixtures. You can attend free exercise sessions and get unrestricted access to the serene Persian Garden as an AquaClass visitor. You wouldn't want to miss out on dining at the upscale Blu restaurant. In addition, a personal spa butler is available at all times to make sure your journey toward wellness is outstanding.

3. Concierge Class Stateroom

The Concierge Class Stateroom is a place of comfort and convenience created for people who value special consideration and delicate details. A personal butler is available to help with all of the visitors' travel requirements. He can help you plan everything from bookings and excursions to particular suggestions for your trip. 

Guests can enjoy exclusive events, including a special Welcome Aboard Concierge Class Lunch and Destination Seminar. The room is a work of art meticulously created with attention to detail, guaranteeing an unmatched experience throughout your stay.

4. Veranda Stateroom 

The Veranda Stateroom is the ideal haven at sea for travelers seeking a combination of indoor and outdoor living areas. Go outside onto your private balcony to take in the magnificent sunrises and sunsets and let the brisk sea wind refresh your senses. The stateroom's interior has all the conveniences you might want, making your trip restful and rejuvenating.

5. Ocean View Stateroom

Ocean View Staterooms are the epitome of indulgence, offering expansive views of the mesmerizing sea. The luxury queen-size Cashmere Mattress from Celebrity's eXhale bedding line in these cabins ensures a sound night's sleep. The ideal retreat for contemporary visitors, Ocean View Staterooms, features a luxurious décor and stunning outside views.

6. Inside Stateroom

The Inside Stateroom has plenty of living space, including a sitting area and a TV, for individuals looking for a warm and intimate setting. The Inside Stateroom guarantees excellent facilities and a welcoming, comfortable environment even though you may not have an outside view.


Celebrity Cruises excels in offering a wide variety of lodging options that satisfy each passenger's individual needs. Each option offers an extraordinary voyage at sea, from the lavish luxuries of The Retreat® to the peaceful atmosphere of the AquaClass Staterooms and the considerate services of the Concierge Class. Join Celebrity on your ideal cruise, and enjoy luxury like never before! 

Frequently Asked Questions about Celebrity Cruise Line

From luxurious suites in The Retreat® to cozy Inside Staterooms, Celebrity Cruises is famous for accommodating guests with various interests.

The wellness-focused AquaClass Staterooms have private verandas, eXhale bedding, free fitness programs, and access to the tranquil Persian Garden.

Concierge Class Staterooms guarantee an upgraded and unforgettable cruise experience with dedicated butlers, unique events, priority services, and meticulously furnished rooms.
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