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Celebrity Edge Ship
Celebrity Edge Ship

Top 5 Things to do on a Celebrity Edge

Find out the best things to make the most of your Celebrity Edge Cruise.

By Cruise Booking Team

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The Celebrity Edge is regarded as one of the most innovative cruises and hosts a plethora of unique experiences and space that you don’t want to miss. Although it is challenging to sum up all the top things that you can do on this cruise, here are the 5 best things that you should not miss.

5 Best Things to Do on Celebrity Edge

The shortlisted pointers about the best things that you should not miss are –

1. Enjoy Parties and Meals on the innovative Magic Carpet

The Magic Carpet is a tennis court-size area that extends from the edge of the ship and can be lowered or raised according to needs. It is an open-air extension and serves late-night parties and happy hours. Apart from these, it is also used for high-teas, brunches, and small dinners. But, it also serves as an accessible communication bridge between cruisers and ship's tender boats.

2. Hang Out at the Rooftop Garden

This rooftop garden is an intelligent mix of the popular top-deck Lawn Club of Solstice-Class ships and the Rooftop Terrace of the Millennium Class ships of celebrity cruises. The lush foliage and edgy tree sculptures, give it a garden impression and an outdoor art-house vibe. The Rooftop Garden is also a great place to hang out with your friends and enjoy movies and dinners.

3. Dine at Le Petite Chef

One of the most beautiful places to have dinner on the Celebrity Edge is 'La Petite Chef and Friends’. Here dinner is served at Le Bistro Café, where tables are artfully placed beneath projections that come to life during your meal. You can witness chefs competing with each other to provide the best possible food, prepared digitally, which comes alive at your table.

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4. Enjoy Eden

Wander around this beautiful Celebrity Edge ship and eventually, you will reach the beautiful Eden. Follow the spiral stairs to this perfect spot to hang out and enjoy the stunning views. It has breathtaking vistas, day and night entertainment, fast bites, and a bar featuring a 20-foot-tall living wall of plants that bartenders often use to embellish their cocktails. It is also a great place to capture vibrant photos to post on your social media handles. Don’t forget to tag us.

5. Customizable staterooms with an Infinite Veranda

The rooms of Celebrity Edge are designed to provide a balcony inside the cabin. With the help of a single button, you can switch between a larger room with a floor and ceiling, and a traditional room with a balcony. To create an open-air area, you lower a half-wall window with a switch rather than opening a door. Also, if someone wishes to enjoy the fresh air without keeping the entire cabin open, these verandas may be closed off from your room with folding glass doors.

Key Takeaways

So, if you are thinking of sailing with Celebrity Edge, you must check the amenities provided above. There is so much more that awaits you on Celebrity Edge including relaxing in the SEA Thermal Suite or dancing the night away in The Club. You will have the time of your life.

Header Image by Werner Bayer at Flickr

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