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What Kind of Cruise Travel Insurance Do You Need?

Finding it difficult to select cruise travel insurance for your vacation? Read this article to learn about different types of cruise travel insurance and choose the one which suits you.

By Cruise Booking Team

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For a successful and fun filled cruise vacation it requires good planning but apart from enjoying several things during vacation it is important to have travel insurance. The reason to have travel insurance while on a cruise is due to the fact that it can save you from losing money due to unforeseen circumstances. The cost of cancelling your vacation, the cost of a medical evacuation from the ship to a hospital, the cost of receiving emergency medical care, and the cost of misplaced luggage are just a few of the expenses that insurance covers. When purchasing cruise travel insurance, be certain that you select a plan that includes key benefits and that you understand everything about it. There are different types of travel insurance so choose the one that suits you and fulfill your requirements.

Types of travel insurance

1. Primary & Secondary Travel Insurance

Primary travel insurance is typically more expensive, but it offers travelers with better coverage and the convenience of quick claim service. One of the biggest advantages of it is the immediate claim means the priority of payment to the traveler as the process of filing and claiming is very fast. This type of insurance is considered less complicated compared to others and it mainly provides coverage for trip cancellation and travel delay. One important thing to know is that travel insurance offers emergency medical and dental benefits not health insurance.

2. Secondary Travel Insurance

Secondary Travel Insurance features terms and conditions that require a traveler to first file a claim with their primary health insurance provider. Once the primary insurance's benefits have been exhausted, the secondary insurance begins to compensate the traveler. In simple words, secondary insurance covers any extra out-of-pocket charges such as lost baggage and medical coverage.

3. Third Party Insurance

Having a third party travel insurance means taking the help of a travel agent or travel aggregator who can help in finding insurance specific for cruise trips. In this, numerous benefits are offered to the cruise travelers that are tempting, such as lost connection, missed port-of-call and cruise disablement coverage. Missed connection coverage allows travellers to rebook their journey to the next port of call if they miss a cruise ship at the embarkation port. When a cruise ship misses a scheduled port of stop because of bad weather or mechanical problems, missed port of call coverage provides rewards. When a tourist is on a ship for more than five hours without power, food, drink, or bathrooms, cruise disablement pays benefits.

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4. Credit Card Coverage

One of the best benefits of using credit cards is travel protection offered by them while on a cruise vacation. Many credit cards, particularly premium credit cards aimed at frequent travelers, include travel insurance features that provide coverage if something goes wrong on your vacation. When you pay for your vacation cards offer travel insurance that include trip delay, baggage getting damaged, medical coverage, interruption coverage, and several other benefits. When considering credit card coverage, thoroughly examine the terms and conditions and compare it to standard travel insurance. Check to see if the card covers pre-existing medical conditions and when it will pay you back.

5. Cruise Lines

When booking a vacation, cruise lines offer travelers the option of purchasing a travel insurance plan which covers everything including pre and post travel. Several cruise lines provide a full refund for the usage of travel insurance, but they frequently also provide a trip voucher or credit for future use. While going for this insurance always check the details properly, review the coverage perks, and compare to other types of insurances as well.

Reasons why you should buy cruise travel insurance.

  • Travel insurance will help you to face and overcome any unexpected situation, where you will be reimbursed for unused portions of your cruise and the additional costs.
  • Travel insurance allows you to enjoy your cruise vacations pleasantly and peacefully, without having to worry about missing flights, bad weather, lost luggage, illness, or unexpected crises.
  • Medical problems or emergencies on a cruise ship can be significant and expensive, resulting in a hefty medical bill for onboard treatment. Travel insurance will assist you in saving money in the event of a medical emergency.
  • There may be instances where a cruise vacation is cancelled at the last minute, in which case you will be paid for any last-minute cancellations if you have cruise travel insurance.


While going for a cruise vacation it is important to buy a travel insurance as it can be a big savior for you. Which type of insurance you purchase is totally up to your comfort and convenience; just make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully. One thing to keep in mind with cruise travel insurance is that the earlier you purchase it, the bigger your coverage window will be.

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