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22 Cruising Trends for the Year 2022

The global cruise Industry is coming back to life with these 22 trends in year 2022.

The cruise industry seems to be coming out of its nightmare slowly. The whole cruise industry and all cruise lines are shaping up for 2022, an exciting year for them to celebrate significant milestones. Major cruise lines such as MSC, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean will be launching 12 new cruises in 2022. So if you’re planning on a cruise vacation in the year 2022, here are a few trends to follow before you begin.

Cruise Industry Seeks to Refloat with 22 Cruise Trends in Year 2022

1. The Use of Technology Onboard

In the upcoming year, Cruise passengers will be able to experience a technologically enhanced cruise. Almost everything onboard will be turned into technology, such as the check-in will be online, the boarding pass on your phone, your cabin key or light switch will be your phone scanner, and so on. So be ready to experience the use of technology onboard by going touchless. Your phone, wristband, ocean medallion, or similar devices will be your key to access the cruise once you board the cruise. To track your kids, book meals, shore excursions, spa treatments, and shows, you will need a kind of tech.

2. New Destinations

The incredible thing about the year 2022 is the new promises in cruising. The cruisers can forge ahead towards new destinations that people didn’t know they could go to, like new hidden gems, journeys, and a new trend of enjoying the most out of vacation days. The cruise industry provides passengers with a way to travel to destinations that are out of the ordinary, in style and comfort, to places around the world that are unlikely to have been visited before. So, suppose you’re thinking about a perfect cruising vacation. In that case, you’ll often be amazed at the opportunities in front of you right now.

3. Off-Season Destinations

As you know, that not all destinations are year-round destinations. Still, this year, off-season destinations are going to boom in the cruise industry. It is seen that travelers are searching and opting for off-season destinations such as Alaska. The number of cruisers keeps on increasing in the New Year. It is considered as one way to save a bit of money and visit a new destination. Some cruise lines offer off-season cruising. However, it is believed that this kind of travel will grow as the world starts expanding into areas all over the globe.

4. Women-Centered Trips

In today’s world, women are making more money than ever before and enjoying it in some way or another. Out of which, one thing is traveling, and almost three-quarters of the women want to travel solo. So cruise industry has started women-centered cruising trips. There are also special events for women on cruise ships, such as exhibitions, panel discussions, and excursions to women-run businesses. There are different categories to travel for women, such as theme cruises, singles cruises, LGBTQ cruises, upscale cruises, party cruises, and cruises to unwind. Moreover, the cruise line ensures that women feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed as they travel to unknown places around the globe.

5. Instagram Travel

It's more common for people to talk about travel on social media than from other sources. This trend applies even more than ever to new cruisers in the upcoming year. There are more than a third million posts with hashtag travel in some way. Before going to any place, people search for that place on Instagram for insider information to choose where they want to head for vacation. Thus, this trend will continue this year and more upcoming years because, with the help of social media, people can easily document where they’ve been and where they will be going. Moreover, people are looking for influencers, bloggers, and experts to help them with charming posts about particular locations.

6. Food and Beverages

A new way of cruising includes food, beverages, and an emphasis on wellness and healthy eating. Thus, cruises are rising to the challenge with menus that bring in something for everyone to enjoy while not getting that unwanted fat and calories. With this trend, the industry has encouraged healthy eating. Even the staff know how to help the passengers and have incredible options for every single meal. Also, passengers with a strict diet will find it easier to eat right when onboard.

7. World Cruising

Ready for a trip of a lifetime? Take a world cruise around the globe. There is no other better way to explore the unseen world, hidden beauty, and little gems in the world. If you're on a bucket list of places you always want to see, then follow the world cruising trend. There are places like Antarctica, Galapagos, and hidden private islands that have seen a vast increase in people visiting. So, think about a place and visit that place the following day in complete style and with incredible ease.

8. Working and Playing

The fact that work and play are essential for life is an upcoming trend for the year 2022. As many people in the world love to travel but can’t travel due to work. So only for them, this upcoming year 2022 can be a blessing because people can have fun and work simultaneously as they see new places. Many travelers found that working and cruising a fun thing and can be incredibly useful. So, many cruise lines have started offering such workcations to do both. A workcation can be an opportunity to combine chances to network with other people while exploring the unseen world.

9. Gen Z Impact

Do you know that cruises are innovating themselves to fit in the Gen Z crowd? The good news is that Gen Z wants to travel very much and expects to pay for travel and leisure travel. The upcoming year will be a year in which they actively seek to cruise as quickly as possible. Young people have shown great interest in cruising. Even many cruise lines have designed special Gen Z cruises for people of their age. They are eschewing the stereotype of backpackers staying in hostels in favor of becoming sophisticated international tourists. Moreover, they believe that cruises combine their cost of accommodations, food, excursions, and transportation, an all-in-one space.

10. Gaming

In keeping with the surging trend of gaming, the cruise industry is jumping on board with several new initiatives that will keep gamers on board happy. Many cruise lines have upgraded their entertainment areas with high-tech facilities. For example, Disney and Royal Caribbean have upgraded the cruising experiences with Star Wars and other characters. If you’re planning to take a cruise this upcoming year, then you will find virtual reality and gaming attractions are all the latest trends at sea. Thus, all gaming lovers will enjoy cruising that is based on games themes.

11. New Health Screenings

In 2022, travelers will get a bit different cruising experience. They have to maintain safety standards by following the health screening systems of the cruise lines. Passengers also have to bring personal protective equipment such as sanitizers, face-shield, and masks. These are the must-have amenity. Moreover, cruise lines will ensure that they frequently clean and sanitize the public area for travelers' safety.

12. Vaccine Optimism

For the majority of travelers, the Covid-19 vaccine is a positive sign in the travel world. So, they started making uncountable plans for their cruise vacations for this year and beyond. But until the vaccine is widely distributed, arduous testing will remain the crucial part of the travel experience – before and after traveling.

13. Enhanced Cleaning Onboard

Cruise lines ensure that they clean the floors and public areas by enhanced cleaning. They have set a high standard of cleaning protocol in public spaces to disinfect all cruise floor areas. You can expect frequent cleaning and in-depth disinfecting in all the public rooms, with hand-sanitizing stations throughout the ship. Moreover, cruise ships will extend the turnaround times between two trips to ensure deep-cleaning and sanitizing.

14. Small Ship Cruises

With the controversy of cruising and coronavirus, you can opt for small ship cruising. While multiple mega-ships are set to sit empty offshore, rivers or small ships are powering to sail and set a busy schedule for '22. This year is not for everyone, but some intrepid travelers ready to accept the new rules and traveling restrictions can opt for small ship cruising. Moreover, small ships are less crowded, so you can protect yourself from COVID-19 by following the onboard safety precautions.

15. Shorter Sailings

For the first few months, cruise lines will limit their cruise itinerary because CDC has declared that there should be no trip that is more than seven days. So, cruise lines who own their private island will sail there first. It is thinking of every cruise line that once everything gets normal, they will gradually start the longer trips one by one. But till then, shorter sailings are their first preference.

16. Onboard Experiences

In 2022, cruisers will look forward to more onboard entertainment as cruises have added more onboard activities. They have involved trivia nights, cooking classes, wine-tasting, rope courses, and many more. Sometimes they also arrange conferences and seminars for their guests. They will ensure that their guests remain entertained throughout the journey by maintaining proper distance and safety.

17. Enhanced Features

Many cruise ships will start following the new enhanced features and protocols in the upcoming year as the cruising industry prepares for a comeback with touchless embarkation and staggered arrivals, touchless payments, health questionnaires, health and safety drill protocols, and real-time visibility into the venue. Moreover, they have also canceled the self-service buffet system.

18. No More Self-Service Buffets

This year to accommodate safety and distance, several onboard dining options will be modified. Like the local restaurants, tables will be kept in more space and more takeaway. Though buffets give more food options than table sitting, the cruise crew will serve the guests. So, there will be no more self-service buffets on board while sailing.

19. Solo Cruising

Solo cruising has always been popular but was quite costly for singles. Many solo travelers are looking for traveling but within budget. They want to get out of their comfort zone by meeting new people when traveling and exploring new places. However, they have to pay for two to book a stateroom. So, some cruise lines started offering discounts and sales to them. Moreover, some of them created a stateroom for one. Cruises accommodate it to the solo cruisers without any extra single supplements.

20. Cold-Weather Cruising

For many people, cold-weather cruising is the hottest trend. The demand for cruising to cold weather has increased, and it will be on top in 2022. The idea of traveling to a place that is out of the norms makes a unique adventure. The more appealing part is the helicopter and submarine trend. It is perfect, like cherry and the ice-cream. Many cruise lines are ready to take you to the coldest place globally but are you prepared to visit those places. If yes, read these exciting things that you can do on the arctic cruise.

21. Eco-Friendly Cruise Travel

In 2022, a big focal point of the cruising industry will be making the cruising experience more environmentally sustainable by placing more importance on responsible tourism. Eco-friendly cruising encourages travelers to see the world consciously and mindfully. Some cruise lines are already leading the way, such as Royal Caribbean, Aqua Expeditions, and Hurtigruten.

22. Travel Advisors

Travel advisors are a must with so many restrictions and such varied reopening around the country and the world. They will help you to navigate the complicated landscapes of traveling during the pandemic. A good travel advisor will help you plan your itinerary with a cruise line following health and safety guidelines during this pandemic.


Hopefully, COVID-19 and norovirus will be eliminated, either on cruises or around the globe. But the important thing is how lines prepare for and react to onboard cases in the future. Right from deep-cleaning to enhanced medical facilities and improved ventilation will become the new norm.