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How much money should I bring on a cruise?

It is important to plan a proper budget for a cruise vacation; continue reading to learn about important factors that can influence the amount of money you should bring while on a cruise ship.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Spending precious time with family and friends on lovely cruises can really be a great holiday experience.. Cruises are a great way of spending the best time in the middle of the ocean while traveling to various different locations. Going on a cruise can be very exciting but before going it is important to plan your trip properly. The most crucial thing to plan is the budget of the vacation, you need to choose the right package that is suitable and apart from that carrying extra money for other expenses is also important. 

Although the cruise ticket or package you selected may include everything important such as accommodations, amenities, upgrades, and so on. However, carrying money is necessary for extra amenities, such as if you leave the cruise at any port and explore.

The amount of money you should bring with you on a cruise will depend on a number of crucial factors that you should keep in mind.

1. Shore Excursions & Activities

While traveling on a cruise there are few stoppages at ports where often people like to explore the place and enjoy various other activities. When visiting the ports, there may be several sightseeing and historical sites to visit, where it requires a guide who can help in exploring the place in a better way. Aside from that, there are local markets where you would definitely like to shop or eat at restaurants and that will require extra money.

2. Tipping

There will be several places on the ship where guests might tip the staff such as spa, laundry, waiter, bartender and more. The tipping or gratuities are automatically included in the onboard account of any guest, the amount is a fixed percentage of the money that is charged. However, when using various services on the ship, guests frequently like to tip the crew members. Although there is no set rule regarding tips and how much should be given is entirely up to the guests.

3. Beverages

Most of the cruises do not include beverages in the fare of tour packages, so guests have to pay extra for beverages like beer, tea, coffee, soft drinks and more. Cruises also offer beverage packages that include a variety of drinks, with the cost added to the onboard account of the guest. Purchasing a beverage package is far more convenient and cost-effective than purchasing each beverage separately.

4. Spa Services

Going for spa treatments, massages, and salon services on a cruise ship can be the best way to unwind after a long day of trip. Spa services are typically available on cruise ships for an extra charge that must be paid while on the ship. The tour packages offered by cruise ships typically do not include spa services.

5. Entertainment Activities

While on a journey there are several entertainment activities that are available for the guests which are not included in the tour packages. To enjoy the fun activities such as water sports, arcade gaming, water slides and more, guests have to pay an additional amount. Several cruise ships host comedy shows and music concerts for which guests have to pay an additional charge.

6. Casino

Casinos can be a fantastic way to have fun and win a good amount of money. Most of the cruise ships have an onboard casino for the entertainment of the guests. While in the casino there are several table games and slot machines where guests can bet their money and even win a significant amount. It is very crucial to use the money wisely while in the casino.

7. Fitness Classes

The cruise ship package includes access to the fitness center or gym, where guests can exercise whenever they want. Guests on the cruise ship can enroll in fitness classes led by a gym trainer and a yoga instructor. For these fitness classes usually extra charges are applied.


The amount of money you bring on a cruise ship should be determined by the number of people you are going with, your travel plans and the various activities you plan to do on the cruise. The money you carry should be enough for the entire trip, and it is much better to carry more money than you estimated just to be on the safe side. The majority of cruise ships use a cashless payment system, making travel more convenient. Also by researching in advance, it will be helpful in avoiding extra expenses.

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