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What are the rules for kids on cruise ships?

It is important to adhere to several rules and regulations when cruising with a kid. Discover these rules to ensure a stress-free trip by reading on.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Cruises are considered to be popular among families as they offer new experiences for almost every age group. It is also an exciting way to spend some quality time with them. Cruise lines offer a range of amenities to families traveling with kids, from larger staterooms to special meals. These include exclusive play areas for kids, adventurous activities, and clubs. While cruise lines provide every possible facility, parents must set certain rules for their kids. By abiding by rules and regulations on board, you can avoid any possible mishap that can take place during your voyage. 

What are the rules for kids on cruise ships?

Following are some of the rules you need to adhere to while traveling with your kid on a cruise

1. Maintain active communication:

While traveling on a cruise, there must be active communication between parents and children. You can regularly check your kids via walkie-talkies or cabin-door whiteboards. Since cell phone networks are scarce on a cruise ship, check if your cruise line has a suitable WIFI connection. You can also take the help of messenger apps available on most luxury cruise lines, including Carnival, Disney, and Royal Caribbean, among others.  Kids need to know their parent’s locations occasionally if they are away at a party or attending an onboard event. 

2. Encourage the ‘buddy system':

While on a cruise, parents must encourage their kids to practice the ‘buddy system’. This means kids must travel in groups along with siblings or friends. It ensures kids' safety while not with their parents, as they’ll constantly be in the company of their peers. Parents must instruct their younger children not to roam alone, as cruise ships have multiple venues and corridors. 

3. Adhere to the age policies:

Several cruise lines impose a minimum age policy for alcohol consumption and spa services, casinos, bars, and nightclubs. These age restrictions can vary according to the cruise lines. To experience a hassle-free trip, both parents and children must follow these age policies.  Encourage your kids to join onboard clubs and activities. Cruise lines like Disney, Carnival, and Costa Cruises offer designated areas for kids to play, eat, and participate in various activities. 

4. Advice your kids to avoid strangers:

This safety rule is extremely crucial when your kid is on their own. Instruct them to avoid accepting food and drinks from strangers on the cruise. Kids must not leave their drinks unattended as it can endanger their safety and health. While on a cruise trip, kids tend to socialize and make new friends. Parents must advise their kids to avoid venturing to other cabins or inviting others to yours. 

5. Keep younger children off railings:

Younger children tend to indulge in activities that can compromise their safety. Children may climb on railings, race across slippery pool decks, or lean out of windows. Parents must restrict their toddlers or teens to wander too close to the ship’s railings. They must encourage their children to keep a check on their safety. Kids must avoid reckless behaviors that may later lead to physical injuries and even life-threatening situations. 

6. Keep a check on your kid’s food consumption:

Savoring new cuisines is a major highlight for every family taking a cruise. Most luxury cruise lines offer a range of dining venues that serve several gourmet dishes. With so many options onboard, keeping track of your child’s eating habits can be tough. During meals, navigate the menu options with your kids. Most cruises have a buffet system where you can find a range of preparations. Encourage your kid to reserve half of their plate for salads and the rest with protein and whole grains. In case your kid suffers from allergies or has dietary restrictions, inform the cruise line in advance. 

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Final Words:

Cruising with your family may involve planning and decision-making. If you’re cruising with a younger kid, ensuring their safety becomes a priority. As a result, parents must create certain rules for their kids. To ensure the comfort of every guest, parents must ensure that their kids follow these rules. You must choose the right ship and itinerary for your family. Consider cruise packages and itineraries that are children-friendly and packed with programs, activities, and designated areas.  

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