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What Souvenirs Can I Buy During the Cruise?

Want to buy souvenirs from your cruise trip? Read further to find the best souvenirs you can bring back home.

By Cruise Booking Team

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A cruise vacation is the ultimate chance for travelers to experience unmatched luxury and comfort. It allows one to explore diverse cuisines, a range of activities, and shore excursions. Cruise vacations are a great way to spend time with friends and families. To cherish these memories, cruises allow you to collect souvenirs during your voyage. While loyalty gifts, onboard game show prizes, and cruise cards are great possessions, souvenirs can also be bought during a cruise vacation. They can be great presents for your loved ones back home. Souvenirs can also be a way to record your anecdotes of the amazing time spent on the cruise.  

Which souvenirs can I purchase during my cruise trip?

Listed below are some of the best souvenirs you can buy during a cruise vacation: 

1. Onboard boutique items:

Every mainstream cruise ship houses several duty-free boutiques that offer high-end clothes and accessories. You can buy luxury watches, jewelry, and perfumes from these boutiques. You can also purchase exclusive cruise line souvenirs from these shops. These include t-shirts, mugs, keychains, and ship replicas. 

2. Premium brand liquor:

Liquors are great souvenirs that you can purchase on a cruise. Most of the cruise lines offer a premium collection of alcohol, starting from rum and beer to vintage liquors. You can purchase alcohol at much more affordable prices while onboard. You can also look for local options at the places you visit during the shore excursions. However, several cruise lines have certain policies for bringing alcohol on board. Check out these policies before purchasing alcohol from local ports. 

3. Paintings and artifacts:

Onboard art auctions and exhibitions are a major part of luxury cruises. The events are a great place for art enthusiasts to bring home exclusive art pieces on sale. These involve drawings, paintings, crafts, and sculptures. Disney Cruise Line’s onboard art gallery allows cruisers to purchase several artworks, which include affordable posters, lithographs, and animation cells. 

4. Professional cruise photographs:

Photographs are lovely souvenirs that you can bring home from an eventful cruise holiday. Most cruise lines hire professional photographers who capture high-end pictures of the onboard guests. You can preserve your cruise moments by getting perfect clicks around the ship, during onboard events, and in exotic shore destinations. You can also purchase a photo package before your trip. 

5. Pop-up sales:

Cruise ships often host pop-up sales, including merchandise and boutique items from onboard shops. You can purchase these products as souvenirs, which are available at budget-friendly prices. Pop-up sales take place frequently on different venues of a cruise ship. You can find the respective schedules of these events on the daily planner delivered to your cabin each night. 

6. Local souvenirs:

Souvenirs purchased while on your shore visits possess their charm and authenticity. Playing cards, postcards, magnets, and trinkets are souvenirs on different ports. You can find them customized according to the place you visit. Local souvenirs also include soaps, perfumes, and exquisite native handicrafts. You can also purchase gourmet items and signature food, a great way to learn about a region’s culinary culture. 

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Souvenirs from a cruise vacation pose as a reminder of the amazing time you spent on a cruise. Duty-free items, premium brand liquor, art pieces, and photographs are some of the souvenirs that a cruise ship offers. Before booking a cruise line, check for the onboard venues where you can find quality souvenirs. Apart from onboard souvenirs, local items from shore excursions can also be great mementos. Before planning to buy a local souvenir, be sure to research the availability of the souvenirs along with signature items available at these places. You can also take advice from the onboard crew members on shopping for souvenirs from local ports. 

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