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Cruise Fare
Cruise Fare

What's included in your cruise fare?

Get insights into what's included in your cruise fare. From dining and entertainment to onboard amenities, find out what's covered.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Traveling by cruise ship is an exciting and thrilling way to see the world, and several well-known cruise lines provide excellent value. However, "all-inclusive" can mislead newcomers, as not everything is covered in your cruise fare. Even though some luxury and expedition cruise companies package additional facilities together, knowing what is and is omitted is essential before choosing the best value for your trip.

What exactly does a cruise fare include?

1. Cruise Fare Basics

Most well-known cruise lines offer pleasant cabins with various features and sizes, from small inner rooms to large suites. Regular inclusions include non-alcoholic beverages, including coffee, tea, and lemonade, and meals from the pool grill, buffet, and main dining room. Free entertainment options include Broadway-style performances, live music, and outdoor movies.

2. Specialty Dining and Room Service

Mainstream cruise lines offer complimentary dining in certain outlets, but speciality restaurants usually come with an additional charge. Although these elite dining establishments may provide a wide range of culinary experiences, it's essential to be conscious of the costs. Additionally, while room service was complimentary on most cruise ships, certain well-known lines now charge a fee, so it's crucial to pick a cruise company accommodating room service regulations.

3. Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Frequently, non-speciality coffee, tea, lemonade, and unbottled water are included in the cruise fare. Alcoholic beverages, however, must be purchased separately and are not included. Some cruise lines charge an additional fee for alcoholic beverage packages, which makes them more affordable for frequent drinkers.

4. Complimentary Entertainment

Entertainment options on cruise ships range from live music and trivia games to theatre performances and comedy acts. Watching movies under the stars has become a popular amenity on many cruise lines. Additionally, art auctions, cooking demonstrations, lectures, and craft classes are often offered without any extra charge.

5. Gym, Pool, and Kids Club

Most cruise lines offer free use of their onboard fitness facilities, swimming pools, and children's activities. This ensures that travellers can stay active, unwind, and occupy their kids while travelling. Children's programs during the day are often free, but some lines may charge for babysitters who visit your cabin after hours or for after-hours babysitting.

6. Extra Amenities with Luxury Lines

Luxury cruise lines elevate all-inclusive offers by including butler service, larger living space, stocked minibars, and upscale bathing amenities. Speciality restaurant meals, round-the-clock room service, and some alcoholic drinks are frequently included in the rate. For a more exclusive and engaging experience, luxury cruise lines may also provide gratuities, free shore excursions, lectures on board, and free Wi-Fi.

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Understanding what's included in your cruise fare is vital to ensure a satisfying and stress-free vacation. Most cruise lines provide cosy rooms, free meals, and entertainment, but extra fees for special dining and room service may exist. Luxury cruise lines, on the other hand, elevate all-inclusive by adding more extras like premium drinks, shore excursions, and gratuities.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cruise Fare

The buffet, pool grill, and main dining room are often included in the cruise cost. Passengers can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, while the buffet offers a variety of options available throughout the day.

Most cruise lines offer complimentary non-alcoholic beverages like coffee, tea, iced tea, lemonade, and tap water. These drinks are often provided at the buffet and the main dining locations' self-service drink dispensers. Alcoholic beverages, however, must be purchased individually at the onboard bars and lounges and are omitted.

Broadway-style theatrical productions, live music performances, comedy shows, outdoor movies, and entertaining events like quizzes and art auctions are all available to passengers. Additionally, several cruise lines hold activities and themed parties that are free to attend. However, premium activities like gambling in a casino and some onboard classes could have an additional cost.
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