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How Much Are Gratuities on MSC Ships?

Take a look at how gratuities are charged on MSC ships so you are aware of what you are paying during your cruise and how to manage your expenses.

By Cruise Booking Team

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MSC Cruises are provided by a European family-owned company and are known for their high-class and regal-themed cruises. They’re based in Switzerland specifically and have made a reputable image for themselves in the industry by providing exceptional services and prioritizing their customers’ needs over all else.

MSC Cruises are probably the best option when looking for cruises to spend your well-deserved vacation on. One thing that should always be kept in mind, though, is the gratuities. To explain it in much simpler terms, gratuities are tips that you provide to the cabin crew and any staff you interact with for their helpful services, whatever they may be. Some cruise lines charge and pre-add gratuity to your overall bills, while some simply provide you with the option to do so when the time comes to pay the bills. Gratuities can be taken as a way for you to express your appreciation for the crew members and all the services that they have provided you during your journey, and they’re also a great way to boost morale for them and motivate them to provide an even better service next time.

MSC Cruise Service Charges: Know Before You Go

Taking MSC into account, let us explore and understand the concept of gratuities and the gratuity rates aboard the MSC cruise.

The Gratuities on MSC Cruise

Gratuities are a form of a tip that is meant to be collected together and then distributed in equal amounts amongst all crew members onboard. The rates for these can vary depending on a lot of factors, and they can also be different depending on the cruise line.

MSC is extremely transparent in its overall billing process and adds the gratuity amounts directly to the bill under ‘hotel service charge.’ The charges vary following your itinerary list, what services you are provided with, and how long your stay is on the cruise.

MSC has also provided full details on its website as well to provide its customers with better clarity. This information can be very helpful when you are budget planning for your cruise trip. One piece of information to remember is that if you book your cruise from the UK, the gratuity is already added to the overall cruise fare. If you book your cruise from Europe, these rates are usually added to promotional costs. Lastly, if you book a cruise from the USA, these rates can vary for each cruise and fall between 6 to 16 euros per person/night.

The rates change depending on when the cruise was booked. We are providing a generalized rate list below for your convenience:

Ways to Pay Gratuity aboard the MSC

As mentioned before, if you book a cruise from the UK, the gratuity is naturally added to the bill, and this is oftentimes non-removable (though you can always consult with the representatives of MSC), while booking from Europe entails that these rates are usually included within promotional charges on your bills. These are mainly removable, and you can simply go to the receptionist area on the cruise and consult them on how you can get them removed or changed.

Another option through which you can pay gratuity is through the pre-pay option. There are discounts available through MSC Cruise deals, offering significant savings for your voyage.

Another option to pay a gratuity is to add the amount directly to the bill at the end of your trip. You can opt to add your desired gratuity amount when it is time to finalize your bill. This way, you can have more control over how to pay the gratuity amount and how much.

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All in all, gratuities can be a great way to show your appreciation to the cabin crew and can also prove to be a way to provide rightful compensation to the crew. These rates differ from cruise to cruise based on the region, age of passengers, itinerary, package, and number of days that you plan to travel on the cruise. If you are planning on booking your next cruise soon, use as your booking partner for reasonable packages and a simple and easy booking process!

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