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Why Is MSC Bellissima the Perfect Choice for Family Cruise?

Make memories that last! MSC Bellissima offers the perfect family cruise experience. Discover spacious accommodations, world-class entertainment & exciting activities for all ages.

By Cruise Booking Team

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MSC Cruises is one of the top-ranking names in the cruising industry, and rightfully so. MSC has established itself as a family-friendly cruise line offering engaging and fun cruise trips. They've also been launching cruise liners frequently, with MSC Bellissima being a more recent addition to their fleet. Bellissima is one of their best ships, offering loads of fun-filled activities around the clock that are perfect for people traveling with their families. This article provides you with more information about this cruise, as well as why MSC's Bellissima is a great choice if you're looking for family cruise trips.

MSC Bellissima - The Perfect Family Cruise Choice

Bellissima is one of MSC's best and most renowned cruise ships and is a part of their Meraviglia Class. There are a lot of reasons why this cruise is a great vacation option for families. Provided below, you'll find a curated list of all of the unique features of the Bellissima that make it one of the best ships on MSC's fleet of family cruise vessels:

1. Ship Occupancy, Layout, and Size:

The ship has enough space for around 4488 to 5686 passengers at double occupancy onboard, with around 1536 crew members. The ship's length is about 1037 feet, and its width is 141 feet wide. Its height is 213 feet. The gross tonnage for MSC Bellissima is 171,598 tonnes. The ship features 18 decks, 11 of which have around 2244 cabins for passengers onboard. It also operates at a speed of 23.15 knots.

2. Bellissima Children's Club:

This is one of the main features of why MSC's cruise ships are known as some of the best family-friendly options for travelers around the world. There are a total of five separate clubs available on board for children who are segregated based on age group, so there is something available for everyone to enjoy. MSC has also managed to partner up with well-renowned toy brands such as  Lego, Duplo, and Chicco. This is to ensure that all children on board have a great time and are only provided with the highest quality facilities. The children's clubs are as follows:

3. Itineraries:

Currently, you'll find that Bellissima takes tours across the Asian continent, making it one of the best Asia cruises in circulation right now. It sails from Tokyo, Shanghai, and Okinawa and consists of ports like Yokohama, Keelung, Kagoshima, Busan, Osaka, Miyako Island, Ishigaki, and Naha.

4. Dress Code Onboard the MSC Bellissima:

The dress code on board the Bellissima can be divided into two categories: daytime and evening wear. During the day, passengers can opt for casual dressing options such as shorts and loose shirts when inside and beachwear with cover-ups when relaxing on the poolside. Evening time follows a similar dress code of mostly casual wear; however, there are formal dining nights where passengers may be asked to wear tuxedos and elegant dresses.

5. Entertainment Options:

You'll be able to find a lot of entertainment options on board the MSC Bellissima that'll keep you occupied throughout your journey at sea. There's a sportsplex area on board where you can find a full virtual games arcade. Other than that, there are various other interesting gaming options on board for you, such as F1 racing simulators, an XD theatre, and a bowling alley.

Another factor that makes the Bellissima and sets it apart from its competitors is the two Cirque du Soleil shows available onboard for adults. Namely called Syma and Varélla, these shows have been made specifically for the MSC cruise line. They're meant to take the passengers through a journey of love, marine adventures, and acrobatic exploits. The shows have their carousel lounge, which was specifically designed to entertain guests.

In addition to all of this, you'll also be able to enjoy theater shows that are played regularly every night in the London theater. One of the latest additions to the ship is the virtual reality maze, which lets you immerse yourself in your favorite games through the use of a headset.

Another feature on board that makes it one of the best family cruise options is the Grand Canyon Aqua Park. Deck 19 features three slides, including a massive champagne bowl and two racing tubes. For younger children, there are safe aqua play areas with mini slides. There's also another ride called the Himalayan Bridge, where adults and children may securely tie themselves to the ropes assault course and cross the ship 80 meters over the ocean!

6. Dining Options Onboard:

Onboard MSC Bellissima, there are 12 eating locations and 20 bars serving 20 different sorts of champagne, and the kids are completely cared for. Dinner is provided in any of the three primary restaurants, and you will be assigned a table. The main dining area is also available for lunch and breakfast, providing a more relaxed getaway. You may also dine at the Marketplace buffet, which offers a wide variety of options.

There are also featured and dedicated kids' areas of the buffet, where the chefs onboard prepare catering options specifically for children of all ages. A team of professional nutritionists helps create a proper kids' menu in the main restaurant area, keeping allergies and other dietary requirements in mind. The ship even offers a special menu meant for kids aged 6 to 12 months.

There are also a couple of specialty restaurants onboard specifically for adults. If you're willing to spend a little extra on the food or purchase a dinner package, you'll be able to find a diverse range of cuisine options aboard the Bellissima. Some of the specialty restaurants are as follows:

7. MSC Yacht Club:

This is a unique private refuge onboard that can only be accessed via keycard. Discover elegance with luxurious rooms that include a 24/7 butler service. Enjoy selected dishes in an exclusive restaurant and relax on the isolated pool deck. A trip that goes above and beyond will provide you with an upgraded experience. With a separate restaurant facility, the MSC Yacht Club offers upscale cuisine for exclusive passengers. You can enjoy great meals with five-star service, as well as a global range of drinks and wines. 

8. Cabin Options:

There are sufficient cabins on board for passengers. These cabin rooms are segregated into three different types: balcony, interior, and ocean view. All rooms are equipped with comfortable beds, comfortable seating options, bathroom, and wifi access. You'll also be able to find exclusive suite options onboard this luxury cruise, such as premium suite options that are only available for members of the MSC Yacht Club.

9. MSC 'For Me' App

This is a new addition to all MSC ships that make facilities easily accessible for all passengers. MSC, for me, allows every passenger to experience each moment in their unique manner. This digital technology helps connect all the visitors, the staff, and the ship. Guests can enjoy a smoother, more connected, and more relaxed holiday at no additional cost.

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MSC Bellissima is a great vacation option for families. The ship offers many entertainment options suitable for children and adults. It may seem a little overwhelming at first, but there are facilities on board called 'MSC For Me' that help keep everyone connected digitally to make travel easier. If you wish to get your hands on the best cruising deals, try out!

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