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Top Things to do on MSC Opera

Planning a trip on MSC Opera? Don’t miss these 5 things on-board.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Named after the typical Italian art form, the MSC Opera is a form of art on its own. The refined style and atmosphere of this cruise ship enable you to enjoy the sheer beauty of those destinations that are otherwise beyond reach to larger vessels.

But that’s not all! The cruise ship is loaded with astounding spaces that incline numerous fun and exciting activities for people of all age groups. So, don’t miss out on the following things to do on the MSC Opera.

5 Things to Do on an MSC Opera Cruise

1. Enjoy family activities

If you are on a cruise trip with your family; you can consider participating in the family game show. This is a competition designed for the entire family, including games, selfies, and music challenges. Besides this, you can also participate in the family disco and enjoy some special dancing time with your kids.

2. Unleash your sporty side

Do you play sports? If yes, then you got no reason to get bored on your MSC Opera cruise trip. Among the other things to do on the MSC Opera, you can enter various sports tournaments held on the ship itself. For instance, if you play soccer, sign up for the soccer tournament and show off your skills. The cruise also hosts other sports tournaments, including tennis, basketball, table soccer, and ping pong.

3. Show off your cooking skills

If you are fond of cooking, show off your talent on the MSC Opera cruise and make your dream come true. Just participate in the challenge and get a chance to become MasterChef at Sea. All junior guests and adults can participate in the quiz, and upon winning, they get to participate in the exciting cooking competition. If you win, you can seek involvement in two lucky draws per year that come with exclusive prizes. So, challenge your inner chef with this amazing sea experience.

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4. Have some fun time at the bar and casino

Two of the many fun activities on the MSC Opera that you can experience are by visiting the casino and bar. The ship houses a complete gaming casino filled with poker, roulettes, slot machines, and blackjack. Interestingly, the casino remains open till late at midnight and conducts several tournaments at regular intervals. Coming on to the high spirits, the MSC Opera features a total of eight bars. Each of these spaces takes inspiration from different themes. The bars on this cruise are extremely selective in their wines and food, satisfying the sophisticated demand of passengers. The most famous bars you shouldn’t miss include The Cotton Club Bar and the Caruso Lounge.

5. Enjoy a great spa day

The luxury-filled MSC Aurea Spa is a perfect exotic paradise with amazing sea views. It is a tranquility haven, where a team of trained beauty therapists and masseuses will pamper you. You can choose from an extensive range of facilities and treatments, including 19 different types of body treatments, 20 types of body massages, aromatherapy, and 19 types of facials, manicures, and pedicures. In short, a dedicated spa amid the sea could be the best thing to do on the MSC Opera.

Parting Thoughts

While en route to the most beautiful destinations in the world, the MSC Opera offers numerous fun activities for its passengers. So, the next time you plan a trip on this super sophisticated sea ride, do not miss out on these top things to do on the MSC Opera For more information and for all your travel booking needs, head over to

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