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Top Things to Do on the MSC Fantasia

Check out this article to learn about the ultimate things to do on the MSC Fantasia and plan an itinerary full of activities.

By Cruise Booking Team

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MSC Fantasia is a cruise of choice for travelers who like to enjoy their vacation in style. With its eco-friendly modern design and luxury in a Mediterranean atmosphere, this Fantasia class cruise ship's modern aesthetics makes it extremely special.

Moreover, it has 18 decks, each offering an exclusive feature with a well laid-out design. Various facilities, such as elegant lounges, bars, spas, and clubs, will ensure that you stay engaged and entertained. So, read on to learn about the things to do onboard MSC Fantasia and plan your cruise.

5 Ultimate Things to Do on the MSC Fantasia

Here is a list of activities that you can do on the MSC Fantasia to have a great time:

1. Savor World Class Steak at the Butcher's Cut

Get a taste of the American-style delicacies made with beef. The delicious taste of the Angus beef here will definitely make your taste buds sing. The Great Plains region highly influences the menu at this place. As a steakhouse, here you will get the perfect cut by the master chefs and the new world wine as the perfect accompaniment. Whether planning a special dinner or family lunch, it is an ideal place to spend some quality time.

2. Relax at the MSC Aurea Spa

It is one of the famous attractions of MSC Cruises. So, book your appointment while scheduling your trip if you want to get into the holiday mood with a refreshed feeling. Aromatic therapy surrounded by a peaceful vibe may be the greatest feeling you will get from this trip. The traditional Balinese massage is their specialized service. Far from the hectic schedule, spending some time in a scented, relaxed atmosphere will get you in the holiday mood with some much-needed self-care. When you are making a list of 'MSC Fantasia things to do', make sure you schedule a spa visit for a relaxed and fulfilling experience.

3. 4D Cinema to Offer You Wholesome Entertainment

Whether it's a family trip, a solo trip, or a romantic getaway, the 4D movies from the MSC cruises are a perfect match for each vacation. It's one of the best onboarding activities that you can enjoy with your family.

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4. Aqua Park Pool Complex to Keep You Busy

This is one of the best things to do onboard MSC Fantasia, especially when you want to indulge in fun activities with your loved ones. On board MSC Fantasia, the water slides are one of the major attractions. If you want to relax in the pool, you can also do so or you can indulge in a friendly water volleyball match with other guests and loved ones.

5. Enjoy the Ethnic Corner

This special corner of the buffet services on MSC cruises may win your heart. In this corner, you will get to taste some of the delicious Asian flavors through some authentic Asian cuisine. The sight, aroma and taste of these mouth-watering Asian Delicacies will transport you straight to food heaven.

Parting Thoughts

The list of things to do on the MSC Fantasia will definitely make your cruising experience a memorable one. Visit and book your cruise vacation, to enjoy these fun activities as soon as possible.

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