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Amazing Things to do in Virginia Beach

Are you looking for amazing things to do in Virginia Beach? This article narrows down the top 5 things to do in Virginia Beach (Norfolk), VA.

By Cruise Booking Team

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With a golden coastline of 35 miles, Chesapeake Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean in Virginia Beach. Along with fantastic beaches, Virginia Beach offers many attractions like museums, aquariums, sports, cuisines, and fest experiences for visitors. This southeastern city of Virginia attracts tourists with the vibrant coastal life that it offers.

Whether you want to bask in the sunny beaches or engage in thrilling sports, Virginia Beach will make your vacation memorable in the best way. While there are innumerable activities to cover, here we have presented the 5 best things to do in Virginia Beach.

5 Amazing Things to do in Virginia Beach

Planning a trip to Virginia Beach? Do not miss these top 5 things to do in Virginia Beach:

1. Visit Sandbridge Beach

Sandbridge Beach, located close to the Virginia Beach broadway, gives a charming view of the coastline with five miles of golden dunes.

Sandbridge Beach is just the perfect spot for you. Take a break from the city buzz to this secret seaside hideaway. Inhale the fresh sea breeze, bask in the sun while the waves kiss your feet. With no entry fee, this secluded beach is a nature's treat.

Enjoy a wholesome picnic, long walk, water sports, and anything under the sun.

2. Visit the wilderness of Virginia

Virginia Zoo is a must-visit. This zoo has many exotic inhabitants like pancake tortoises and bearded dragons. Virginia Zoo is also home to giraffes, lions, and cheetahs all year round.

The zoo is an attraction for tourists of all ages, providing a memorable learning experience for kids. They will not forget the lion's roar or gibbons jumping from tree to tree during their memorable visit to the Virginia Zoo.

3. Climb the Cape Henry Lighthouse

The Cape Henry Lighthouse is a remarkable site that stands high on the Chesapeake Bay. It was built in 1792 and authorized as the first US-funded lighthouse by George Washington. The Cape Henry Lighthouse played a pivotal role in trade between Virginia and Maryland, guiding vessels through the raging ocean.

This National Historic Landmark offers interesting stories for the history buffs and scenic beauty for visitors. Tourists can visit the museum or climb the lighthouse for a splendid oceanic view.

4.  Enjoy the spirit of cruising

Cruises are an amazing experience that you will not want to miss when in Virginia Beach. Sail off to the Atlantic on a luxurious cruise ship for an unforgettable experience. You can enjoy a starlit romantic ride or a cruise party with your squad. Choose a themed cruise and enjoy a unique blend of cuisines, cocktails, and parties on the beautiful ocean.

Capture the sparkling ocean and feel the breeze brush your face while you sail off. There are many websites available, like, for convenient cruise booking.

So, if you are planning a movie-like date or a singles' night out, going on a cruise is one of the amazing things to do in Virginia Beach (Norfolk), VA.

5. Venture to False Cape State Park

Want to go on hiking? False Cape State Park is another amazing spot to add to your bucket list.

The False Cape State Park is quite remote due to the lack of roads from the main city. Secluded and pure, this place is one of the remaining wilderness on the shores of the Atlantic.

Home to marshes, virgin beaches, and woodlands, False Cape State Park is where early Native Americans first settled. You can opt for a hike, kayaking in the marshes, and biking.

If you are in False Cape State Park, stop by Wash woods, a ghost town of historic significance.

Apart from the above memorable things to do in Virginia Beach (Norfolk), VA, you can also check these activities out:

The final word

Explore the popular city of Virginia Beach and make new memories. Let the adventurer in you take over as your voyage begins. Enjoy a tranquil holiday surrounded by nature or a thrilling experience with numerous sports and parties here. Consider checking the above list of top 5 things to do in Virginia Beach (Norfolk), VA, for a wonderful holiday while planning.

And as mentioned above, if you are interested in cruising, you must check out

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