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How many pools are in the Grand Princess?

Discover the aquatic oasis of Grand Princess, with multiple pools for relaxation and enjoyment.

By Cruise Booking Team

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It would be fascinating for travelers to have an opportunity to relax and unwind by the pool. Guests may find the perfect area to take a dip or soak up the sun, with five pools that are located around the ship, each offering a unique ambiance and experience. Know what cruise the cruise provides and learn about the amenities before booking your dream cruise. Below are the details of five pools provided by Grand Princess Cruise so you can delve into the tranquil environment aboard.

There are Five Pools at the Grand Princess:

1. Neptune's Reef & Pool

Neptune's Reef & Pool is located in the ship's center. This primary open-air pool on Deck 14 allows you to enjoy Movies Under the Stars. Consider sitting by the pool and watching your favorite movie on a large screen. It is an unforgettable cinematic experience. You can also have a refreshing drink at the poolside bar or scrumptious bites at Prego and the Trident Grill to make the most of your time there. Coffee & Cones, which serves coffee and ice cream, is a must-visit if you have a sweet tooth.

2. Lotus Spa Pool

For those seeking a more quiet and spa-like experience, the Lotus Spa pool on Deck 15 onward is a hidden gem. It is offered to guests who book spa services and offers a tranquil haven away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This pool area features two alluring hot tubs and gorgeous, tiered oak chairs for maximum enjoyment. It is a less crowded option than Neptune's and Calypso's, and it's excellent for relaxing in a quiet environment while savoring the ocean views.

3. Terrace Pool

The Terrace Pool sits on Deck 12 aft, at the bottom of a terraced area that includes Al Fresco's Bar and the entrance to The One5 nightclub. While there are no hot tubs, the views of the ship's wake make up for it. The tiered wooden seating area is excellent for sunbathing and resting, offering a peaceful escape from the more popular pools on the top floors.

4. Splash Pool

The Splash Pool is located on Deck 16. This small, shallow-wading pool is ideal for families with young children. It's a hidden gem amid windbreaks near The Sanctuary, the ship's most exclusive section. The contrast between this modest pool and the abundant Sanctuary nearby may appear strange, but it provides a more pleasant option for families traveling with children.

5. Calypso Reef & Pool

Calypso Reef & Pool is on the same deck as Neptune's and provides a more enclosed and intimate setting. This pool area is encircled by two attractive hot tubs and is coated in white and blue mosaic tiles, giving it a typical, old-fashioned beauty. There is plenty of room to relax with additional sunbathing space on Deck 15. Calypso is also close to the Horizon Court buffet, making it a perfect choice for a quick dip before or after a meal.

Oasis Hot Tubs and Oasis Bar

The Oasis Hot Tubs, a pair of rarely used whirlpools, and the Oasis Bar can be found on Deck 16, near the back of the ship. While no Oasis Pool is nearby, these hot tubs can offer a more serene and pleasant environment without the luxury of other pool locations. It's a spot to escape the crowds and relax in peace.

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The Grand Princess offers a variety of pool experiences for all passengers. There is plenty of space to enjoy the water, whether you choose the thrill of Neptune's Reef & Pool, the intimate ambiance of Calypso Reef & Pool, the serenity of the Lotus Spa pool, the stunning views at the Terrace Pool, or the family-friendly setting of the Splash Pool. For a more private relaxation experience, visit the Oasis Hot Tubs and Oasis Bar. For more details, visit and book your dream cruise now!

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