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River Cruises

What are the best river cruise destinations?

Are you planning to go on your first-ever river cruise? Here are some of the best river cruise destinations that you should consider.

By Cruise Booking Team

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When we think of traveling on a cruise first thing that comes into our mind is the lovely blue ocean, but cruising is not limited to it. People also enjoy taking river cruises, which allow them to see a variety of fascinating locations and enjoy magnificent landscapes. Cruises that travel on rivers are smaller compared to those traveling on the ocean, but the experience they offer never fails to impress their travelers. River cruises are perfect for both families and couples looking to enjoy a nice vacation traveling from one fascinating location to another.

What are the best river cruise destinations?

If you are interested in taking a cruise vacation, here is a list of amazing river cruise destinations across the world that you should know about.

1 - Luxor, Egypt

Luxor is among the most fascinating places to visit in Egypt, which can be visited on a Nile river cruise. It was the most prominent religious site for generations of pharaohs, including Ramses II and Tutankhamun. This is a historic place which is like an open-air museum with giant ancient tombs and temples with vibrant and beautiful wall paintings. Temples complexes present in the city are up to 3400 years old. Among several monuments, the Temple of Karnak is considered the most astonishing which was built by different rulers of Egypt. Apart from visiting monuments, a hot air balloon ride is the best thing to do where you get a birds eye view of temples and tomb sites.

2 - Venice, Italy

Considered among the most beautiful cities on the planet, Venice is a great place to travel on a river cruise which will make your vacation unforgettable. While traveling on a cruise, you will come across several beautiful bridges, buildings, and structures. The palaces and cathedrals represent the rich past of what was once a prosperous commercial center. The distinctiveness of Venice and its canals have also placed it on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites. Among various exciting things to do, you can ride around the renowned Grand Canal on a gondola, watch the opera and enjoy a sky-high view of the city from the bell tower.

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3 - Kerala, India

Taking a river cruise in Kerala can be a great way to experience the beauty and charm of India’s beautiful backwaters. There are various destinations in Kerala where you may go on a cruise, but the trip from Alappuzha to Kochi will give you an experience of a lifetime. This cruise travels through stunning Vembanad Lake to Kuttanad, which is the rice bowl of Kerala and ends in Bolghatty island. While traveling on these beautiful backwaters, you will get an opportunity to experience the life of locals. Travelers can choose from a variety of cruise boats to explore this region, including the famous kettuvallams.

4 - Basel, Switzerland

Basel is one of the oldest and most historic cities in Europe to explore while traveling on a river cruise. Travelers must take a Rhine river cruise to reach this iconic city, which is home to ancient buildings such as the 800-year-old Münster cathedral, which is located on the bustling Marktplatz. Basel has the highest number of museums in all of Switzerland and is also known as the cultural capital of the country. The city looks more lovely in the spring because of the abundance of cherry trees that bloom brilliantly during this season. There are several cycling trails, so consider going on a bike ride to explore the countryside.


Going on a river cruise can make your trip worthwhile because it provides everything from a tranquil environment to thrill and excitement. River cruises have a lot to offer, whether you wish to go with your partner or family members or want to travel solo. If you are planning a river cruise vacation, you should consider visiting the destinations mentioned above.

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