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How much does a river cruise cost per person?

Do you want to know how much a river cruise will cost? Find out the cost of a river cruise per person.

By Cruise Booking Team

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A river cruise is considered one of the popular ways of spending vacation, however, prices tend to be higher than ocean cruises, though the prices can vary from one region to another around the world. The pricing can also vary depending on the fact whether you are booking a luxury cruise or a standard river cruise. Facilities included in a river cruise are less compared to that of large ocean cruises and itineraries that are offered are concentrated in one region. The emphasis of trips is almost entirely on shore excursions rather than onboard entertainment. The price of a river cruise ticket per person can fluctuate according to demand.

How much does a river cruise cost per person?

The cost of a river cruise per person in various places across the world is shown below.

1 - European River Cruises

Ticket prices for standard river cruises start at $250 per person, per night and can go up to $1500 per person, per night for luxury cruises. Ticket prices can vary depending on demand, itinerary, and time of year you cruise. Europe is the most popular place to travel on a river cruise with various cruise lines competing with each other, which increases the chances of grabbing a good deal. Rhine and Danube river cruises are the most affordable ones while cruises traveling in France are the most expensive. If you are looking for cheap ones, then itineraries in March are the best, and rates are considerably reduced during the Christmas season in November and December.

2 - USA River Cruises

Ticket prices of river cruises in the USA are generally similar to those in Europe, but often they are more expensive. Prices start around $300 to $400, and they generally cover shore excursions, pre-cruise hotel accommodations, airport transfers, all meals, and soft drinks. Queen Voyages' fares include complimentary wine and beer with dinner, all shore excursions, soda, and a one-night stay in a luxurious hotel in the city of embarkation. Some cruise lines offer pre and post-cruise hotel packages as well as plane tickets at an additional cost. Mississippi, Columbia, eastern US, and Snake River cruises are the most popular in the USA.

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3 - Amazon River Cruises 

Amazon river cruises are considered the most expensive ones if the cost of transportation is included. The average ticket price per person, per night, starts from $500 and can go well over $1000. There are a variety of longer and shorter duration itineraries available, such as Seabourne and Oceania river cruises, which generally offer a two-week long journey. In addition, they generally provide Amazon-region exploration through shore excursions from Oceanside ports. These cruises run all year, and the costs are fairly consistent. If you are looking for the best offers and deals, then consider taking a cruise at the time of the new year.

4 - Asia River Cruises

There are several rivers across Asia to go on a cruise, among which Yangtze and Mekong are considered the best ones. River cruises across the continent are considered the most affordable, where the standard price can be $300 per person per night and can go up to $400 during peak travel times. River cruises in China and Southeast Asia sometimes involve a land element that is longer than the cruise itself. Mekong river cruises offer some of the best luxurious options with brands like Sofitel and Shangri-La. If we talk about river cruises in India, then Kerala is considered the best region due to its natural beauty. 

Tips for Booking a River Cruise

  • If you book your cruise during wave season, which is the first few months of the calendar year, cruise lines may offer good discounts, such as 2-for-1 deals on rooms and flights.
  • Enquire about smaller-sized rooms towards the front and back of the ship for lower cabin prices, especially because you won't be spending much time in them.
  • Consider hotels before and after the voyage, as many cruise lines include them in the departure cost.


River cruises have something for every kind of traveler, but every traveler needs to do proper research before booking one. There is a wide range of standard and luxury options available for families, couples, and solo travelers. The ticket price of a river cruise can be expensive and cheap depending on other things that are included in it.

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