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Does Royal Caribbean Have Adults Only Cruises?

Find out about the best cruises tailored to adults, ensuring a perfect balance of serenity and adventure.

By Cruise Booking Team

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While Royal Caribbean is renowned for its family-friendly cruises, it doesn't mean adults can't indulge in a kid-free experience. Although Royal Caribbean doesn't offer exclusive adults-only cruises, the cruise line features various spaces tailored for adult’s enjoyment. Let's navigate through the ships, discovering adult-only havens and unveiling the best Royal Caribbean cruises for those seeking a more fun-filled cruise experience.

Best Royal Caribbean Cruises for Adults

Royal Caribbean and the Cruises that It Offers

Royal Caribbean doesn't organize cruises exclusively for adults, as families and other age groups are always welcome. However, the cruise line provides dedicated adult-only spaces, ensuring a serene retreat amid the lively, family-friendly atmosphere. While you won't find a ship entirely free of children, there are areas where the grown-ups can unwind and enjoy their cruise getaway.

Adult-Only Sections on Royal Caribbean Cruises

The Best Royal Caribbean Cruises for Young Adults

For younger adults seeking a vibrant atmosphere and thrilling activities, the Quantum-class ships are the top picks. Ovation of the Seas, Anthem of the Seas, and Quantum of the Seas lead the pack, offering technological innovations, adrenaline-pumping adventures, and adult-only options.

The Best Royal Caribbean Cruises for Couples

Couples looking for an intimate and entertaining cruise experience should consider the Quantum Ultra Class ships. Odyssey of the Seas and Spectrum of the Seas, featuring lively venues like the Lime & Coconut Bar and Playmakers Sports Bar, provide an abundance of onboard activities.

The Best Overall Royal Caribbean Cruises for Adults

The latest addition to the fleet, the Icon-class ships, promises an unparalleled experience for adults. Icon of the Seas, the debut ship of this class, boasts a gross tonnage of 250,800 and a maximum guest capacity of 7,600.

Icon of the Seas features the Chill Island area with four pools, including the adults-only Cloud 17 pool and the Swim & Tonic swim-up bar. Another adult-exclusive option, The Hideaway, offers a suspended infinity pool and a multi-level sun terrace, providing ample spaces for relaxation.

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While Royal Caribbean embraces all ages on its sailings, there are indeed opportunities for guests seeking an adult-centric experience. Whether you're taking a break from parenting duties or enjoying a romantic getaway, there are designated spots and venues where the ambiance is dedicated to a mature population.

The newer ship classes cater more to younger adults and adventure-seekers, while the smaller classes offer port-intensive itineraries with a more relaxed atmosphere. Royal Caribbean ensures that there's something for everyone, ensuring a memorable cruise experience tailored to your preferences.  For the ultimate cruise tailored to your preferences, embark on your journey today – visit and book your Royal Caribbean cruise now. Set sail for a voyage of a lifetime!

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