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What deck is the best in Voyager of the Seas?

Take a voyage across the Voyager of the Sea’s deck to explore an opulent and thrilling world in this article.

By Cruise Booking Team

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For those looking for something more, Royal Caribbean Internationals flagship ship, Voyager of the Seas, provides an incredible high-seas voyage. With a variety of onboard amenities and opulent accommodations, Voyager of the Seas strives to satisfy a wide range of customers. Of all its attributes, the decks are one that are very attractive to experts and beginners alike. It might be difficult to choose the perfect deck because there are so many options available, even though each one offers a distinctive combination of features, atmosphere, and services. In this in-depth examination, we examine the Voyager of the Seas decks and assess their features to identify the best deck for an unparalleled cruise.

Voyager of the Seas Deck by deck analysis:

Deck 2

The Foundation of Comfort. The Voyager of the Sea’s lowest deck, Deck 2, lays the groundwork for comfort and convenience. Mostly made up of guestrooms, this deck provides a peaceful retreat for tourists wishing to unwind after a day of sightseeing. Deck 2 is a serene sanctuary ideal for individuals who cherish seclusion and leisure, even though it lacks some of the lavish facilities of Deck 1.

Deck 3

The hub of entertainment. Deck 3 is without a doubt the hub of entertainment on board Voyager of the Seas. From thrilling entertainment at the Schooner Bar to Broadway-style shows at the Main Theater, this deck is buzzing with activity. There are plenty of dining options on Deck 3, with something to satisfy every palate. Deck 3's vibrant atmosphere and array of amenities entice passengers seeking a thrilling onboard experience.

Deck 4

The Epicurean Haven. Deck 4 is devoted to dining on the Voyager of the Seas, providing an even more luxurious experience for gourmet dining. With its diverse selection of dining options, which include both casual cafes and elegant dining rooms, this deck will appeal to sophisticated diners. Whether you're savoring fine dining at Chops Grille or discovering new international flavors at Windjammer Marketplace, Deck 4 provides a unique culinary experience.

Deck 5

The Oasis of Relaxation. Deck 5 feels like a peaceful oasis within the bustling environment of Voyager of the Seas. With the serene Vitality Spa and Fitness Center on this deck, travelers seeking all-encompassing relaxation have options for rejuvenation and wellness. Furthermore, the Solarium, an adult-only sanctuary with expansive views and bubbling pools on Deck 5, is the perfect place to unwind in style. Deck 5, with its focus on well-being and calm, welcomes guests looking for peace and leisure.

Deck 6

The Family-Friendly Haven. Deck 6 on Voyager of the Seas is a vibrant, family-friendly area that welcomes passengers of all ages. With features like the Adventure Ocean Youth Program and the Royal Promenade brimming with shops and entertainment options, this deck promises an amazing experience for guests of all ages. Adventure Beach and the Sports Court are two more features on Deck 6, offering plenty of opportunities for enjoyable family activities. With so many family-friendly amenities, Deck 6 turns into a haven for families traveling together.

Deck 7

The Serene Escape. On Voyager of the Seas, Deck 7 offers a magnificent sanctuary for affluent passengers, representing the height of elegance and tranquility. This deck, with its sumptuous suites and elegant salons, exudes a sense of refined luxury and personalized attention. Deck 7 is also home to the Diamond as well as Concierge Club, which provide loyal Royal Caribbean guests with exclusive perks and bonuses. Luxurious cabins and stylish lounges are only two of the ways Deck 7 provides discerning guests with an unparalleled cruise experience.


Every level of Voyager of the Sea's intricate decks offers a wide range of experiences to satisfy a wide range of interests and passions. Although every deck has a distinct charm of its own, Deck 7 offers the most ideal cruise experience. Deck 7 surpasses expectations by providing an unmatched level of luxury and sophistication with its unique combination of refined elegance, exclusive benefits, and personalized attention. Whether you're looking for lavish accommodations or a tranquil haven, the greatest deck on the Voyager of the Seas, number 7, is likely to take cruise travel to new heights.

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