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Where Will Star of the Seas Sail to?

Experience the wonders of the Star of the Seas as it sails to captivating destinations, and find out the exciting places this magnificent ship will take you. Start your voyage of a lifetime now!

By Cruise Booking Team

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Royal Caribbean is known to provide only the best, most premium features to its passengers, and its fleet consists of some of the largest operating ships in the industry. Known to cater to family settings most of the time, Royal Caribbean provides a large variety of amenities and activities onboard all of its ships. These activities and amenities feature water parks, thrilling attractions, live performances, pools and hot tubs, lounges, etc. There are also children-centric areas to guarantee maximum enjoyment for everyone.

Star of the Seas is a ship that will soon start operating under the Royal Caribbean fleet. Royal Caribbean is already known to offer only the best, but deciding whether this cruise ship is for you or not depends on certain factors. This article provides you with better insight into this ship and helps you understand more about its offerings and amenities, as well as where exactly Star of the Seas will take you on your vacation trips.

About Star Of The Seas

Star of the Seas cruise ship is the sister ship of Icon of the Seas and is the second ship introduced within the new Icon class. Before exploring its itineraries, let's better understand its features and amenities.

One special feature of Star of the Seas that makes it stand out is the fact that it is the third ship part of the Royal Caribbean fleet that will be run on completely liquefied natural gases. This ship also runs at a capacity of 250,800 gross tons and provides enough space for approximately 5,610 passengers to travel at one time at double occupancy. If the ship is filled up to full capacity, then the passenger count increases to 7,600, and by adding cabin and staff members onboard, the total number of people aboard this ship at one point in time can reach 10,000!

Some new features set this ship apart from others in the industry. One such example is the ‘Surfside’ section. This whole section has been specifically made to cater to young families. It includes restaurants, pools, and bars for adults as well as children, ensuring that various age groups can find a place to enjoy themselves. The gaming area Star of the Seas features an arcade section, a beach-themed carousel at sea, and even a Playscape area.

To give you better insight on the pricing, the cabins available on this ship are said to be at the cost of around $2398 per passenger for inside cabins, or $5,081.58 total (adding all external costs.), while balcony cabins start at the price of $3298 per passenger, or $6,881.58 total. Representatives from Royal Caribbean International have mentioned oftentimes since the news came out that this ship is meant to provide a whole new family vacation experience for people. It has also been stated that Star of the Seas will provide a proper solution to the high customer demand with regards to the cabin bookings in the Icon of the Seas ship.

Where Star of the Seas Will Take You

Star of the Seas is yet to start cruising but will be in full operation by next year. As it has already been announced, this cruise ship will take off and start its journey from Port Canaveral, Florida. Royal Caribbean International has announced that this ship is going to be offering special 7-day cruising trips to passengers from all around the world and will be putting a major focus on traveling to the Eastern and Western Caribbean regions. Travelers aboard this ship will be able to visit three major port destinations, namely  Perfect Day at CocoCay (Royal Caribbean’s private island), St. Thomas, and St. Kitts.

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Start of the Seas is bound to make a major entry within the cruising industry and is set to be released sometime next year. This ship features a lot of special amenities so that passengers can enjoy their time on these vacations to the fullest. So far, as per information released by Royal Caribbean International, this ship is bound to provide 7-day vacation trips to passengers, and these trips have been curated to focus on traveling and exploring the Eastern and Western Caribbean regions specifically. All in all, if you're looking forward to booking a vacation trip aboard the Star of the Seas, then you are definitely in for the ride of your life. To ensure that your booking process is completely hassle-free and that you get your hands only on the best cruise deals available in the industry, choose!

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