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Top 5 Things to do on Silver Moon

Explore the cruise hospitality with this list of things to do on Silver Moon for eventful days and create memories.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Silver Moon has established a new era for the Silversea Company. It is one of the leading ships of the brand that offers an immersive onboard experience, which is the trademark of Silversea.

Among all its outstanding features like spacious interiors, world-class food, and a host of onboard activities, one that has picked up the most traction is the S.A.L.T initiative. The Sea and Land Taste Program allows guests to explore the destinations depending on their gastronomical delights.

To help you plan better, we have a list of things to do on Silver Moon Ship that you can refer to.

List of top things to do onboard Silver Moon

Here is a list of activities that you must explore during your stay onboard Silver Moon:

1. Enjoy the best culinary experience

The atmosphere of the ship is upscale. You would get tea, snacks, and other delicious dishes during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are multiple restaurants around the ship. There are great restaurants like LaDame. Thus, you could easily choose a restaurant. Besides, there are restaurants aboard the ship, and these are Silver Note, The Grill, La Terrazza, and Spaccanapoli.

2. Pay a visit to the SALT Lab

SALT Lab provides one of the best and most fun activities on Silver Moon Cruise Ship. This service offers its passengers several interesting sessions a day. Here, you could see chefs, SALT hosts, and other guest trainers who guide their passengers through meals. You could join them in the kitchen, learn to chop some julienne and stir along with your instructor.

3. Try your luck at the casino

Going to a casino is one of the top things to do on Silver Moon. This casino would welcome you with a very pleasant and calm atmosphere. The hours of the casino are usually limited. Silver Moon Casino is a joint entertainment and wellness facility on board.

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4. Make the most of bars

You will be impressed with the taste of local beers at the bar. You will get this facility at all the bars onboard. If you are a music lover, then you can enjoy the live music session, which is one of the best fun activities on Silver Moon.

Additionally, you can relax at panorama lounge and Venetian lounge, for pre-dinner drinks with your friends and meet new people while spending your time ashore.

5. Continue your fitness goals

If you are health conscious and go to the gym regularly, then this place would be suitable for you. On this ship, the fitness center is located on Deck 6.

Furthermore, in this fitness center, there are several gym instruments like cardio machines, benches, weight machines, among others. Moreover, the ship will also provide you with a thermal suite with padded lounge chairs, especially for sitting near the thalassotherapy pool.

Key takeaways

Besides the ones listed, you will find other interesting things to do on Silver Moon. You would also get personalized services. Now to experience all these, head over to and book your tickets today.

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