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Top Reasons to Cruise Fiji

Are you considering a cruise to Fiji? If yes, read this guide on 5 reasons to cruise Fiji.

By Cruise Booking Team

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If you are seeking fun, adventure, and relaxation, then a trip to Fiji is all you need. Fiji houses around 300 islands and is swamped with many activities to keep visitors engaged. It’s more than a perfect vacation spot. It is known for its rich culture and authentic flavors. From Fijian delicacies to breathtaking views to natural fauna and flora, your time here will be amazing.

If you are wondering about visiting Fiji, here we list the top 5 reasons to cruise Fiji.

Top 5 Reasons to Cruise Fiji

Fiji is a family-friendly and secure site, which is why it is one of the pinpointed destinations for family holidays. The place has tribal culture, that's why it offers a unique experience to its visitors. Here we are the ultimate reasons to cruise Fiji.

1. Monuriki

The first place to visit in Fiji is Monuriki, also known as the coral capital. It is the best place for those who love to explore the coral reefs and dig deep into marine life. You will be speechless when you notice the blue ocean, family of colorful fish, and rainbows of soft and hard corals. To fully appreciate all this, one needs to dive into the sea, and the beauty beyond words will be in front of your eyes. This is one of the reasons why Fiji is worth cruising.

2. Sigatoka River Safari

The second ultimate reason to cruise Fiji is the Sigatoka River Safari, which is best for one who wants to explore the interiors of Fiji. One needs to catch the boat from the coastal town of Sigatoka, and during the journey, the guide and captain will fill you in about the Fijian culture and history. By the end of the trip, you will have more knowledge about the Fijian rich culture. This ride is worth trying if you want to get away from the crowd and enjoy the picturesque view.

3. Fijian Cuisine

Visiting Fiji and not trying Fijian Cuisine will be a lifetime regret. It is a must to try out the authentic Fijian flavors made from fresh and local ingredients. Root vegetables and fish are an important part of the Fijian cuisine. The famous traditional Fijian dishes worth trying are Kokoda, Lovo, rourou, mahi-mahi grilled fish, Cassava chips, and more. All these dishes are prepared using natural ingredients and are readily available in various restaurants in Fiji. If you love eating fish, don't miss out on Fijian Cuisine.

4. Suva

Another thing you must add in your list is visiting Suva to witness the fire walking festival. It is a festival for those who chase thrills. This unusual festival is widely popular among Fijians. It takes place in Mariamma Temple. This festival usually happens in July and August.

5. Beaches

Lastly, one of the 5 reasons to cruise Fiji is to explore the beaches. If you are visiting Fiji and not exploring beaches, your trip would seem incomplete. The place is well known for its island, and this is the place that houses the world's most pristine and alluring beaches. No matter what kind of person you are, want to take a stroll with your loved one, or get a sun tan, the beaches in Fiji won't disappoint you. The famous islands in Fiji are Liku Beach, Yasawa Island Beach, Castaway Island, and much more.

Plan Your Fiji Cruise Trip Now

Fiji is one of the beautiful places to visit, and a cruise to Fiji doubles up the fun. The destination is beautiful, but a cruise makes the journey extra special. The cruise lines have plenty of activities to keep guests onboard engaged.

So if you are planning to cruise to Fiji, explore for a hassle-free booking experience.

Header Image by Tawatchai07 at Freepik

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