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Cruises from Bilbao

Bilbao, Spain Cruises

Bilbao, Spain Cruises

This small Industrial Port city is located between the Nervion River and Bilbao in Spain. Dig into Bilbao's ancient history by visiting the city's oldest building in old town. Take some time and explore the local restaurants and bars, shops, and museums and feel the city's charming elements. Don't miss out on the local cuisine.  The city's most famous dish is bacalao al pil-pil in garlic sauce.  Other ways to spend your day include walking on the riverside walkway of the river Nervion, visiting the local museums, and Monte Artxanda for the city's terrific view.  Bilbao has a hilly topography so pack your good walking shoes.

Bilbao Highlights

A coastal city on Spain's northern border, Bilbao lies on the eastern shore of the Bay of Biscay. You can reach France's southern border through the beautiful Bay of Biscay in just a few hours. Spain's Basque Country comes to life on cruises to Bilbao. When you visit Bilbao, you will have the opportunity to experience the Basque culture and its unique vibes, which makes this part of Spain so unique.

1. Explore art and be amazed

Bilbao has many attractions, but the Guggenheim Museum is one of the most popular ones. The design combines limestone, glass, and titanium materials to reinvent the once-dilapidated industrial city. It's considered a masterpiece of urban architecture. Explore the 19 galleries that line the soaring atrium inside the riverside building. The museum displays sculptures, paintings, and photographs by famous artists, including Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, and Roy Lichtenstein. In the city center, medieval works at Museo de BellasArtes are located past the elliptical Torre Iberdrola skyscraper.

2. The City's History in Casco Viejo

The Casco Viejo neighborhood in Bilbao is a great place to begin a visit to the city and learn about its culture. Explore the charming cafes and shops that occupy its lofty, multi-story buildings' lower floors as you stroll along narrow streets. Get to know Santiago (St. James) through its landmarks, including the primarily Gothic Cathedral of Santiago (St. James), the neoclassical Plaza Nueva, and the Neo-Baroque Teatro Arriaga.

3. Bilbao's Nature

You will be enchanted by Bilbao's rolling green hills, panoramic coastline, lush plazas, and architecture. The city's sweeping vistas can be enjoyed from Mount Artxanda by cable car. You can view Bilbao from the riverside walkways at Parque de Dona Casilda de Iturrizar, where you can walk next to ponds and fountains.

4. Basque Culture

You can learn more about the Basque Country's history at the EuskalMuseoa and Arkeologi Museoa. Visit Boulevard, the historic center of Bilbao, or stroll down medieval streets in Casco Viejo, the historical center.

5. Local Shopping and Handicrafts

There are hidden gems in between the bustling urban areas and historic streets in Bilbao, where visitors can do their shopping. Find txapelas (berets), handkerchiefs (kerchiefs), and boots (wineskin flasks) in the old town. For more contemporary products, visit the Abando district north of the city.

Interesting Spots to Visit in Bilbao

Visit museums and exhibitions in Bilbao and admire the architecture along the River Nervión. Find out what makes Bilbao one of Spain's most modern cities. In northern Spain, Bilbao has a waterfront location surrounded by mountains. This city has a lot to see and do, from art to architecture to delicious food, including the one listed below.

1. Go sightseeing in Getxo

The seaside town of Getxo is located about 12 miles from Bilbao. There are ample attractions to fill an afternoon beyond the cruise port and yacht harbor. Be sure to visit the striking Vizcaya Bridge, the quaint Neo-Gothic Santa Ana chapel, and Biscay's most luxurious mansions. The Baroque Andra Mari church and Algorta's castle are among the monuments not to be missed in this region.

2. Old Town Bilbao

There's no better way to experience Bilbao's Old Town than to stroll through the historic quarter. Since some cobblestoned streets run perpendicular to the river, the neighborhood's cobblestoned streets are called the Seven Streets. Approximately 700 years ago, Bilbao's Old Town was settled. The river was a significant part of the city's success, which served as a transportation route and fueled the fishing industry.

3. Biscay Coast

A beautiful part of the Biscay Coast is Bilbao, located in the Basque region of Spain. The town of Bermeo has a long maritime heritage dating back to 1236, which you can learn about when you visit. There are many old Basque architectural style fishermen's houses in this town. Take in the panoramic views from Mundaka Viewpoint in Urdaibai. Check out the world-renowned Biscay Coast for surfers catching waves at the beach. On the Bay of Biscay, you can also visit Cantabria, known for its Gothic church and Middle Ages castle that date back to the Gothic period and is located on the Biscay coast.

4. San Sebastián

In port, head for San Sebastián, a luxurious resort town frequented by Spanish aristocracy and once frequented by Queen Regent Maria Christina. A film festival is held there every fall, which draws celebrities. The city's most popular attractions are Buen Pastor Cathedral, the Town Hall, and Miramar Palace. There are also many restaurants and shops in San Sebastián's Old Town, which can't be missed when walking along the streets.

5. Basque Wine Region

A wine tasting at some of the Basque Province's beautiful wineries is a great way to experience its excellent vintages. To enjoy aperitif wines in this region, we strongly suggest you try the Txakoli or Chacoli. These white wines are dry, sparkling, with high acidity, and very popular as aperitifs.

When to Visit Bilbao?

Even in summer, Bilbao enjoys mild weather. During summer cruises in the Mediterranean, this city is often a port of call due to its proximity to the Bay of Biscay, which keeps it from becoming oppressively hot.

Frequently Asked Questions about to Bilbao

A visit to the city is most enjoyable during the summer season from June to mid-September. In this warm season, the weather remains well-balanced. When the weather transitions from the warmth of the summer to the cooler autumn temperatures, fog tends to occur.

Some most popular place you need to visit in Bilbao are Guggenheim Museum, historic quarter, enjoy Basque-style tapas, Bilbao’s plaza Nueva, Bilbao’s Gran Via, Santiago Cathedral, Church of San Anton, Bizkaia Bridge, The Artxanda Mirador, Mercado de la Ribera, Plaza Moyua, Arriaga Theatre, Begona Basilica, Dona Casilda Park, and Bilbao Estuary.

Its beaches, pintxos - the Basque version of tapas - and Guggenheim museum make Bilbao a popular destination. A short drive down the coast will take you to the culinary world capital of San Sebastián.

Spain's largest port is Bilbao. Bilbao began to industrialize rapidly in the 1870s following the export of iron ore and the development of shipbuilding and iron & steel industries. There is no denying that Bilbao has some of the world's best museums, the best food, the fascinating history and culture, and the friendliest locals.
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