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Cruises from Callao

Callao, Peru Cruises

Callao, Peru Cruises

It is the largest seaport in all of Peru and it is one of the few natural harbors in the country, located in the constitutional province of Lima. The airport and port are located here. In addition to welcoming tourists and locals, Callao has also become a popular tourist destination. There are several beaches bordering the Pacific Ocean at La Punta in the summer, which attracts crowds. In colonial times, Callao served as an important port.

Upon arriving at Callao, goods were shipped overland to Panama, where they could be shipped back to Spain. Goods being shipped back to Spain would arrive via mules to Callao via Panama, then export to Spain overland via Panama. It became an affluent area and a hub for immigrants as a result of all the trade taking place there. This list includes some of the featured activities you can enjoy in Callao:

Interesting Spots to Visit in Callao Cruise Port

Several historical museums in Callao, Peru, are located in South America. Here's a list of the top things to do in Callao that you should not miss!

1. Real Felipe Fortress

A Spanish order for the palace building was placed in 1747, but the work was not completed until 29 years later. Lima's most famous port was protected from pirate attacks by this wall. Ships and galleons leaving there for Spain used to be in great numbers. It would later become an essential part of the Peruvian defense against the Spanish during the Battle of May 2. It is currently home to Peru's Army Museum. It includes a tour of the Governor's House, an exhibition gallery with three rooms, and old tanks and cannons. From this viewpoint, you can see the entire port perfectly and its labyrinths and traps. Independencia Plaza is the fortress's location, and it is open daily for visitors.

2. The Callao Islands

Palomino, Cavinzas, San Lorenzo, and El Frontón are beautiful desert islands located in front of Callao's coast. Callao pier or La Punta offers tours organized by tourism agencies. You will travel through a landscape filled with fauna and history in approximately four hours. There are several islands in the Peruvian sea, but San Lorenzo Island is the largest. It was previously used as a religious center based on archaeological remains. As well to pirates occupying the island in ancient times, the nickname 'Mysterious Island' gives rise to many fantastic tales. Soldiers' remains from Chile's war in the Pacific were also discovered.

Two islets make up the Palomino Islands. Sea lions inhabit the first island. When these curious animals bathe near the rocks, you can enjoy the spectacle they offer. There is also a building known as 'The Hospital.' Pelicans and guanayes live on the Cavinzas Islands. A natural cavern is another attraction. A political prison for characters such as Viceroy Blasco Nunez de Vela, among others, was established on El Frontón Island during colonial times and well into the 20th century. No people are living there today.

3. La Punta

Many national and international tourists visit this place during the summer season, which is one of the city's most attractive and charming spots. The calm waters of the lake make for an ideal swimming spot. There are also many restaurants to choose from at La Punta, along a boardwalk surrounded by old houses facing a sea filled with yachts and boats.

4. Chucuito

In ancient times, the Collas inhabited this site of the village Piti Piti. Immigrants from Italy and Spain settled there later. With its large windows and brightly painted wooden houses, today it is a beautiful Genoese-style district.

On Sundays, this bridge between Callao and La Punta offers a gastronomic fair and an excellent sea view. Sculptures of various characters, including Miguel Grau, who sits comfortably on a bench, decorate the plaza, making it an ideal place for pictures. Callao's history is displayed through old photographs in a museum in front of the plaza.

5. Callao Monumental

It is one of the central neighborhoods of Callao and one of the cultural and artistic hubs of the port. Galleries and art exhibitions, independent artist shops, concerts, and open-air music festivals are part of the cultural manifestations in this neighborhood. This place also offers restaurants and cafes.

Located in Callao Monumental, you can experience the history of Callao through its colors, culture, and activities. In this charming and picturesque place, you can enjoy freedom and harmony and exchange respect and understanding with neighbors and visitors alike.

Frequently Asked Questions about to Callao

The top rated shopping places in Callao are Casa de Los Balcones, Puerto Deportivo Puerto, Bazar Las Americas, San Eugenio, Minka, Mallplaza Bellavista, and Mercado Central del Callao.

There weather is good all year round in Callao but on average, the warmest months are July, Auguest, September, and October making it best time to visit.

The most visited place in Callao is Callao Monumental.

It is a seaside city and region within the Lima metropolitan area located on the Pacific Ocean. There is an international airport in Callao, which is Peru's main seaport. A major port in Peru is Callao. There is only one province in the Callao Region, and it is the Constitutional Province of Callao.

The top activities in Callao are taking boat trip, Callao District Free Tour, Palomino Islands Speedboat Trip, Swimming with Sea Lions, San Lorenzo Island Boat Trip, Lima Archaeology Tour & Dinner, Callao Private Sailing Trip, Santiago de Surco Tour, Real Felipe Fortress Night Tour, Food Tour & Salsa Classes, Callao Art Tour, Graffiti Workshop, and many more.
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