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Cruises from Kanazawa

Kanazawa, Japan Cruises

Kanazawa, Japan Cruises

Look no further than Kanazawa if you are searching for historical Japan. It is now considered one of Japan's best surviving examples of Edo-era architecture. It is a UNESCO City of Crafts and Folk Art. Due to this connection with the Samurais and Geishas of the past, Kanazawa also evokes a feeling of stepping back in time. Embark on a journey back in time, savor tea at an authentic 19th Century teahouse, and feast on one of Japan's oldest markets.

Kanazawa Highlights

There are a variety of districts to explore, including those dedicated to geishas, samurais, and more modern developments. A few highlights are listed below. 

1. Immersive Culture

Kanazawa's culture surrounds you and draws you into it, compared to other cities where culture is segmented or isolated to particular neighborhoods. No matter where you stroll, you will discover wonders: peaceful side streets lined with historical buildings, Omicho Market bustling with seafood and produce, and tranquil gardens with tea rooms. A sense of interconnectedness permeates Kanazawa's life.  

2. Foodie Paradise

The Kanazawa area produces unique vegetables. The Japan Sea is abundant with delicious ingredients. Traditionally cultivated in Kanazawa's tea culture, confectioneries are part of the city's tea culture. Experience Kanazawa's sights and sounds and its endless variety of tastes and ingredients. Kaga cuisine pairs perfectly with  locally produced sake. In Kanazawa, winter is a particularly delicious time to eat out when snow crab is in season. During the cooler months of the year, yellowtail sashimi becomes fatter and nearly melts in your mouth. During the winter, hot dishes, like Kanazawa's oden hot pot, are even more soul-warming.  

3. Shopping

You can buy gold leaf souvenirs in the Higashi Chaya district at the Hakaza shop. Nearby shops sell kimonos and lacquerware, among other craft items. Kanazawa port is 15 minutes away from Apita Town Shopping Center, where you can find Japanese fashion.

Interesting Spots to Visit in Kanazawa

A trip to Kyoto is on almost every visitor's itinerary for learning about Japanese history. The history of Japan's past is not only found in Kyoto. Kanazawa is located just a few hours north of Tokyo, a city with fascinating sites and historical streets. Find out why Kanazawa should be on your to-see list with our guide to 5 things to see and do!

1. Kenroku-en Garden

A Japanese garden with six attributes, Kenroku-en, is gorgeous - a garden that combines what some believe are the six attributes of what makes a perfect garden. It is currently regarded as one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan as it was developed over 200 years, starting from the 1620s. The garden is open all year round, and its appearance changes with the seasons, so you can visit it anytime, even during the winter.

2. Learn about Gold Leaf

In Kanazawa, gold leaf is born, a paper-like material made by pressing gold so thin. Gold lead and gold, in general, are woven into people's daily lives in this area, and it's one of the most cherished handicrafts in the region. Gold leaf's beautiful and precious art can be found everywhere, from furniture to sculptures to even soft serve ice cream. There is a gold leaf craft shop called Gold Leaf Sakadu, where you can browse the gold leaf trinkets and crafts on display. Museums and workshops are also available.  

3. Kanazawa Castle Park

From the Katsurazaka Gate, you can enter Kanazawa Castle Park via a bridge. Despite being a relatively recent reconstruction, the castle is still beautiful and relaxing. There is no charge to enter the grounds. Still, to enter some structures, such as the Gojukken Nagaya Storehouse and the Hishi and Tsuzuki Yagura turrets, there is a fee. 

4. Base Camp for Regional Day Trips

Kanazawa is surrounded by mountains and coastlines filled with charming towns and villages worth exploring. Kanazawa is conveniently located near popular destinations like Shirakawa-go, Takayama, and the Noto Peninsula, as well as popular attractions like the iconic village of Shirakawa-go. As your hub for comfortable accommodations and dining options in the evening, Kanazawa gives you the freedom to explore the region without worry. 

5. A Samurai District

Samurai families used to live in Nagamachi Samurai District in the olden days. Military tactics and battle strategies were taught to samurais, who were attached to specific clans and trained in military tactics. They fought as Japanese warriors using spears, bows and arrows, swords, and spears. Most residences in the district have been converted into restaurants and shops like those in Higashi Chaya Geisha District. It is worth a visit to the Nomura-ke Residence. Various items from past eras are on display in this museum.  

When to Visit Kanazawa?

In Kanazawa, September to mid-November (fall season) and March to May (spring season) are the best times to visit. The temperate climate of this region makes it a good place to visit at any time of year. Heat and humidity are typical during summer, usually from June through August. 


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