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Cruises from Keelung

Keelung, Taiwan Cruises

Keelung, Taiwan Cruises

A seaside city in Taiwan, Keelung has stunning views of the sea from its shores during the rainy season. Thousands of tourists gather from all over Taiwan for The Keelung Ghost Festival, which takes place in November. In addition to being Taiwan's second largest port, it is renowned as a port city. It is used for imports and exports and ferry services domestically and internationally. 

Keelung Highlights

Besides markets and stalls, Taipei is home to enormous shopping malls, streets, and many other attractions. Here are some highlights of Keelung. 

1. Culture and History

A group of Chinese immigrants founded Taipei in the 18th century, which quickly became a global trade center. From 1886 to 1895, Taiwan was a Chinese province. After World War II, Taipei's population boomed and became famous for its livability and size. Taiwanese culture emphasizes food and eating out; you can find food for any budget. It's all about having fun with food in Taipei. Many regional dialects are spoken in Taiwan, but Mandarin Chinese is the official language. Cultural influences in Taipei include Chinese colonization and Japanese influence. If you're on a Taipei cruise, business cards are exchanged with Taiwanese residents. Bringing your name cards is exceptionally polite.

2. The Keelung Street Food

Delicious and cheap food can be found here. A street food menu from Taiwan includes food such as dumplings, noodles, soups, seafood, steamed buns, and incredibly sweet and savory things. Chinese is the only language on many menus and signs, so pick something randomly or stare at someone else's food and say "yiyang." It usually turns out pretty well. Whether it's morning, noon, or night, Keelung is filled with good Taiwan street food (both local and international).

3. The People

There is a lot of friendliness among the people of Keelung. The city isn't a tiny town, even though it's not a major metropolis. Streets and sidewalks are often busy. However, everyone behaves respectfully and courteously. Passing or crossing the street is a common occurrence for many people. You will be thanked for opening the door, and anyone who bumps into you will apologize. They also speak Mandarin, their regional language, to assist you. 

Interesting Spots to Visit in Keelung

Keelung has a lot to offer for visitors looking for things to do. Known for its ancient fortresses and temples, colorful photo spots, and stunning scenery, Keelung is a fantastic city. Keelung is one of Taiwan's largest ports near its northernmost tip. From the 17th century onwards, the town has had an exciting and long history. Spanish, Dutch, and Japanese cultures continue to influence the city.

For the perfect Keelung itinerary, we've put together this guide to the best things to do in Keelung! Let's get started!

1. Zhengbin Fishing Harbor

Among the most popular tourist attractions in Keelung is Zhengbin Fishing Harbor. Photographers and Instagram enthusiasts alike are drawn to Zhengbin Harbor for its colorful shophouses lining a fishing port. In 1934, when the Japanese occupied Taiwan, the port was built and used to be its largest fishing port. It's more of a sleepy fishing port these days, but Zhengbin Fishing Harbor is still a great place to walk around while soaking up the nostalgia. Be sure to check out the boat named "Folk Art," which boasts the distinction of being the first floating art museum. Get to Zhengbin Road if you want a great view of the harbor and shophouses. The harbor front is also accessible via stairways and several lookout decks. 

2. Heping Island

From the mainland, a bridge leads to Heping Island, located off the coast outside Keelung Port. As well as the popular YehliuGeopark further up the coast, the island has a lot of beautiful coastal scenery, such as eroded rocks with unique shapes. Views of Taiwan's northern coast are also available from viewpoints on the island. 

3. Keelung Islet

In the northeast corner of Keelung Island, there is Keelung Islet. This prominent island landmark guides cruise ships leaving and entering Keelung Harbor. Keelung has eight scenic spots, including this island, with a graceful parabolic contour. There are almost no plains on this beautiful volcanic island surrounded by cliffs. On the island, there are mainly walking trails and pavilions for recreational activities. Various indigenous Taiwanese plants will be displayed along the wooden walkways, showing nature's beauty. For example, the entire island will be covered with Formosa lily blossoms in the spring. Furthermore, the island presents a variety of beauty based on the changing climate. Cloudless days display a glimmering look at dusk, but cloudy weather offers a clearer view. 

4. The Lung-Kang Trail

The city government has developed the Lung-Kang Trail in the mountains behind National Taiwan Ocean University as a natural, scenic, trekking, and butterfly-appreciating trail. The length is 2 km. Three entrances to Lung-Kang Trail exist; one beside the Marine University Restaurant and two next to the first male dormitory. Fireflies are most visible in spring and summer. A trail filled with glistening fireflies becomes a poetic and romantic place.

5. Baimiweng Fort

In Keelung, coastal forts and defensive outposts built throughout Taiwan's colonial history result from the city's strategic location at the tip of North Taiwan. First built by the Dutch in the 17th century, Baimiweng Fort was rebuilt into the present-day structure during the Japanese colonial period. Located on a hill near Keelung, the fort offers stunning views of the coastline and Keelung Islands from various points. 

When to Visit Keelung?

Since Keeling receives rain throughout the year, it is also known as the 'Rainy City,' and the best time to visit is between April and August.


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