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Cruises from La Romana

La Romana, Dominican Republic Cruises

La Romana, Dominican Republic Cruises

La Romana is all about white sand beaches and the ocean breeze. It is the perfect port for some tropical adventure. Adrenaline seekers can go ziplining, snorkeling, and take a dune buggy ride. Be witness to several species of monkeys at Monkeyland. Some are so tiny they even wrap around your arm! Those fond of premium cigars must visit the Altos de Chavon Cigar Factory. Visit the idyllic Catalina Island if you have some time on your hands.

Highlights of La Romana

La Romana is the perfect place for a family vacation. The diverse attractions, delicious food, and exhilarating adventures will please every traveler! Here are some reasons why La Romana is a great family destination.

1. History and Culture

This oil town developed its modern history in the early 19th Century. In 1917, however, a sugar plantation was built, and the economy of our small city shifted to sugar production. Living and working in our little paradise brought people from all over the Caribbean. During the 1970s, a 16th-century Mediterranean village, Altos de Chavón, and resorts like Casa de Campo contributed to La Romana's success as a tourist destination. In La Romana, you can visit both of these beautiful cultural attractions!

2. Local Gastronomy

With the addition of a dash of Middle Eastern influence, Dominican cuisine combines Spanish, Tano, and African elements. We season our dishes with flavors from around the world and make them with heart and soul. The Dominican Republic has many cultural and traditional traditions, which are reflected in its food. We make our cuisine unique by incorporating texture, spices, and sauces. There is a meaning to our food; there is a purpose to it. La Romana is a great place to discover the flavors of the Dominican Republic. Whether you're looking for friendly service or a wide variety of options, there's always a local restaurant nearby.

3. Cigar Factory Tour

Tobacco plants are transformed into beautiful handmade cigars in a long process. Vegafina premium handmade cigars are made using wrappers and binders from all over the world. Your guide will show you these wrappers and binders once you enter the factory. Discover why nearly all of the world's premium cigars are made in the Dominican Republic, a country known as "Cigar Country." Here you can watch the process of cigar making from bunching, rolling, and packaging. Tobacco leaves grown in the "vegasfinas," or fine plains, combine perfectly with sunlight, moisture, and soil composition to produce VegaFina. VegaFina Cigars and other world-renowned brands will be available in the cigar megastore at the end of the tour.

Interesting Spots to Visit in La Romana

A variety of tours, beaches, restaurants, watersports, ziplining, golf courses, boating, shopping, golf, and golf courses fill La Romana with activities and places. Here are a few top exciting sites we've listed for your convenience.

1. Altos de Chavon

A famous La Romana attraction, Altos de Chavon, is a 16th-century Mediterranean village in the Dominican countryside. Italian cinematographer and designer Jose Antonio Caro meticulously designed Chavon, but local artisans handcrafted the detailed designs. There are street boutiques where local artists sell their unique creations after learning pottery, weaving, and silk screening. To foster cultural exchange, Altos de Chavon also exhibits work by Dominican artists.

2. Cueva de Las Maravillas

In La Romana of the Dominican Republic, there is a national park called Cueva de Las Maravillas. The nature reserve is also located on Hispaniola, an island in the Caribbean. You will be guided through these caves with lights, providing a glimpse into their rich history. Indigenous tribes once lived on the islands, and their drawings can be found in the caves. The tickets will be considerably lower if you pay in Dominican pesos. Because the paths may be slippery, wear good sneakers. When you tip your tour guide, you will be allowed to take pictures.

3. Minitas Beach

Golf carts can easily access Playa Minitas, which has a beautiful beach. There are also 18 holes of golf and a beach with innovative cocktails and lounge chairs so you can relax after your rounds. La Romana's Casa de Campo is home to the peaceful and relaxing beach of Playa Minitas.

4. Dune Buggy Trip

Dune buggy trips are one of the most adventurous activities you can enjoy in La Romana. The best way to spend 4 hours is with Crazy Wheels. Experience the culture and history, ride the dune buggies, chew on a sugar cane, and meet some excellent instructors. There will be some mud, but you'll have a blast and enjoy the ride. Drive through the Dominican back streets and fields in buggies or quad bikes, which depart from Bahia Principe. If you want to purchase the disc, a guy films the riding experience. The experience of riding both is enhanced if you switch to quads. A bandana is a good accessory, as well as cheap clothes and closed-toe shoes.

5. Saona Island

There is something extraordinary about visiting Saona Island! Its 110 km2 is home to the best underwater formations on the Dominican coast, including coral reefs. Birds and reptiles are abundant, living in the island's interior forests, mangroves, and coastal lagoons, as well as caves dating back to pre-Columbian times, including the famous Cotubanama, named after the Taino Cacique, who fled the, slaughters of Oviedo and was caught and executed there. As well as the "natural pool," you can also see aquatic species that live on the bottom of the sea in this area. Flamingos, starfish, and other marine species can easily be observed in their natural habitat. Also found here are endangered species of turtles, sharks, dolphins, whales, and manatees. Visitors to the island have access to toilets, showers, and lunch tables.

When to Visit La Romana?

Rain showers are more frequent in the Dominican Republic in May, June, August, and September due to its tropical climate. Temperatures is cooler in November through April, while they are hotter in May and October.

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