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Cruise Lines to Arabian Gulf

Arabian Gulf Cruise Lines

In the Arabian Gulf, history and modernity coexist in a magical world. A bustling microcosm of cultures from around the world, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are vibrant microcosms. A trip to Dubai is a must if you enjoy shopping. Besides its well-maintained parks and long, unspoiled beaches, Muscat boasts an ancient stone moat surrounding the entire city. A cruise holiday to India will prove truly unforgettable for the explorer. Enjoy a holiday getaway in the Arabian Gulf with our Arabian Gulf cruise.

Most routes around the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea depart from Abu Dhabi & Dubai. You can choose from various cruise itineraries departing from the southern Mediterranean. A repositioning cruise includes several days at sea when cruise ships are moved to the Middle East for the winter season. The most popular Arabian Gulf cruise destinations are UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, India, and Jordan. Itineraries in the Arabian Gulf are mainly 7-nights long, with overnight stops in Dubai, Muscat, and Abu Dhabi. A cruise to India typically lasts between 12 and 14 nights. Sunshine is a year-round feature of the Arabian Gulf. When the weather is mild in winter, the main cruising season is December through March. When the season ends in March and April, repositioning cruises are usually scheduled.

Best Cruise Lines for Arabian Gulf

Cruise the Suez Canal, embrace the history and culture of Egypt and Jordan, or venture along the coastline to Israel when you discover the countries of the Arabian Gulf. There is plenty to find out on one of 210 cruises exploring the Middle East and Arabian Gulf, whether you want to travel back in time or explore destinations where old meets new. The future and tradition are intertwined. Warm desert sands and turquoise seascapes evoke the oriental fascination of the destination. A rich and long Arab history has left behind many historical palaces and remnants, as well as the world's tallest buildings and the most luxurious hotels today. Here are some of the best cruise lines for Arabian Gulf.

1. Costa Cruise Line

The city has no shortage of magnificent mosques, one of the world's tallest skyscrapers, star hotel chains, and Guinness World Records theme parks. Although it has a rough and difficult environment to live in, the country offers luxury, beauty, shopping, as well as a great sea for diving. Nightfall in Dubai is a spectacular sight, as it is filled with starry skies, peace, and awe-inspiring beauty despite being pitch black.

2. MSC Cruise Line

A destination like this evokes the exotic appeal of cultural landmarks, coral seascapes, and the warmth of desert sands. There was once only desert, but now we find world-class hotels and bold, modern architecture coexisting with historic palaces and remnants of the long and rich Arab history. You can enjoy this luxurious journey with an MSC Cruise. You will be surprised by the daring, futuristic architecture of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Sir Bani Yas island will take you on a dream beach safari or a desert safari to explore the protected bays, mangroves, and desert. A taste of the magical atmospheres of the one thousand and one nights can be found in the Gulf of Oman, Khasab, Muscat, and Dammam in Saudi Arabia.

3. Celebrity Cruise Line

Several of Celebrity Cruises' firsts include the stylish and trendy Crush. This stylish and modern onboard iced-top bar offers an extensive range of martinis. Celebrity are award-winning and innovative, boasting numerous firsts in the industry. With the futuristic Celebrity iLounge, the first Apple Authorised Specialist at sea, the first Hot Glass Show, and the first lawn club, a lush, manicured lawn perfect for picnics and evening concerts. Celebrity cruises are redefining cruising in a new, modern luxury manner thanks to their distinctive style, innovative technologies, and lifestyle focus. A Celebrity cruise is unique in its sleek and spacious ships, impeccable service, extraordinary cuisine, and a diverse range of onboard activities, from tasting, playing, reviving, and learning. The distinctive hallmarks of Celebrity cruises include elegant style, attentive service, extraordinary cuisine, and a wealth of onboard activities.

4. Azamara Cruise Line

Be mesmerized by Arabian Gulf & Middle East. Imagine strolling through ancient souqs inside a shopping mall before hitting the slopes. You can kayak with dolphins and then visit the world's oldest and largest mosques. The United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar are examples of countries where Azamara offers a juxtaposition of old and new. Experiencing Destination Immersion® travel is a great way to understand the Middle East & Arabian Gulf as you've never seen it before.

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In the Arabian Gulf, modern living meets historical traditions in a fascinating fusion. There are many reasons why it is such an appealing destination for travelers, such as its distinct culture, futuristic architecture, sacred mosques, and extravagant lifestyle. This unique part of the world could be discovered through a cruise. Book your cruise to Arabian Gulf today at

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