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Cruises to New Caledonia

About New Caledonia

New Caledonia

Discover all New Caledonia has to offer with cruises to New Caledonia, a spectacular destination with scenic, cultural, and wildlife attractions. It provides a first-class vacation without the huge price tag, whether you're on a short cruise or a longer journey to New Caledonia. New Caledonia cruises offer unbeatable value, providing lodging, dining, and entertainment in one convenient package. On-shore excursions in New Caledonia are also a great way to discover the sights and sounds of the country. Cruises to New Caledonia offer tours of the country's most beautiful regions, including Noumea, Lifou, Mare, and the Isle of Pines.

New Caledonia's Highlights

You'll see some of the most beautiful beaches on earth as you cruise New Caledonia. In addition to touring ecologically important swamps, snorkeling with marine life, and spending time on private islands, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy unique cultural experiences.

An opportunity to experience an eclectic mix of cultures and customs is an exciting part of visiting a French territory so far from France. In New Caledonia, descendants of European and North African prisoners and colonizers live and work together with ex-pats from other French regions, and their influences are evident throughout.

Water is a central part of New Caledonian life. Its UNESCO-protected reef hosts turtles, sharks, and rays. At the same time, its underwater rock pool, Piscine Naturelle, can even be found on the Isle of Pines. You can also snorkel, kitesurf, kayak, fish, and take water taxis between the islands - an experience like no other! 

Thanks to its diverse cultural influences, a range of delicious dishes are available in New Caledonia. Local restaurants serve everything from frogs' legs to snails and chunks of Brie on freshly baked baguettes. You can also find local Melanesian cuisine in New Caledonia, like Bougna, a dish made with chicken, fish, bananas, yams, and coconut milk wrapped in banana leaves and heated inside an earth oven.

Ports to Visit on New Caledonia Cruise

A New Caledonia cruise takes you to three ports of call: Noumea, located on the southwestern tip of Grand Terre; the Isle of Pines, a small, rugged island situated just southeast of Grand Terre; and Mare, a small island located off the coast of Grand Terre. To know more about it, continue reading.

Located on a Loyalty Island near the equator, Mare is the first to see the sunrise every morning. The island is rich with natural beauty and sustainably managed tourism despite being uninhabited by anyone outside. Looks of coral cover the landmass, and freshwater lagoons, grottoes, and sinkholes are hidden all over the island. The seawater punctuated by colorful coral is crystal-clear at Mare's Yejele Beach. You can walk along the beach and wade in its aquamarine waters. A limestone cave with a natural pool leads to Trou de Bone. If you are interested in learning more about the indigenous Kanak culture, visit the Yeiwene Cultural Centre to explore the archaeological ruins on the Hnaenedr wall dating back to 250 AD.

When you take in the glittering blue water and white, powdery beaches of the Isle of Pines, you will be transported back in time. Its spiny trees line its shores, calling the island "The Jewel of the Pacific." The New Calendonia Barrier Reef, formed by nutritious volcanic rock, surrounds this island. Embark on a cruise to Isle of Pines and head to secluded Upi Bay, where you can snorkel and catch a glimpse of the coral reef, clownfish, sea turtles, and other sea creatures up-close. A one-hour hike up N'Ga Peak takes you through the lush rainforest. After summiting the peak, you can see Oro Bay, where you can cool off in crystal-clear waters surrounded by pine trees after relaxing in the natural pool.

With its vibrant city vibe, sunny Noumea is a melting pot of ethnicities and cultures. Some of the most pleasant weather can be found in the capital city of New Caledonia. You can discover the traditional culture of Noumea at the Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Centre - one of the museums, theaters, and art galleries of Noumea. On a clear day, you can see palms, hibiscus, and coconut trees from the roof of the Noumea Cathedral. Take a ferry to the island to swim with sea turtles and see Amedee Island's lighthouse. Relax on the delightful beach of Lemon Tree Bay in Noumea, or try snorkeling in Anse Vata Bay during your Noumea cruise.

Enjoy the scenic contrasts and natural beauty of Lifou Isle from the comfort of your cruise ship. Lifou Isle is one of the South Pacific's most beautiful islands, forming part of New Caledonia's Loyalty Island. It isn't just the crystal clear waters and pristine sands that make this place so spectacular. On a cruise to Lifou Isle, enjoy the incredible local foods, guided tours, and views you won't soon forget. The South Pacific Islands' Lifou Isle cruise has everything a tropical paradise offers, from swimming with friendly fish in the marine reserve to visiting a secret cave.


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