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Aruba is a Caribbean island and is all about sun, sea, and beautiful stretches of powdery sand. It lies 15 miles north of the coast of Venezuela. It is one of the four “constituent countries” that together form a kingdom of the Netherlands. Aruba has two coasts: northeast and southwest. The southwest coast has a turquoise sea, warm water, and white sand beaches. At the same time, the northeast side is exposed to the Atlantic with rougher seas, cacti, a rocky coastline, and a few white-sand beaches. Still, it offers many attractions and things to do for people of all ages. 

Best Things to do in Aruba

It is said that Aruba is for every age group because it has attractions and activities for everyone who visits. But the most popular attraction is the beaches. Apart from beaches, Aruba offers plenty of other attractions and things to do that are well worth exploring during your stay. 

1. Beaches and Coves

There are around 40 beaches in Aruba for you to explore. Each beach is beautiful and unique. Out of 40, the main beach is Palm Beach. The beach has high-rise hotels, white sand, palm trees, and clean blue waters. One of the more famed beaches is Eagle Beach, known as the prettiest beach in the Caribbean. In addition to Baby Beach on the Southeastern tip, Mangel Halto is the unique Spanish Lagoon, and Arashi Beach on the Northwestern tip, the island boasts a variety of other breathtaking beaches. 

Moreover, you can also visit several other beaches and coves in Aruba – Boca Grandi, Grapefield Beach, Fisherman’s Hut, and Bachelors Beach for Wind/Kitesurf; Malmok Beach, and Boca Catalina for snorkeling; Renaissance Island is a private beach; Santo largo beach and Manchebo Beach are quiet/secluded beach; Surfside beach is family friendly; Dos Playa and Andicuri Beach are great body boarding spots; Rodgers Beach is a local spot; Druif Beach is sunset spot, and the hidden gem of Aruba is Blackstone Beach.

2. Attractions and sights

The happiest island in the Caribbean has many things to offer apart from beaches, sun, and white sand. This exotic desert-like island is fully covered with famous sights and attractions – Alto Vista Chapel, Bushiribana Ruins, Churches, Grot di Lourdes, Plaza Daniel Leo, Seroe Colorado, Museums, Antilla, California Lighthouse, Fort Zoutman, and King Willem III Tower, Oranjestad, San Nicolas, and the Old Mill.  

3. Tours and Activities

If lounging on the beach for a whole day is not for you, Aruba has plenty of different options to choose from, and you can make it as low-key or high-energy as you want. There is a wide variety of guided tours and activities available both on land and in the water. For water lovers, scuba diving, snorkeling, and deep-sea fishing tours are great choices. If you are a land lover, biking, cycling, horseback riding, golf, off-road excursions, and bowling activities are there. With many different sights and natural attractions, there are many things to see and do on the island. 

4. Shopping

Aruba has plenty of shopping options, from branded international stores to shopping malls, street shops, little stores selling souvenirs, and local handmade products. For some great deals, explore downtown Oranjestad. This place covers all your shopping lists such as perfumes, apparel, shoes, souvenirs, jewelry, sunglasses, etc. There are even some boutiques in larger hotels and along the seaside. 

5. Arts and Culture

Add some harmony to your vacation and immerse yourself in the district of arts and culture of Aruba. This place has art schools that cultivate creativity, galleries that showcase talent, and museums that explore the region's fascinating heritage. While learning about the culture and art, don’t forget to look at the local cuisine and music. Moreover, you can mark your calendars for three of the hottest annual Aruba music festivals – the Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival, The Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival, and the Aruba Summer Music Festival. All three festivals feature internationals as well as local artists of Aruba. 

Best Time to Visit in Aruba

The average temperature of Aruba is a balmy 82 degrees, which means more sunny days than other Caribbean islands. So the best time to visit depends on the type of vacation you’re looking for! Still, the high seasons are from mid-December until mid-April and the low seasons are from mid-April until mid-December. Between October and January you can expect some rain, but it tends to be very short, leaving plenty of sun moments for the rest of your day. 

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