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Bologna, Italy Cruises

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Bologna has a rich history, and it's renowned for its oldest university in Europe. It's in Emilia-Romagna in Northeastern Italy. People regard it as progressive, well-run, and adventurous. Also, remember that Bologna is on the outskirts of the Tuscan area and lies between the Po River and the Apennine Mountains. The city has one of the most intact historical centers among Italian cities. Many Italians rank it second only to Venice in regards to beauty. It is also known as Bologna la Rossa (Bologna the red) because of its architecture, characterized by terracotta reds, burnt oranges, and warm yellows. One of the most attractive town centers in Europe is Porto, which features thousands of beautiful covered walkways. There is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that includes the porticoes. 

Best Things to do in Bologna

Overall, this little Italian city tucked away in the north is one not to be missed. Bologna is for you if you're a passionate foodie, have traditional vibes, and love knowing about authentic Italian culture. There is so much to do and see in the beautiful city. So remember not to miss these  five things to see and do. 

1. Piazza Maggiore 

In the 13th century, when the development of the square and buildings surrounding it began, the Piazza Maggiore became the center of Bologna's political and social life. Italy's largest and oldest square is housed in this building. A picturesque fountain, Piazza del Nettuno, is also hosted to laughter and conversation mingling with the splashing sound of water. Giambologna constructed this fountain during the 16th century. It is considered one of the finest fountains of its period. Nearly all of the city's major attractions are within walking distance, as are many of the most famous streets, such as Via dell'Indipendenza, a busy shopping street, and Via Galleria with ancient aristocratic aristocrat's mansions.

2. Leaning Towers

Bologna's narrow shape makes its towers look like they are tilting even more alarmingly than Pisa's. Bologna's skyline was dominated by over 100 buildings during the 12th century, the best known of which remain. Their height symbolized status for the noble families that built them, even though they were both watchtowers and places of refuge in case of attack. You can climb the 498 steps in Torre degli Asinelli to view Bologna. The 48-meter Torre Garisenda leans by more than 13 meters.

3. Enjoy Local Cuisine – Bolognese Food

Bologna is one of Italy's most famous culinary cities, which is probably why its popular with tourists. Tagliatelle al Ragu, its most famous dish, is known worldwide as simply tagliatelle Bolognese. The region is known for its cured meats and its Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. The cuisine of Bologna is a delight to experience. Food markets and shops are great places to start. There is an old market in Piazza Maggiore, an area that runs from Via Rizzoli to Castiglione, the Quadrilatero. Since Roman times, this has been a series of narrow streets filled with outdoor stands and little shops selling food, such as fresh pasta, cheese, and fish. You can take classes or have private lessons from Bolognese chefs and home cooks. It's also a good idea to go on a walking food tour led by a local foodie. The tour will likely include visits to food markets and several shops where you can sample Bologna's specialties, such as a bakery, chocolate store, deli, pasta maker, and gelato shop.

4. The Market Streets of Quadrilatero

Located east of Piazza Maggiore, this market street has numerous vendors and isamong one of Bologna's most beloved spots. There is no other way to describe Quadrilatero than as a sensory overload. In addition to its historical significance, the old town is now a hip, commercial hub in the ancient city. You can get freshly made pasta, balsamic, aged cheeses, delectable charcuterie, and wine at a great price. The area is also home to several restaurants, cafes, and bars that are the perfect places for a quick lunch or an afternoon snack.

5. Archiginnasio – the oldest classroom 

Archiginnasio is one of the most important buildings in Bologna and was once the main building of the University of Bologna. But currently, it is a famous Anatomical Theatre. This fascinating building was built in the 16th century on the Piazza Galvani. The Archiginnasio, in its own right, is a masterpiece of historic architecture. Still, the Anatomical Theater is its most important highlight. A small room constructed entirely of wood, this room features paneling and carved statues of famous medical practitioners. The room also features an ornate anatomical table surrounded by seating platforms in the center. Here, university students would have watched dissections and had surgery demonstrations, and learned about human anatomy.

Best Time to Visit in Bologna

Bologna is at its best between May and October, during the warm weather and when it does not rain much. During July and August, temperatures in the city are around 30 degrees, which may be a bit warm for sightseeing. Thus, June or September are the best months to visit Bologna because it's warm and sunny without being oppressive!

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