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Cruises to Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio Cruises

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Ohio offers both southern comfort and Midwestern charm to the visitors and impresses people with the friendliness of the locals. It offers the most scenic views of the Ohio River. Newport and Covington are Kentucky towns that are part of the Cincinnati region. There are riverboats docked along the Kentucky side of Riverboat Row, which is where its name comes from. The Southbank Shuttle, is just $1 per person each way trip between the two sides of the river, offering easy access.

Best Things to do in Cincinnati

Below are just a few top-notch attractions and things to do in Cincinnati. Whether you’re a foodie, history explorer, nature lover, or someone who loves to travel, the list of items is overflowing with activities that will get your adrenaline pumping and heart racing. Apart from the list, there are several other things to do in Cincinnati, such as spending a day at the zoo, going to amusement parks, visiting historical places, and more. 

1. Krohn Conservatory

The Kronner Conservatory is a must-see while in Cincinnati. Goldfish ponds surround bonsai collections and waterfalls, at this botanical garden. Krohn Conservatory has a variety of exotic plants. Cacao trees are grown to make chocolate and vanilla vines for harvesting vanilla, orange, lemon, grapefruit, kumquat, and dwarf bananas. This is where Cincinnati's ingredients are grown, and that's just one of many places where the city's cuisine is produced. You'll also find an abundance of beautiful flowers at the Krohn Conservatory. At any given time, there are 75 orchids on display in the "orchid display," and cacti and succulents are used in the "desert garden." Waterfalls can be found in the Palm House, a 45-foot structure surrounded by ferns and palm trees. Krohn Conservatory is one of the best spots to take photos in Cincinnati. Its beautiful scenery transports you right out of Ohio to an African desert or a tropical rainforest in South America.

2. Carew Tower of Cincinnati

You can see the whole city of Cincinnati as you climb the Carew Tower. Located 570 feet above the city, it offers excellent views of the Ohio River and downtown Cincinnati's gleaming buildings. The observation deck provides opportunities to take photographs, film videos, walk around, or watch the people below with a quarter inserted in the coin-operated binoculars. On its 49 floors, you can find restaurants and gift shops, and a hall called the Hall of Mirrors, which servesas a function space for special events. 

3. Eden Park

One can easily get overwhelmed by the skyscrapers and crowds in this vibrant city. But where can you go to enjoy some of the gentler sights of the city? It’s Eden Park, located on the banks of the Ohio River. It’s a green oasis amid the steel of the city. This  perfect place to kick up your feet in the pavilions, wander the trails, or plan a picnic. The smell of fresh flowers and the sound of babbling brooks will  surround you no matter where you sit. You can visit some nice spots within the park– 172 feet high historic water tower, an outdoor chess area in a magnolia garden, and a mirror lake. Take a moment to escape Cincinnati's grind and let Eden Park be your respite.

4. National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is called a “Museum of Conscience.”  It offers stories, texts, pictures, and relics from the days of slavery. It is meant to provide a stark and realistic look at history. So that visitors also know about the life of the previous generation. Even the location is significant because it was built on the banks of the Ohio River, where enslaved people escaped on the Underground Railroad to seek passage to Canada. If you like history, this is one of Cincinnati's most significant points of interest. 

5. Cincinnati Riverwalk

The Cincinnati Riverwalk windsseveral miles around the water called the Ohio River Trail. It is stretched between Ohio and Kentucky and offers both the states' most scenic views. There is a picturesque "best of" trail for exploring the Cincinnati area along the Cincinnati Riverwalk, located on the Cincinnati side of the river. You can see many different sights as you stroll along the river, from the Roebling Suspension Bridge to the Smale Riverfront Park. You can also walk the four-mile path to find various shops, eateries, and galleries. The Cincinnati Riverwalk is best experienced when the weather is warm and sunny.

Best Time to Visit in Cincinnati

The summer season is the best time to visit Cincinnati when the days are warm, and the city is full of events. Cincinnati city falls in the transit climatic zone where – the northern part is a humid subtropical climate, and the southern part is a humid-continental climate. Moreover, winters are the coldest with cold breeze and snowfall. January is considered the coldest month out here.

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