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Cruises to Le Havre, France

Le Havre, France Cruises

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The city of Le Havre is located in the northwest Normandy region of France at the mouth of the Seine estuary. It is one of the cities severely bombed during the Second World War. It was destroyed and was rebuilt according to the plan of a team headed by Auguste Perret from 1945 to 1964. The site forms the administrative, commercial and cultural center of Le Havre. This port is exceptional among many reconstructed cities for its integrity and unity. Using classic city planning techniques and new building technology, it reflects both the earlier pattern of the town and its historic buildings. Le Havre is an outstanding post-war example of urban planning and architecture based on the unity of methodology and the use of prefabrication, the systematic utilization of a modular grid, and the innovative exploitation of the potential of concrete. 

Best Things to do in Le Havre

Get ready to explore the town and other nearby towns as shore excursions if you're chasing things to do in Le Havre. Here we have listed a few of our favorite places. 

1. Le Havre

With one of France's most significant and busiest harbors, Le Havre enjoys great charm attributed to its marina and pebble beach.  UNESCO has nominated Havre's city center for being one of the unique post-WWII architectures in the world. The renowned Belgian architect Auguste Perret oversaw the task of rebuilding the city after the heavy bombardment in 1944. Buildings were primarily reinforced concrete, giving the town a gray and dim appearance. Today, Le Havre boasts many beautiful museums, an outstanding public beach, great shopping, excellent restaurants, etc. 

2. Honfleur 

The Honfleur is a port town located on Normandy’s Flower Coast, just 14 miles southeast of Le Havre port. Honfleur is easily accessible via train, bus, taxi, or an organized shore excursion. It is best known for its colorful harbor lined with charming cafés, cobblestone streets, packed eateries, authentic, typical French shops, and picturesque facades. Some of the historical landmarks you can visit here are The Church of Saint Etienne, which houses the Maritime Museum, and The Church of St. Catherine, the largest wooden church in France. 

3. Deauville 

Deauville is another port town located nearby and is a popular site for a shore excursion. It is 10 miles away from the Honfleur. This port town is famous as the “Parisian Riviera.” This place is a famous seaside resort town and an upscale holiday destination. It is also known for its Casino, horse races, prestigious golf courses, and the annual American Film Festival. Don’t forget to explore the town’s chic boutiques, half-timbered buildings, and elegant Belle Époque villas. You can also head out to Plage de Deauville for a pleasant beach walk. 

4. Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a popular France destination. It is a tidal island with its impressive 8th century Mont Saint-Michel Abbey that lies 135 miles southwest of Le Havre cruise port. Although the island is located far from the port of Le Havre, there are several full-day shore excursions offered by both individual tour operators and cruise lines. Visitors can walk along its ramparts, visit the village and enjoy spectacular views of the bay. 

5. Étretat 

Étretat is a perfect-picturesque resort that is located on Normandy’s coast. It has earned its popularity for stunning sceneries and extraordinary landscapes. It is 33 miles north of Le Havre cruise port and is famous for its white chalk cliffs. It has inspired people like poets, writers, and artists throughout the centuries, including Leblanc, Courbet, Monet, and others. This place has several scenic spots from where one can admire the beautiful scenery including, rock formations, and a pretty town where visitors can purchase souvenirs or enjoy some local cuisines. 

Best Time to Visit in Le Havre

Due to its location, La Havre has a temperate oceanic temperature. The most comfortable time to visit is from May to October. All thanks to the coastal climate, an event the summers are more relaxed than in Paris. The busiest month for tourism in April, followed by June and August. On average, the warmest months are July, August, and September.

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