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Cruises to Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California Cruises

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Southern California is home to the extensive coastal and port city of Long Beach, dotted with several parks, beaches, landmarks, and historical sites with vibrant culture and rich history. Located at the very southeastern edge of Los Angeles County, in the Gateway Cities regional area, it is adjacent to both Los Angeles and Orange Counties. The city of Long Beach has a multicultural population recognized as one of the most diverse in the country. In the Long Beach area, you can find some friendly tourist attractions and amenities. This includes a world-class aquarium and the floating museum/hotel, the Queen Mary. The city also hosts several special events, such as the annual Long Beach Grand Prix (a premier racing event) and the annual Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride event.

Best Things to do in Long Beach

In Southern California, the waterfront playground of Long Beach can be found right in the heart of it all. The aquarium of the Pacific, whale watching on the water, breweries, lively foodie scene, and many more activities are available in this city. Discover hot spots and hidden gems of Long Beach created by local experts - dive in and enjoy!

1. Downtown Waterfront

On the city's south side stands the Downtown Waterfront overlooking Queensway Bay. For tourists and city residents looking for entertainment, it's often the place to go. Visitors can enjoy the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Long Beach Convention Center in the area. In addition, the water-adjacent landscape offers a picturesque setting for walking and relaxing. You can also go sightseeing at Shoreline Aquatic Park and eat at Shoreline Village at the Downtown Waterfront. There is a seaside esplanade that connects various coastal spots. You can rent a bike or pedal-cruiser in Shoreline Village.

2. The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary was once the most luxurious vessel to cross the Pacific Ocean. Southampton, England, was the first port of call for the liner and was an immediate hit in 1936. The luxury cruise liner, the Queen Mary, actively participated in the Second World War by ferrying tourists and soldiers to Europe. In 1967, due to the rise of affordable air travel, fewer passengers boarded The Queen Mary, which led to the ship's retirement. Currently, it is docked permanently in Queensway Bay in Long Beach. As a retired ocean liner, the Queen Mary had carried more passengers than when it was active. It is visible along the downtown waterfront. 

3. Shoreline Village

Shoreline Village is a charming part of Long Beach with a collection of shops and restaurants overlooking Rainbow Harbor on the downtown waterfront. It offers several activities, including bike rentals, rides on a carousel, and harbor cruises. Visitors can consider this spot an ideal spot for exploring the beaches and waterfront of the south. Consider renting a beach bike and heading towards Alamitos Beach for some adventure. Junipero Cherry Beach is a bit further away, but it's still close to this beach. Several people also flock to the campus around the Aquarium of the Pacific, north of Shoreline Village.

4. Catalina Island

Catalina Island is only 22 miles off the shore of Southern California, providing a picture-perfect escape from the life of the mainland. A cruise departing from Long Beach's Downtown Waterfront section departs for Catalina Island. It is a prominent point of embarkation for a pleasure cruise. Shuttle ferries take and drop visitors from the island to the port with a typical hour-long ride throughout the day. It is one of the most popular day trips from Long Beach because it is home to luxury hotels, Oceanside dining, and a traveling abroad atmosphere.

5. Walter Pyramid

Located on Long Beach's east side, California State University encompasses 320 acres. About 38,000 students and a picturesque campus make up this university. The campus has ample space and culture that attracts a broad audience, with many events and opportunities to explore. The Walter Pyramid is the most distinctive building on campus. A state-of-the-art arena lies inside this 18-story-tall, cobalt-blue structure. Several sports programs have been housed at Long Beach State, including basketball and volleyball, since the mid-1980s. A second notable campus attraction is the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden. 1.3 acres of the landscape feature a mix of traditional Japanese plantings and Southern California horticulture. Several eye-catching objects in the landscape, such as a tea house and Zen garden.

Best Time to Visit in Long Beach

The best time to visit Long Beach is between May and September as the temperature remains warm, and the summer tourists are nowhere to be found. It is also said that there is truly no wrong time to visit Long Beach because Long Beach's temperate climate makes it a great year-round destination. 

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