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Cruises to Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo, Monaco Cruises

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Monaco is known for its popular resort destination, Monte Carlo. The glamorous French Riviera is home to Monaco, a tiny principality ruled by Prince Albert II. Thousands of tourists travel to Monte Carlo, one of Monaco's most popular administrative areas. Located between medieval French villages and the Alps, Monte-Carlo is surrounded by 700 years of Grimaldi royal history.

Best Thing to do in Monte Carlo

A good reason tourists flock to Monte Carlo is that they can engage in various activities while touring. Monte Carlo is known for its Monte Carlo Casino. Fantastic gold and marble atrium, frescoes, sculptures, and gambling are the main attractions in this luxurious palace. Visit the Larvotto Beach or the Formula 1 Grand Prix to experience world-class operas and ballets. Check out these five things to do in Monte Carlo that are popular among visitors.

1. Casino Monte Carlo

One of the most famous casinos globally is the Casino de Monte Carlo. It was built in 1893 in the flamboyant Beaux Arts Style. It was designed luxuriously, with 28 onyx columns welcoming you to the Gaming Rooms. James Bond fans are sure to recognize the setting from Casino Royale. During your stay here, you will find a variety of themed gaming rooms, but do not overlook the chandeliers and the stunning artwork that decorate the rooms. Casino Monte Carlo is an exciting place to go, even if you don't like to play the game of chance.

Additionally, the ambiance will challenge you to give it a try - no matter if you win or lose. With more than 150 games like blackjack, baccarat, and Punto banco, you will find one that suits your style and has the maximum chance of winning. Before going to Casino Monte Carlo, consider the dress code.

2. Palais Du Prince

At the Palais du Prince, you can witness Monaco's principality status. High above Monaco stands a palace, probably a Genoese fortress, until the 13th century. It is possible to visit the palace when the Prince is not in residence, and you can tell if the Prince is away by looking for the flag in the central tower. If the Prince is at home, then it is raised. An Italianate-style gallery and the Blue Room with its gold and blue decorations are among the highlights of a visit. Throne Room and Palatine Chapel are also there.

3. Larvotto Beach

Another top thing to do in Monte Carlo is visiting the Larvotto Beach, as it grabs the attention of everyone extensively. Getting close to nature and appreciating its beauty will rejuvenate and excite the people who see it. Well, if you’re here in Monte Carlo and want to seek a good time in the lap of nature and beholding the beauty of the ocean, this place is for you and will make you stay for a longer time. The beach is divided into areas that are public and private. As a visitor, one can rent loungers from the beach club in remote areas. This man-made beach has everything for visitors to enjoy from the fascinating experience – be it imported fine gravel, sand, or the view. 

4. Port de La Condamine

In 1926, the Port de La Condamine was constructed to accommodate hundreds of luxury yachts. But currently, it is considered the most enchanting tourist destination in the region that is witnessing huge gatherings. Tourists visit this place for the incredible view of Port de la Condamine that quickly catches every visitor’s mind, body, and soul. Cruisers and other tourists keep coming here year-round. Also, ensure when you visit, try out some local cuisines at restaurants and cafés. 

5. Le Rocher

Le Rocher is not to be missed a place in Monte Carlo for the people, who love history, especially the medieval age, and seek to explore many related facts. Le Rocher, a picturesque and ancient town also known as Monaco Ville, lies above the pistol-shaped rocky outcrop above the sea, providing incredible views. It attracts a lot of tourists to Monte Carlo. Additionally, it is the only part of Monte Carlo that preserved its medieval architecture alongside the original old town.

Best Time to Visit in Monte Carlo

A fascinating way to enjoy your Monte Carlo journey is during April or October. 

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