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Cruises to Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic Cruises

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There are few cities in Europe as photogenic as Prague. Prague is the Czech Republic's capital city. It is considered the best-preserved Baroque city in Central Europe. The city is known for its diverse architecture and museums, abundant and cheap nightlife, and extensive shopping options. It is also famous for its cheap beer and food and well-maintained UNESCO World Heritage City Centre. Among the largest cities in Eastern Europe, this was the only one that didn't suffer bomb damage during WWII.

Best Things to do in Prague

As one of Europe's most incredible travel destinations, Prague is home to gothic towers, ancient cathedrals, and the world's largest castle. It offers visitors a multitude of attractions. Seeing them all would take several days. Listed below are our top five essential experiences in Prague, our guide to helping you plan your best holiday.

1. Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge crosses the Vltava River and is a pedestrian bridge. From 1357 until 1841, it was the only way to cross the river and was built by King Charles IV. Currently, there are 30 baroque statues and vendors, and artists. One of the most popular things to do in Prague is walking across Charles Bridge, one of the most recognizable bridges in Europe. You should take the time to check out the old Gothic gates, statues, and gorgeous views of the River Vltava. You should visit this pedestrian bridge early in the morning or late in the evening since it can be extremely crowded.

2. Prague Castle

When you’re in Prague, visiting Prague Castle and its surroundings is a must thing to do. It stands proud above the city overlooking the river and the historic neighborhood of Malistrana. The castle is not a real castle. It is a single building with towers and turrets. It is a vast 18 acres conglomeration of palaces, St. Vitus Cathedral, the President’s state offices and apartments, churches, museums, a monastery, and art galleries gathered around three central courtyards. The major highlight of the castle is St. George’s Basilica, the Golden Lane, The Old Royal Palace, and St. Vitus Cathedral. 

3. Watch Guard changing at Prague Castle

When you visit the Prague Castle, attain the Guard changing facility at noon. It takes place in the first courtyard of the castle and has all the fanfare one could want from a changing of the Guard. Every day between 7 am and 8 pm, the army stands guard at the gates of the medieval castle for the president of the Czech Republic. This tour has you meet your local guide, where you’ll skip the line and explore the castle’s places, such as Old Palace, Vladislav Hall, St. Vitus’ stained glass, tombs, and chapel. 

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4. Petrín Lookout Tower

The Petrín Lookout Tower is the mini version of the Eiffel Tower. It’s a 60-meter-high tower built in 1891. To climb the tower, one needs to climb the 299 steps or take the lift. Prague's best view can be found at the top. From the top, you can see much of the city to have a good look at the whole city. On the way back down the hill, you can stop at the Restaurant Nebozízek and experienceanother beautiful view, as well as try the local beer. You can quickly transfer from one part of Prague to another by public transport, so make your way to Petrín Park on the left bank of the Vltava River. To reach Petrín Lookout Tower (318 meters), we rode the funicular up Petrín Hill. You get a funicular fare included in the price of a day pass transit ticket. To reach the top of the hill, you can also take a 30-minute hike. It provides a fantastic view of the city and is a great place to visit in Prague. 

5. Beer Museum

Take a tram to the Prague Beer Museum for the beer experience tour. If you like beer and are interested in the history and production of Czech beer, this is a great place to visit. A self-guided tour is followed by tasting local brews in the 13th-century cellar (included in the ticket price). It is possible to pre-book your entry for the Self-Guided tour at the Beer Museum in advance. You will receive a personalized beer bottle along with drinks and learn about the history of Czech beer.

Best Time to Visit in Prague

Due to its generally chilly climate, the city's tourist numbers tend to be higher during the warmer summer months (average high temperatures hover in the low to mid-70s). Clear skies, warm temperatures, and much lower room rates are offered during the spring and early fall. The city is also lovely at Christmas time, but you should prepare for some snow and low temperatures that don't rise above the mid-30s

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