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Cruises to Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia Cruises

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Georgia's coastal city of Savannah is separated from South Carolina by the Savannah River. There is nothing better than taking a trip to this picturesque city with its graceful architecture and rich history, covered in Spanish moss and full of Southern charm. The area is also considered a base camp for those interested in exploring the wilder sides of Georgia. It is also known as one of the most beautiful coastal cities in the country. It’s best known for its preserved architecture and rich history.

Best Things to do in Savannah

The southern town of Savannah has a certain quintessential southern feel. This pedestrian-friendly city is a family favorite and a little more affordable than Charleston and less intimidating than New Orleans. In most travelers' imaginations, cis an old city with cobblestone streets lined with mature oaks adorned with moss. For the most part, this isn't an unreasonable image. Savannah is more than just a tourist attraction, though. We've selected a few of our favorite sights and sounds around this city, and we know you'll want to visit again and again. Check out these top five things to do in Savannah:

1. Wormsloe Historic Site

Approximately fifteen minutes south of downtown Savannah is the iconic Wormsloe Historic Site. As you approach the plantation, a beautiful avenue lined with tall oak trees offers an intriguing glimpse into the property's past. A grand antebellum estate built by a colonial founder of Georgia in 1739, the estate is situated on a scenic nature trail. "The Hope Estate." On top of the museum's exhibits and artifacts, costumed interpreters are available to tell the stories of how life was once on the plantation.

2. Forsyth Park

Both the book and the film feature Forsyth Park as one of the picturesque locations in the city that helped revitalize the tourism industry. Located throughout most of the Historic District, it has several pretty walking paths and green spaces, including fountains, memorials, and playing fields. It has moss-covered oak trees that line its trails and the stunning Forsyth Fountain, built in the 1840s. The Forsyth Park in Savannah is popular with locals and visitors alike. It lies not far from the city's main attractions.

3. Old Savannah Trolley Tours

Discover Savannah's best-known sights on a trolley tour that lets you hop on and off at your convenience. An afternoon in the city is the perfect way to take pictures if you only have a few days. In addition to the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, the Temple Mickve Israel, the Sorrel Weed House, the Juliette Gordon Low Home, the Mulberry Inn, and the Pirates House are just a few of Savannah's landmarks. It covers 22 square miles of Savannah City. You can hop off the trolley whenever you like, and another one will be there every 15 to 20 minutes to pick you up, so you can explore at your own pace.

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4. The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

In Savannah, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is considered the most impressive building. Whether attending a religious mass or taking a guided or self-guided tour, these towering spires and stained glass take your breath away. You can take the tour from 9-11:45 AM. and 12:45-5 PM., Monday through Saturday. A historic fire in 1898 devastated much of what once stood in the cathedral's current location in 1876. It took just two years to rebuild Savannah's cathedral, representing the faith traditions here. Each year, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit this site, which is considered one of the top 10 historic sites in the U.S.

5. The Savannah Waterfront

Have you ever heard of Savannah's riverfront? Savannah boasts its river, which can surprise people on occasion. Historically, River Street played an essential role in supporting the cotton industry through its warehouse row. Following the outbreak of yellow fever in the early 1900s, River Street was abandoned for decades and rediscovered after the 1960s. With the new cobblestone streets, guests can immerse themselves in centuries of history as they walk past abandoned warehouses that now house dozens of businesses. There are many options here, whether you want to shop, eat, or drink.

Best Time to Visit in Savannah

Savannah is at its best between March and July when the warm temperatures rouse the leaves and blooms of azalea trees from hibernation. As the weather is ideal, hotel rates may be a little high in this high season and a potpourri of festivals

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