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Cruises to Wyndham, Australia

Wyndham, Australia Cruises

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Wyndham is a place where one of the most extraordinary outback adventures begins in Australia. Located on the Cambridge Gulf at the confluence of five rivers - Durack, Pentecost, King, Forrest, and Ord - Wyndham is a resort town nearby. Locals refer to the town as The Bastian due to its location at the base of the Erskine Range (known to locals as The Bastian); the historical town is located near the port, and the Three Mile neighborhood is situated to the west. Apart from its grand landscape, Cape Jervis' attractions are decidedly low-key. Still, relics connected with Western Australia's pioneering past are readily available for anyone interested in history. There are few other parts of Australia's coastline, even remotely as distant and little known as the East Kimberley Coast. Beautiful white sand beaches, spectacular river gorges containing cascading waterfalls, and fishing opportunities for barramundi in the creeks. The Kimberley region has saltwater crocodiles. So keep an eye out for crocodile warning signs.

Best Things to do in Wyndham

The town is relatively small and easily maneuvered on foot insofar as the heat does not deter you. Outlying sights and attractions are sometimes accessible only via unpaved roads that can be pretty rough. It is a paradise for artists as well as photographers. Experience spectacular sunsets and sweeping views at Five Rivers Lookout. Go barramundi fishing to get the thrill of your life. Visit the Wyndham Museum to learn about the area's fascinating past or search for the elusive Gouldian Finch.

1. Five Rivers Lookout

Five Rivers Lookout

Wyndham is the appropriate starting point for Five Rivers Lookout. The view over the five rivers – King, Durack, and Pentecost to the south, Forrest to the west, and Ord to the North gives some fantastic views. This viewpoint can only be enhanced by actually flying over the town. One of the most dramatic views along the Australian coastline can be seen from Wyndham Three Mile. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the sunset from the Fiver Rivers Lookout, as it provides an unforgettable experience.

2. Crocodile Lookout

The Wyndham charm is justified with crocodiles as Cambridge Gulf is teeming with them. Just north of the harbor at the port, there is the Crocodile Lookout. It is more historical than a reality. In the past, blood from the town's meatworks drained into the Gulf from here. Hundreds of crocodiles gathered on the river's muddy banks for a bit of blood and leftover meat. A visitor would be lucky if he saw a crocodile today - the site is a typical crocodile territory.

3. The Impressive Landscapes

Wyndham offers a variety of different landscapes that make for an enjoyable visit. A spectacular region with sandstone escarpments, mudflats, and desert, the North-West is where you can find stunning natural wonders. Some of Australia's highest tides can be found in Wyndham. Salt lakes and sand stretch for miles. You can discover secluded swimming holes, waterfalls, and even underwater caves in these giant tides. In this picturesque area, you can find many exciting landscapes and adventures.

4. The Big Croc Statue

The Big Croc Statue is located at the Wyndham town entrance, welcoming visitors, and you can’t miss it! Built in 1987 by a group of students and volunteers, the structure is steel rods, wire mesh, and concrete. It is 20 meters long, and a 3-meter-high concrete statue of saltwater provides a novel photo opportunity. Some visitors climb the figure for entertaining photos. A crocodile photo was used to design the sculpture, and computer technology to plot the crocodile's shape. Despite its large size, the structure is a significant deterrent to anyone planning to swim in the crocodile-filled waters surrounding Wyndham.

5. Moochalabra Dam

This Moochalabra Dam was constructed in 1971 to provide Wyndham with a water supply. During the wet season, the spillway produces a spectacular waterfall. It is a lovely spot for a picnic under the considerable Boab tree. You can explore Aboriginal cave paintings or enjoy the local wildlife from the Moochalabra Dam, located 26 kilometers south of Wyndham. Just before the dam turnoff, the creek crossing appears. A portion of the King River Road can only be reached by four-wheel-drive vehicles via the Gibb River Road or Great Northern Highway.

Best Time to Visit Wyndham

Though Wyndham is situated in the tropics, it has the climate of an open steppe area. The wet season runs from late November to March, and the dry season runs from April to early November. The most excellent month is June, where a maximum of 31.0°C (87.8°F) is recorded. November is the warmest, with an average temperature of 39.5°C (103.1°F). The Winter season is considered the best time to travel to Wyndham, and it starts from June through August. During middle-year months have very comfortable weather with high temperatures that are quite warm. The wet season usually runs from December to March.

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