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Treasure of Galápagos

About Treasure of Galápagos

Learn about the Treasure of Galápagos river cruise ship – its unique offerings, amenities, accommodations, staterooms, cabin information, and details of luxurious suites, decks, dining, specialty dining, public venues, entertainment, health and fitness facilities, activities for kids and teens, sports and enrichment programs for all family members, pictures and videos.

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Explore the Galapagos Islands aboard the 9-suite Treasures of the Galapagos, going beyond a traditional cruise to a truly intimate experience for up to 16 guests. Chartered for Avalon guests, the Treasures of the Galapagos offers spacious suites with balconies to cruise the archipelago and explore the region's natural wonders in privacy and comfort. The recently completely renovated Galapagos Treasure has been designed to exceed luxury standards and offers an elegant yet relaxed atmosphere, allowing guests to enjoy all the treasures of the Galapagos Islands. From penguins and flamingos that share the same beach, ancient turtles and iguanas swimming, colorful birds that have forgotten to fly, and diverse marine life teeming with life, these dramatic volcanic islands are veritable evolutionary laboratories. Immerse yourself in this unique world with the Galapagos Treasure crew and experienced naturalists who share a passion for nature and conservation of this mysterious part of the world. Galapagos cruises include naturalist-led shore excursions, lectures, walks, hikes, and snorkeling explorations of marine reserves. At the end of the day, return to the relaxing luxury of your ship.

  • Size:Mini
  • Style:Expedition
  • Type:Ocean
  • Year of launch:2009
  • Year of last refit:2017
  • Gross tonnage:343t
  • Length:31.6m
  • Width:11.2m
  • Speed:12kts
  • Decks:3
  • Language:Spanish & English
  • Currency:US Dollar ($)
  • No. of passengers:18
  • No. of crew:10
  • No. of cabins:9
  • -wheelchair access:0

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Cruise Directors

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Ship’s Crew

Crew gratuities on board Avalon Waterways ships are not included in the voyage fare. To do a good job, the ship's crew recommends the equivalent of twelve euros (euro) per passenger per day for her. This amount will be pooled and distributed equitably among those who have helped you, including the behind-the-scenes staff who provide services equally important to your cruise enjoyment. You can also pre-pay tips for your crew when paying the balance of your cruise.


A gratuity for the sightseeing driver is included in the tour price.

Hotel Services

It is customary to tip hotel staff for providing room service, unless the charge is included in the bill. If the ice machine is not available and ice is available at the bar, a small tip to the bartender is always appreciated. Avalon includes baggage handling tips for his one piece of baggage per passenger. Tipping is recommended for excess baggage delivery. Avalon pays the tip for hotel meals.

Certified Local Guides

Travel with us and you'll receive exclusive visits by certified local guides in each major city. These certified local guides share their extensive knowledge of culture and history to bring each location to life during your vacation. Gratuities for certified local guides are included in the tour price.


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  • Facilities 3
  • Facilities 2
    Designated areas only
  • Facilities 4
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