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Useful Things to Know About Celebrity Beyond

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Disabled Facilities 

Assistance Services:

Priority Processing:

Accessible Transportation:

Wheelchairs and Scooters:

Disability Documentation:

Traveling Companions:

Service Dogs:

Dietary Requirements

Smoking Policy



Propulsion and Hull Design:

Heating, Ventilation, and AC:

Operation Conservation Measures:

Fresh Water Consumption:

Advanced Wastewater Purification:

Renewable Energy Sources:

High-Efficiency Appliances:

Energy-Efficient Windows:

Hull Coatings:

What's included in The Retreat experience?

Private Restaurant - Luminae (at The Retreat)

Exclusive Lounge - The Retreat Lounge (or Michael's Club, on non-revolutionized ships)

Exclusive Sundeck - The Retreat Sundeck (on Edge Series and revolutionized ships)

Exclusive Pool - The Retreat Pool (on Edge Series ships only)

Suite Accommodations - The Retreat includes all suites

Dedicated Butler Service

Luxury Amenities

All Included℠:

Dress Code

During the Day - Shore Excursions:

Warmer Climates:

Cooler Climates:

Global Considerations:

During the Day - Shipboard:

Casual Wear:


Dining Etiquette:

At Night:

Smart Casual:

At Night - Evening Chic:

Wi-Fi & Internet Access

Premium Wi-Fi Package: 

Basic Wi-Fi Package: 

Age Restrictions 

Alcohol Policy 

Responsible Alcohol Consumption: 

Minimum Drinking Age: 

Age Verification and Modifications: 

Alcohol Onboard: 

Offshore Alcohol Consumption

Accessible Cruising 

Attention to Detail for Boundless Vacation

Inclusive Cruise Experience: 

Contact Details: 

Arranging Services: 

All Included* 

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