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Entertainment on the MS Fram Cruise Ship

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The emphasis on board is relaxation and discovery rather than the commercial entertainment that is often part of traditional cruises. Hertigruten's aim is to bring guests closer to unique environments and allow them to share their experiences with fellow travelers. Occasionally, there is musical entertainment on board in the evenings.

Observation Lounge

Hurtigruten   MS Fram   Observation Lounge 1.JPG

The front facing Qilak Observation Lounge has been completely renovated and reopened as the Explorer Lounge & Bar. As well as handcrafted cocktails, it has some of the best views in the area.

Observation Decks

Hurtigruten MS Fram Observation Decks 3.JPG


Hurtigruten Cruise Lines MS Fram Interior Shopping 2

The onboard shop offers modern clothing for your expedition. Expedition teams are happy to provide tips on what to wear in the polar regions. We have a wide range of clothes from warm clothes to practical clothes. Souvenirs, handicrafts and postcards are also available. A small selection of soap, toothpaste and other personal items are also available.

Internet Café

Hurtigruten Cruise Lines MS Fram Interior Internet Cafe

Passwords can be purchased at the front desk. Rates are currently NOK 40 for 30 minutes, NOK 60 for 1 hour, and NOK 200 for 6 hours (subject to change).


Hurtigruten Cruise Lines MS Trollfjord Interior Library

The books are in a variety of languages including Norwegian, German and English, also there are game tables available to play cards and chess.

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